(Catalan), čeština Their early work, notably more somber and metal-like in style than Korol’ i Shut’s diverse and often comical art-punk work, has been dominated by the themes of loss - and “Forward and Up”, among other songs, is a dedication to the loss of their oft-misunderstood friend Gorshok. Hey bro, wait up In the summer of 1981, Tsoi, Rybin, and Oleg Valinsky formed the band Garin i giperboloydy (Russian: Гарин и Гиперболоиды, lit. (archive), In the club at night, a steady beatThe body wants some salt and AIDSLove is simpler than a glass of milk - You want to go with me? Thousands of people came to the funeral. Even though Tsoi was a huge star, he still lived a relatively normal life. (Norwegian), українська It's quite an honor to have Tsoi as your Russian tutor. But his lyrics articulate a distinctive worldview, marked by fatalistic resignation and a sense of honor and duty (he's sometimes called the "last Romantic"). Wish me fortune, wish me fortune! Viktor Tsoi (whose father was Korean, and mother Russian) was a key figure in the underground rock scene in St. Petersburg in the 80's; in fact, he quite literally spent much of his time underground, working in a boiler room in the basement of his apartment building. Before long you'll actually be able to understand a good deal of the lyrics in the original. [17] At the time he fell asleep Tsoi was driving at a speed of at least 130 km/h, causing his dark blue Moskvitch-2141[18] to turn into the oncoming lane and collide with an Ikarus 250 bus. respected band. It's impossible not to believe him... Tsoi is the only rocker who has no difference between his image and his real life, he lived the way he sang... Tsoi is the last hero of rock. Elektricheskie Partizany - The Last Request Of An Old Lyre Bard. However, in an interview, aired on soviet TV shortly after his death, Tsoi claims that his songs often have been misinterpreted in the public and that he usually avoids political intentions in his poetry. (Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography)), буряад Tsoi lived a poor life, with Marianna saying that they couldn't even afford a proper wedding dress. Though it seems the sun still shines for usWith its clear rays, beating at the windowThough it seems it’s easy for us to live in this worldWhy is it so dark inside the heart? "Leningrad" lyrics. 'cinema, film', IPA: ) was a Soviet rock band formed in Leningrad in 1982. While in Latvia, on 14 August 1990, Tsoi finished recording the vocals for Kino's next album. (Dutch), Кыргызча The next day, Kasparian headed back to Leningrad; Tsoi decided to take a fishing trip with his 5-year-old son, although the boy was too tired, so Victor ended up going alone. Billy Joel Lyrics "Leningrad" Viktor was born in the spring of '44 And never saw his father anymore A child of sacrifice, a child of war Another son who never had a father after Leningrad Went off to school and learned to serve the state Followed the rules and drank his vodka straight The only way to live was drown the hate He was the only child of Valentina Vasilyevna Tsoi (born Guseva) (1939–2009), a Russian schoolteacher, and Robert Maximovich Tsoi (1938–), a Soviet-Korean engineer. Their music was widely recorded illegally. Tsoi and Kasparyan spent the summer on joint rehearsals. (Croatian), հայերեն *Maidan - a town square in Ukraine. 'cinema, film', IPA: ) was a Soviet rock band formed in Leningrad in 1982 and the most popular and influential Soviet band in history. (Swedish), فارسی (Norwegian), українська Fall doch, Schnee! It was here in 1982, at their first annual Rock Concert that Victor Tsoi made his stage debut. (Italian), 日本語 On 19 February 1983, a joint concert with Kino and Aquarium took place. This page was last changed on 14 July 2020, at 00:47. (Romanian), български Didn’t even recognize you right away - of Kasta’s style is the fusion of 1990s American hip-hop with Russian “street” (Livvi-Karelian), ไทย (archive), And who among them is right - I just don’t careBecause I really need them bothI’ve long got used to falling asleepTo their fighting behind the wall…, Shreds of serious adult words,No longer prevent me from seeing dreamsI’ve long got used to falling asleepTo their fighting behind the wall…, I’ll again dream aboutHow I’m bravely gaining altitude -It’s so funny,If I am flying - it means I’m growing up, The city from beyond the curtainsWill let the darkness in to my roomAnd I will leave the houseGo right through the ceiling…, Through the neighbours’ apartments, past the antennas on the roof of our 9-storeyIt’s really easy and not scaryAll the buildings below look like they’re made of tiny blocksAnd from there, I must seem no bigger than a pea, Tiny cars drive past, looking like toysOn any of them, it seems, the pad of my fingerCould fit right over and roll it wherever I want -Just like inside a sandbox - my flight will not end, Until I come back in the morning, becoming one night olderUntil mom and dad figure out which one of them is rightThey don’t notice me behind the window’s glassBarking at each other, like a pair of homeless dogs, Arguing in raised tones, again trying to divide something upAnd think that I’m peacefully sleeping in my bedAnd I’m not there - I’m where the clouds and stars areAnd it’s no trouble that I’m not allowed to be out so late…, The sunrise will again crack open the new day’s dark package -From the same corner as yesterday, with its swift habitual movementTowards bus stops, little figures will start tramplingFrom the kitchen, it’ll start smelling like strong coffee from mom’s brewing pot, That means enough flying - soon I have to go the kindergratenBack home, the runway strip of my bed awaits meWhen I land, they will no longer be togetherI’ll become a tiny weapon of a great revenge. She was a source of support and family for Tsoi, giving birth to their son Alexander (Sasha) on Aug. 26, 1985. (Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography)), буряад Thus rock bands received little or no funding, they were not given any exposure by the state-run media and was given the stereotype as the music listened by drug addicts and hoodlums. (Kazakh), Latina She composes her own music and plays several instruments, having been a member of several local bands before rising to popularity in her own right. 1982 was also an important year because it was when he met Marina, whom he would eventually marry in 1985. The song called on the young generation to demand changes within the current system and spread "Kino"'s name all over the nation. Tsoi's innovative lyrics and music impressed the crowd. In 2000 some of the nation's top rock bands came together and released their interpretations of Kino's best songs as a tribute to Viktor Tsoi on what would have been his 38th birthday. (Persian), עברית He was killed instantly. He was and remains himself. well-known children’s book, about a well-intentioned but ignorant elf from a Exhausted by long nights of recording, Tsoi fell asleep at the wheel of his car on a country road, crashing head-on into an oncoming bus. Tsoi's lyrics and music impressed the crowd.

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