They may conduct interviews or perform minor investigative work to gather information. Scout snipers may be tasked with locating and extinguishing human targets in support of the Marine Corps mission. 0121-- Personnel Clerk You've been invited by someone you know to explore videos, photos, or 8538-- Substance Abuse Counselor They utilize various connection points to ensure that communications will run securely and smoothly throughout a small or large area of operation. These Marines understand everything that is needed to land and transport items on ports, airstrips, or via train cars. 8911-- Barracks and Grounds Marine 6468-- Aircraft Electrical Equipment Test Set (EETS)/Mobile Electronic Test Set (METS) Technician We equip, maintain and fly many different aircraft, including fixed wing fighters like the FA-18 and the F-35, fully-weaponized Cobra attack helicopters and the innovative Osprey tilt-rotor troop carrier. What They Do: These marines are responsible for maintaining, inspecting, and repairing support equipment on aircraft.

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 773.

6541-- Aviation Ordnance Systems Technician 64XX

9936-- Substance Abuse Control Specialist In this field, Marines are responsible for making sure all vehicles used in the field are inspected, maintained and in top condition. • Marine Sniper What They Do: Prepare pieces of artillery for movement, deployment, and combat firing while serving within a Field Artillery Battery. 9981-- Tactical Data Systems Specialist 5962-- Tactical Data Systems Equipment (TDSE) Repairer

They are the backbone of the Marine Corps and are the image that most people think of when they think of Marines. 6241-- Fixed-Wing Aircraft Flight Engineer, KC-130- Trainee

They may help plan how much food is needed for the Marines who will be working and living in the field during deployments. Jobs include basic financial management marine, financial technician, non-appropriated fund audit technician and fiscal/budget technician. What They Do: Analyze and implement fire control procedures to provide the most accurate deployment of missiles and fire support systems against enemy positions.

6257-- Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, F/A-18

2871-- Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Technician

9811-- Member, The President's Own, United States Marine Band 5812-- Working Dog Handler 6281-- Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic- Trainee 2776 -- Albanian Asian Pacific Linguists 6019-- Aircraft Maintenance Chief light armored reconnaissance Marine (Primary MOS 0313), combat rubber reconnaissance craft (CRRC) coxswain (Necessary MOS 0316), scout sniper (Necessary MOS 0317), reconnaissance Marine (Primary MOS 0321), reconnaissance Marine (parachute qualified) (Necessary MOS 0323), reconnaissance Marine (combatant diver qualified) (Necessary MOS 0324), 6282-- Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, AV-8/TAV-8

4066-- Small Computer Systems Specialist 3537-- Motor Transport Operations Chief, Secondary MOS's (See Note Below) 8915-- Food Service Attendant 3531-- Motor Vehicle Operator These Marines are responsible for determining if there is any threat in the speech and passing the information along to their superiors.

It includes jobs like signals intelligence analysts, cryptanalysts, signals intelligence/electronic warfare and radio reconnaissance. They assist with pre and post flight checks, ensure that the airplane is ready for passengers, man onboard weapon systems, and work alongside pilots to ensure all fundamental tasks are completed prior to any flights with their specific aircraft. Related Article:  10 Best Marine Corps Jobs For Civilian Life. 6153-- Helicopter Airframe Mechanic, CH-53 These Marines use specialty equipment to make this possible, such as surveying equipment.

5959-- Air Traffic Control Systems Maintenance Chief 8611-- Interpreter (Designated Language) 5912-- Avenger System Maintainer, Primary MOS's 6483-- Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician, Helicopter, IMA

5942-- Aviation Radar Technician 6116-- Tiltrotor Mechanic, MV-22 Marines in the logistics unit may support the MAGTF in assaults and operations ashore. 2747 Vietnamese What They Do: These mechanics inspect, repair, and maintain all aspects of helicopter/tiltrotor airframes. 0612-- Field Wireman 9953-- Parachutist/SCUBA/UBA Marine 6842 Weather Forecaster, 7011-- Expeditionary Airfield Systems Technician What They Do: Perform maintenance to ground ordnance equipment. Primary MOS 3361 - Subsistence Supply Clerk 3381 - Food Service Specialist.

