The intersection between the M42 and M6 is often very busy too, especially when travelling along the M6. There are more search options below. Moto To the West the M4 joins the M5 at M4 Junction 20 which heads north to Devon Cornwall and the South West of England. [2] The southern section of the motorway to Alvechurch just north of Redditch to form a junction with the A441 and from A5 at Tamworth with the A444 at Measham opened in 1986. Bridgend is on Junctions 25 to 37, M4 Junctions 44 and 45 for Swansea, The section of the M42 between Junctions 7A and 9 was re-built as part of the M6 Toll works and now forms the link between the M6 and the southern end of the toll road. MAP M42 junction: J1 Northbound exit: Bromsgrove | | Southbound exit: Bromsgrove Food (20) | Petrol (4) | Lodging (0) MAP M42 junction: M5 J4A Northbound exit: M5 | | Southbound exit: M5 Food (20) | Petrol (3) | Lodging (1) Common Search. Beyond junction 11 the route is continued as the A42, the junctions on this section, 12–14, are numbered like a continuation of the motorway, but the road has non-motorway status from here. Lickey End Interchange. children's play areas LPG meeting room, © 2020 Motorway Services Online if (window.isMSIE55) fixalpha(); Reduced facilities expected next week. Convenience 5 stars only Euro Garages If the map doesn't load properly, try refreshing this page. Map of the M4 Motorway Junctions | Highways England. Tapping each icon will reveal more details, with a link to a detailed database page. Markerpost. Cleanliness/upkeep There are 5 official services on the M42 and A42, each of which is marked on the map below. At least 2 stars mw.loader.state({"site":"ready","user":"ready","user.groups":"ready"}); Search using keywords such as eastbound,westbound, J3, roadworks, congestion, accident etc. The M42 motorway runs north east from Bromsgrove in Worcestershire to just south west of Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire, passing Redditch, Solihull, the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and Tamworth on the way, serving the east of the Birmingham metropolitan area. Motorway Junction Finder Find coordinates for many junctions on the UK motorway network. Welcome Break Select Motorway others M1 M11 M18 M180 M2 M20 M23 M25 M27 M3 M4 M40 M42 M5 M50 M53 M54 M55 M56 M57 M58 M6 M61 M62 M63 M65 M66 M67 M73 M74 M8 M80 M9 M90 Southbound only\n","link":"","lat":52.75153900000000106729203253053128719329833984375,"lon":-1.44679160000000006647269401582889258861541748046875,"icon":"/wiki/images/b/b9/Icon-TRSA.png"},{"text":"\u003Cdiv class=\"mw-parser-output\"\u003E\u003Cp\u003E\u003Ca href=\"/Donington\" title=\"Donington\"\u003E\u003Cb\u003EDonington services\u003C/b\u003E\u003C/a\u003E \u003Ci\u003E(Donington Park)\u003C/i\u003E\u003Cbr/\u003EOperated by Moto\u003Cbr/\u003E\u003Cbr/\u003EM1 at J23A and J24, A42 and A50\n\u003C/p\u003E\u003C/div\u003E","title":"Donington services (Donington Park)Operated by MotoM1 at J23A and J24, A42 and A50\n","link":"","lat":52.82177200000000283353074337355792522430419921875,"lon":-1.30810300000000001574562702444382011890411376953125,"icon":"/wiki/images/5/5d/Icon-MSA.png"},{"text":"\u003Cdiv class=\"mw-parser-output\"\u003E\u003Cp\u003E\u003Ca href=\"/Hopwood_Park\" title=\"Hopwood Park\"\u003E\u003Cb\u003EHopwood Park services\u003C/b\u003E\u003C/a\u003E \u003Cbr/\u003EOperated by Welcome Break\u003Cbr/\u003E\u003Cbr/\u003EM42 at J2\n\u003C/p\u003E\u003C/div\u003E","title":"Hopwood Park services Operated by Welcome BreakM42 at J2\n","link":"","lat":52.36364400000000074442141340114176273345947265625,"lon":-1.945910000000000028563817977556027472019195556640625,"icon":"/wiki/images/5/5d/Icon-MSA.png"},{"text":"\u003Cdiv class=\"mw-parser-output\"\u003E\u003Cp\u003E\u003Ca href=\"/Tamworth\" title=\"Tamworth\"\u003E\u003Cb\u003ETamworth services\u003C/b\u003E\u003C/a\u003E \u003Cbr/\u003EOperated by Moto\u003Cbr/\u003E\u003Cbr/\u003EM42 at J10 and A5\n\u003C/p\u003E\u003C/div\u003E","title":"Tamworth services Operated by MotoM42 at J10 and A5\n","link":"","lat":52.60741600000000062209437601268291473388671875,"lon":-1.6402140000000000608082473263493739068508148193359375,"icon":"/wiki/images/5/5d/Icon-MSA.png"}],"imageoverlays":null}, Download full list in KML (for Google Earth and sat navs),, Most pages on this site can be edited by anyone - simply.

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