Throughout this interview, I’ve referenced different vantage points… at different stages of life I feel like I’m on the same path… but I have a long way to go get to the point of retrospect… at this point I’m looking forward. I remember my dad saying he used to surf with Gerry’s mom. Its double white and black pin lines on the classic two-tone finish it with equal style. Surfers are demanding a connection to their product they buy to represent themselves as surfers. He worked for G&S and Linden. @tonyraysurf in his comfort zone ⚡️ @mole. Tag your surfing adventures using #lightningboltaustralia. Only when someone orders a board that’s boring… lol… NAHHHH. FREE SHIPPING OVER $60 - except surfboards. (o) 8, Classic 19070’s Tom Elberly pintail, clear deck, blue tint spray bottom, trademark bolt lam,  sun faded, water damage. Do you have a favorite model? I pride myself in evolving design characteristics and applying the principles of visualization of the surfers’ desires vs needs, to culminate in creation. My father was a competitive swimmer and all-star football player in high school with a promising football career in front of him. LIGHTNING BOLT TRADEMARK Recent Blog Posts Check out some of the lastest updates from Buggs and blog posts here. The blank had no rocker at all so when we glassed it we had to put 2 bricks on the nose and one on the tail to get the rocker in while the glass job cured. Loving my wife, coaching my son in his surfing, working with my daughter on her singing. Lightning Bolt is timeless and rooted in rich surf history. As far as pure growth goes, we are less than 2 years old with just a couple of seasons under our belts, but thanks to Staci Levine and Karen Schneider and their team at SnL Communications, we have received a lot of great press, and plenty of people know about us and what we are doing. Want to be featured in our feed? Drew Lumsden is our sales guy and super smart school guy. Is there an iconic story from the early days of the brand that represents what it’s all about? I recently sold this to trade into the checker board above. Ben Aipa ran successfully a surf shop for nearly 5 decades with amazing accomplishments throughout an unprecedented and storied career. MENS NEW IN HOODIES ZIP THROUGHS SWEATERS JACKETS TEES POLO & SHIRTS 70's CLASSIC PRINTS EVERYDAY BASICS PANTS & TROUSERS; SURFBOARDS THE LEGACY IN STOCK CUSTOMIZE; … I still get photos or comments from people who still have their board 10-20 years on. It would be from my father… duhhhhhh… but if I had to pick another shaper it would be my brother Akila or MR. More than a brand, the Lightning Bolt is the epitome of a lifestyle. Normally 7 to 10 days is fine. Sun, sand, surf, fun. Who has free time? KEY: O= Original, R= Repaired, RF= Refurbished. A Bobby Digital acquisition years back when I first started collecting. I had a black lighning bolt in high school back in hawaii. How did your father influence your vision of shaping and surfing? He told me how the Australians would come over to Hawaii to surf, compete and live there through the winter trying to save as much money as possible to go to the Bolt store, probably the one on Kapiolani Blvd in Waikiki, and buy as many Lightning Bolt t-shirts as possible to take home to OZ. Being Hawaiian born and raised, you’ve always felt the connection between yourself and your natural surroundings. Obvious dings and repairs. What do you think? A lot of going on here, with the black checker top and bottom, double bolts, etc. Mr. “Pipeline” himself, the pirate who discovered a new frontier at Banzai Pipeline, and co-founder of Lightning Bolt Surfboards, shaped this master-piece as a benchmark for the transition into the short board phenomenon. He paddled out, swung around caught his first wave. Growing up, it was never easy to carry the name of the great Duke Kahanamoku nor being my father’s son. What will a surfer be moving from a modern performance longboard to one of your retro logs experience?The resurgence of Lightning Bolt has stimulated further the retro experience that the young want to investigate. Lightning Bolt Clothing & Surfboards Official is an American clothing, surfboards and lifestyle brand. All the design and development is done here by the “Little Porter Venice Team,” except for the website and Blog Spot’s which are the creation of my brother Joshua Paskowitz and Rudy Huebner, legends of the OC and masters of the thing they call the INTERNET. He was a good surfer and one of the original Brasilians to visit Hawaii along with Rico, Pepe and others. Lightning