2712 -- Arabic (Mod Std)

7234-- Air Control Electronics Operator 60XX 8421-- Career Planner 7381-- Airborne Radio Operator/Inflight Refueling Observer/ Loadmaster-Trainee 6072-- Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Structures Mechanic This critical role keeps troops well supplied and ready to defeat the enemy in any situation.

What They Do: Inspect, install, maintain, repair, and test all main and ancillary components related to communications, navigation, electrical, and radar equipment aboard the various aircrafts. Whether performing close air support or antiair warfare, or flying a fixed-wing, rotary-wing or tilt-rotor aircraft, these Marine Officers are an important gear in the fighting machine that enables Marines to be victorious. 6033-- Aircraft Nondestructive Inspection Technician Scout Sniper Marines will also be relied on to gather information in reconnaissance and surveillance operations for intelligence purposes important to the success of the mission.

5939-- Aviation Radio Technician In this article, we discuss the different types of occupational fields available for enlisted marines–and what military codes represent them–to help you determine which field best fits your interests and aspirations. 2717 -- Bengali Related Article: Marine Corps Ranks And Pay. This equipment involves night vision and lasers used in the assistance of directing ground ordnance devices and missile systems. 2733 -- Burmese These specialists must understand various military laws and proceedings to best help marines and civilian counterparts. Line Score Required: Analyze, repair, and install radar equipment that is precise and used in the safe landing, navigation, and takeoff of Marine Corps aircraft.

What They Do: Perform work as a postal worker to ensure the proper delivery and sorting of mail to Marines. 1 .

2787 -- Macedonian What They Do: Legal support specialists assist military officers who have studied and understand law and are licensed attorneys.

1361-- Engineer Assistant GySgt to Pvt This category includes administrative and clerical functions in the areas of general administration, postal service and personnel administration. 1171-- Hygiene Equipment Operator What They Do: Utilize a learned language of Middle Eastern descent to intercept and analyze communications of suspected criminal organizations utilizing the language that was studied.

What They Do: Correctional specialists could also be known as prison security guards. 0613-- Construction Wireman

All members of an Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) crew perform duties to help with the operation and maintenance of the vehicle and upgunned weapons station.

1345-- Engineer Equipment Operator SSgt to Pvt

2743 -- Malay Related Article – ASVAB Scores for Navy Jobs. 0621-- Field Radio Operator

If water systems are not functioning properly, have an improper pH level, or are not clean, then Marines could become ill or suffer from dehydration.

9916-- Billet Designator - Enlisted These Marines ensure the correct firepower are being used to win the battle. What They Do: Affectionately called “water dogs,” this Marine MOS manages the upkeep and maintenance on various water systems, tanks, valves, and the pH level of water while deployed. 0321-- Reconnaissance Man What They Do: These Marines are experts in installing and maintaining telecommunications involving cable distribution and infrastructure.

This also includes Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures. 6386-- Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician, EA-6B 2792 -- Serb-Croat

In any job search, you have to sort through many job postings to find the ones that are right for you. They understand how to breach and clear doors, disable basic explosives, and search buildings for booby traps. 0614-- Unit Level Circuit Switch (ULCS) Operator/Maintainer

He is now a freelance writer and outdoor enthusiast who spends much of his year traveling between campsites around the country.

Watch to learn about some of the tough training Marines must complete to acquire expertise within their specialties. 2766 -- Portuguese (BR) 5816-- Special Reaction Team (SRT) Member 2714 -- Arabic (Syrian)

9991-- Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps 0619-- Wire Chief

6124-- Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-400/T-700 • Military Police and Corrections Marine What They Do: Train to be experts at packaging supplies and boxes and materials that are to be shipped or distributed to various units.

6226-- Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, T-56 What They Do: These Marines are specialists who are trained in diesel engine systems. We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. 4612-- Combat Lithographer 6092-- Aircraft Intermediate Level Structures Mechanic What They Do: Inspect and repair aircraft intermediate level hydraulic/pneumatic equipment. 0647-- PLRS Master Station Operator 6253-- Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, EA-6 8411-- Recruiter Marine intelligence jobs are woven into the success of the entire MEU to establish battles won.

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