... How much fuel does a lear jet 24 burn per hour? Two shuttle valves in the pressure lines prevent fluid feedback between the pilot's and copilot's pedals.

The brake valves are controlled via the rudder pedal toe brakes through mechanical linkages. For aircraft, it is not so simple. The rudder pedals mechanically operate the rudder for directional yaw control. © An angle-of-attack indicator translates signals from the stall warning system into visual indications of the aircraft angle-of-attack and allows the crew to monitor the proximity of stall caution zone. The cabin pressure is provided by the conditioned air entering the cabin through the distribution ducts and controlled by modulating the amount of air exhausted from the cabin. My cruise speed was set at .65G or 390kph SOG.

Nose wheel steering is electronically controlled by the rudder pedals, utilizing the synchro principle. A plane will burn more fuel during take-off and its initial ascent. Hydraulic pressure for retraction and extension of the gear is transmitted by a system of tubing, hoses and actuating cylinders and is electrically controlled by limit switches and solenoid valves. When researching an aircraft, you may find both statistics, or you may just find one. 14 CFR §91.883 Special flight authorizations for jet airplanes weighing 75,000 pounds or less – lists special flight authorizations that may be granted for operation after December 31, 2015. At this speed, the Learjet 25 glides approximately 26 nautical miles for each 10000 feet of altitude loss. The vanes provide regulated voltage input to the angle-of-attack transducers, modified by a stall warning bias box to compensate for flap position.
The lanyard is attached to the aircraft at the forward end of the tailcone access door opening. Emergency extension can be accomplished pneumatically in case of hydraulic or electrical system failure. The steering system on aircraft without variable authority nose wheel steering requires the pilot to select master or primary steering mode. The drag chute has been deployed in a crosswind of up to 20 knots under actual test conditions.

Single engine performance is good with the single engine rate of climb approximately 1700 feet per minute at gross weight at sea level and a single engine service ceiling of approximately 21500 feet. A tank cross-flow valve is installed to prevent fuel transfer between wing tanks. The conventional airspeed scale is calibrated in knots and the Mach scale is calibrated in percentage of Mach and connected to an aneroid that moves the scale to compensate for changes in pressure altitude.

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