Roll over to see more of the LG Tone PLATINUM™. The latest pair, the Tone Platinum SE headphones, pack their own feature flare, including an impressive 13-hours of battery life and a dedicated button to dial up Google Assistant (and with it, Google Translate. However, they are not exactly well suited for sports, since the neckband tends to bounce around a lot. through convenient external speaker. metal-layer speaker unit that provides powerful bass and less distortion, as Visitors to LG’s IFA booth in Hall 18 of Messe Berlin from August 31 to September 5 will have a chance to experience the TONE … Last, but not least, we have to touch on general sound quality. By tapping the Assistant button once, you can get your new notification read via text to speech. I thought I had already enabled the voice notification features and selected my apps within the Google Assistant. Twitter, © 2000-2020 You’ll enjoy your favorite tunes, and you won’t be wanting for the finer details, but you also won’t likely be finding any untrodden paths in the depths of familiar songs. Phiaton’s BT 150 NC also offer less battery than the Tone Platinum’s 13-hours (seeing a pattern here? However, I have to note that you an accomplish the same thing using the Translate app alone. The primarily plastic construction feels really sturdy and the carbon-like textured finish on both ends makes for a nice little two-tone look and accent. Designed to give you crystal-clear images, deep blacks and rich colors, plus the speed and storage you need to work and play, safeguard memories and protect important documents, they can help you make the most of life in every way. gently tug the cords and Simply for the sake of convenience in carrying around one less cable we deserved a USB-C port. To be perfectly honest, this reviewer doesn’t really care much for Google Assistant (or assistants in general, for that matter). And our newest computer products can help you experience the best of both worlds. directions for setting up Google Assistant. Glossary The weak points here have to be the tensiled cables, which extend out to allow each bullet-shaped bud to comfortably stretch to your ears, snapping back with a tug when the buds aren’t in use. When you're finished JavaScript appears to be disabled in your browser. Experience the perfect blend of true comfort and exceptional sound On the left is a play/pause/call key, and a volume toggle key. We have used and even revie… Privacy Check out the features of each TONE below and find your perfect match. Computer Products: Life happens in an analog environment -- and on a digital plane. The way setup goes is this: You turn on the TONE Platinum SE and bring it close enough your phone (in this case a Samsung Galaxy Note8). These microphones are designed to filter out background noise from the desired sound. That's it. The other person has to talk into the phone for you to hear the translation into the headset. While holding down the special button on the TONE Platinum SE, you can talk to it without using any trigger word, thus saving yourself that little bit of extra awkwardness. You won’t want to play fast and loose with these spidery wires, but we were less than dainty with them in our testing and they never gave any signs of strain. However, if you intend to use the headset mainly for hands-free calls, then we can't really recommend it as its performance in this respect is subpar. But it is also far from perfect. There are so many available options, we could be here all day, but we’ll just drop a few instead. Visitors to LG’s IFA booth in Hall 18 of Messe Berlin from August 31 to September 5 will have a chance to experience the TONE series of earphones up close. One big miss is the lack of any IPX certification, meaning the headphones aren’t designed to withstand sweaty workouts or (for those of us in the North West) walks in the autumn drizzle. However, the TONE Platinum SE with its Google Assistant puts the headset in a very unique position. It's not all good though. Well, that all depends on how familiar and comfortable you already are with the Assistant. Headsets and audio equipment reviews are hardly a daily occurrence here at GSMArena, but most of us have deep personal interest in the area. All rights reserved. The voice notification feature is, admittedly, pretty neat. Still, I wouldn't exactly call the sound the TONE Platinum SE produce really dynamic, nor the tones exceptionally clear. It’s quick and easy to get Google Assistant’s attention, and for its part, Google Translate works exactly the same, too. With the external speaker, you can make calls and listen to music without blocking out ambient sounds, ideal for when you need to be aware of your surroundings. aluminum alloy trim. Its main pitch seems to be a "high precision band separating tube for perfect separation of bass, mid and high ranges, without interfering". Textured strips of silver at the front prongs offer some stick for your grip, and also look clean against the rest of the matte black chassis. 1More’s Triple Driver and Quad Driver earbuds also utilize the increasingly popular mix-and-match design, though, as the name suggests, each of those models employ multiple armature drivers in the upper frequencies for more balance (more on that below). Having used the older HSB-730 "hanging wire" system in the past, I have to say, it definitely gave off a more reassuring initial impression. The Tone Platinum SE arrive in a simple, no-nonsense package with few accessories, save a triple pack of ear gels (which are extremely difficult to remove, by the way), a micro-USB charging cable (no fast-charging here), and a quick-start instruction booklet with. That then launches Translate with the proper settings. In contrast, the cheaper TONE Platinum α model is rocking Bluetooth 5.0, and in turn, offers an hour longer endurance out of the same 220 mAh battery pack. It includes: Mobile: To help you stay connected your way, our mobile devices feature powerful smartphones and slim tablets that fit seamlessly into your life. Both the LG TONE Platinum SE and LG TONE Ultra SE feature dual MEMS microphone for excellent call clarity and support for the Tone & Talk smartphone app. That's why the TONE Platinum SE caused quite a lot of excitement here at HQ and I am happy to share my impressions of how the headset performs. being used, settings, signal strength, operating temperature, frequency band, and Skype, games with voice chat, mobile phones, etc. less distortion. α™, Privacy Portal - Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Dedicated button with push-to-talk service for Google Assistant, Multi-Layer Speaker Unit – for clear and transparent sound with Fair enough, since one of the cooler features of the TONE Platinum SE is the ability to hear your notifications read outloud, by the Assistant. Wireless devices allow users more freedom of movement.

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