Combining footage from his mother’s films with home movies and personal interviews with his siblings, Heperi Mita presents a strikingly personal portrait of a woman whose personal experiences — of domestic violence, racism and social exclusion, but also of community, motherhood and family — directly informed her work. Māori and Pākehā, children and grandparents, gang members and clergymen, in a moment of rare consensus, stood together to affirm shared values. 10:45 PM PST 2/10/2019 Seriously, WATCH THIS. Presented by Miss Conception films, who focus on female-led stories, this fresh dispatch from the heartland introduces two legendary shearers – and three in the making – as they head for black-shirt glory at the Golden Shears. Cambridge Analytica’s extensive dirty tricks shopping list exposed, Goosebumps! You can get that? /*
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