Bolt’s products emphasise quality, utility, and styling true to it’s heritage and the surfing lifestyle of today. Today, DUKE AIPA, Ben’s youngest son and heir of the Aipa legacy, is carrying forward the AIPA brand, through embracing the essence of the true surfing spirit and its roots in a sustainable lifestyle. (laughs) Honestly? No spam. Please share photos, email to or Show your quiver. Validated underfoot of Surfers, such as Larry Bertleman, Dane Kealoha, Mark Richards, Buttons, Mark Liddel, Derek Ho, Sunny Garcia, Brad Gerlach, Kalani Robb and both Andy and Bruce Irons. We are already making the things that will be the “crossover products” from vintage surf to the “next thing.” We can see the evolution quite clearly. Again, it’s about the vantage point… as a kid I grew up in the middle of it all, surrounded by the greats and legends of our sport and it was of no consequence, it didn’t matter… LOL I mean it is kind of funny when I tell people that Buttons was my babysitter…, Buttons with Rory Russell, winter 12/13. Surfing definitely has a humbling effect on the soul. So, it looks like I can’t retire just yet, and thank you Lightning Bolt for striking me and relighting my fire. Surfing, travelling and meeting people teaches a respect for others and life itself. it has Gerry’s name on the right side of the top and a serial # 01134 on near the tail. The quest for one board to do it all, particularly for those who desire to travel light, will certainly give the Lightning Bolt Round Tail 5 Fin Surfboard a market. ‘Production Master’ Kelly Barry is an independent contractor who works with Porter, who we just love because she keeps all the little details in order. R.I.P.” He gave me a real boost when he said Blackie, you’re a real custom shaper, not a production shaper, you are the most underrated shaper in Europe and you can quote me on that”, so I did in some adverts. Surfers are demanding a connection to their product they buy to represent themselves as surfers. Ben invented the innovative swallow tail and the radical “Sting” surfboard, influencing shapers and surfers worldwide. But not that it is not still collectable. Wow! It was a single fin cheyne horan board i was told. Bitchen red pintail RR Bolt w/ white & black bolt. I shaped my first board as a wood shop project in the 8th grade in 1958 with a draw knife (which was the tool of the day) and continued to fool around shaping and reshaping my balsa boards. Photo: Joli. サーフボード(SURFBOARD) ショートボード SHORTBOARD SHARPEYE FIREWIRE PYZEL RUSTY INSPIRE HAYDEN SHAPES BYRNE MISFIT SHAPES BILLABONG MG Surfboard LIGHTNING BOLT ARMOND(アーモンド) In that history, is the realness and purity of the surf life style. During this era I was shaping boards for Lightning Bolt Surfboards in Hawaii. Lightning Bolt started in the early ‘70s from a combination of the inspiration of Jack Shipley and Gerry Lopez. From soccer, to ice skating to playing guitar and singing as a front man in a rock band for quite a few years which was fun ride…, Surprisingly enough, knowing that making it as a shaper is grindy work, my father was very persistent that I wouldn’t chase a shapers path and he insisted I follow a career path as a young adult…. Leah Dittrich runs the office, takes care of customer service, and is an all around helper; she’s originally from Canada, eh! FLYING DIAMONDS OF CALIFORNIA Unit 2: Rory Russel, Brian Hamilton, Tom Eberly, Peter Trombly, Wayne Santos, Robbie Burns, Cowan Chang, Bill Barnfield, Mark Angel Price: $175, Unit 3: Steve Walden, Russel Kim, Tom Nellis, Brian Hinde, Joe Blair, Bill Stonebraker, Tony Anjo, John Carper, Price $160. Specialised for smaller wave conditions, the Lightning Bolt Twin Fin surfboard preserves some DNA from the halcyon days, combined with a mix of what we have learned since. Surfers that grew up with Lightning Bolt remember it from their past, and we have to live up to their memories of the brand. Maybe that’s why so many guys are going to retro boards and looks to claim a more soul-surf posture than that of a surfer who is just interested in competition. Buggs. Do you work as tirelessly as you father? Facts: Legendary surfer-shaper-coach BEN AIPA was big, menacing, talented and super influential during the early shortboard years. The surf, the beach, the way of life that surfers want to live. About Gerry Lopez… he said that “(…) surfing represents the deep simplicity of expression, this has helped me many times throughout my life in other situations than surfing (…)”.

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