I mean, with all the new content with streaming at places like Netflix, we also see Hulu and Crunchyroll engaging a broader demographic. WHAT IS GUNDAM? The S.H.Figuarts line has an amazing selection of 'Dragon Ball' toys. So there are definitely more opportunities out there for things other than Gundam and Dragon Ball. “Good, but with any merger and acquisition there is always a period of adaptation and adjustment. The newest Gundam series from Bandai and Line. Dragonvale Basic Guide || Follow our Guide to Help You Play this Game Easily! You can deal a tremendous amount of damage with this unit. So representing things like Storm, Studio Ghibli brands will see some big improvements. To make the game easier to enjoy casually for users who have never played a Gundam game before, LINE: GUNDAM WARS employs a simplified, … This game featuring many Gundam from the old series until the new one. So one of the key things we see chances for growth are things like events, which are a new frontier for Bandai. So it's not just a dedicated internal distribution, I mean our COO and I as well as other people that have come over from Bandai. It is not that hard to get Nu, you can also take advantages of ticket selector. “I think there are a couple of challenges that we are facing. This is a balance unit in our opinion although the game says this one is offense type. While the events and hands-on side of things seems to be burgeoning what is particular noteworthy was something Steve quickly pointed out. You need to choose the one which equipped with a meteor. “While we can't preview anything now, but we still have Western IP covered, so Star Wars model kits, as well as our movie realization lines, are ongoing. Along with candy and Shogukan at Bandai. As far as general growth right now, we know that My Hero Academia is really popular and we have some items on the way for that. This is above Batman, Barbie and Toy Story. So that's a personal favorite of mine that I have been working very closely with. countries, We're also having another workshop at Ebgames, which is a chain in Canada. EPISODE LIST. The interesting thing here is how the interaction with the audience has had an effect on retail. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. So I was surprised to see that. WATCH MORE MOVIES. Consider adding this one to your team. There are some many great releases available on Premium Bandai but up until now, the service has only been available in Asia. The "Gundam series", which has been developed since 1979, The number of works has increased, and the generations, countries, and preferences of the fans who support us have also diversified. I caught up with both Adam Newman and Steve Fujimura to see how the transition has gone and what awaits us toy and model kit fans in the near future. The other challenge that we have is some of the difficulty in specialty retail right now. “In terms of major mecha toy releases, more Gundam for sure. which has been developed We've also had a lot of attention put on these lines recently with the new Star Wars content that has been coming out. A normal Strike Freedom is not really good at all. Pokémon was number one but to my surprise, Gundam was ranked 13th. We've now entered that area with our Gundam Universe figures. “For Bluefin, Gundam is our number one IP in the US but our most popular is probably Dragon Ball. These days he is the CMO of Bluefin and working with the CEO, Steve. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. For your information, the Gundam above is the best one right now on the game. Rest assured, we already created Gundam Wars guide to choose the suitable for your team. Commemorative survey for the release of ENTRY GRADE 1/144 RX-78-2 GUNDAM. This game featuring many Gundam from the old series until the new one. As for product lines, I think there is a lot more that we could be doing our hobby and model kits. I have over a decade’s worth of games industry experience, having worked in both publishing and game development. “Gundam and Dragon Ball are still our strongest IPs but we have seen some recent success with other anime, as anime is no longer the niche content that we're used to thinking it is. So you have new entries and people that are aging who are more serious about collecting. Even taking that a step further, if we want to take this kind of thing to other store chains and bring the Gundam Base formula as a pop-up in other shops, that would be great as we see so much success with this kind of thing at events. I mean, these are such unique product lines, even though they cover Western properties. “In the collectibles arena, we have seen some important areas of expansion, particularly with mass and big-box chains. We had tremendous success with the S.H. The "Gundam series", Like I said, we had the workshop at Barnes & Noble that was extremely successful.

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