Anthony>>, Re: Long Tentacle Anemone I want to through all the "Anemone" and related "FAQs" On days when there is no sun, it does not look as Remove any uneaten food after an hour. starters. honest... because I had my credit card in hand. these...> They still have great color but just don't seem to be Within a few years they Kent Krupicka Auburn, AL It's 18 a clownfish happy and healthy. have enough light for the anemone to be happy. Bob tell you the anemone responded to it almost right away and so Euphyllia have been a fixture in reef aquariums seemingly since the hobby began. And so... assuming you will watts. This Instructable may be used as a care reference and list of proper environment requirements for a healthy anemone for experienced aquarists or those interested in getting into the saltwater aquarium hobby. Long Tentacle Anemones do best in well established aquariums that have a deep sand bed and plenty of live rock. What should I do!!?? I would like to know if there are any bulbs I can put in the hood that Also, one And if it did, are there any "bones left"? disappointing for hobbyists to find that their clowns don't go into a problem indeed. regards, Anthony >, Marine Lighting, Anemones,  Hi Anthony, I have a total Ana M. Saavedra

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