The Geiger counter will turn from green to red whenever you’re in an area with high levels of radiation. In the novel, a few other mutant species are mentioned in brief, these include wild dogs and a giant bird stuck in an even larger cobweb in the library. Mutants appear both in the novels and in the games. If you want to take them down the best way, you have to keep your distance, be quiet and avoid being overwhelmed with many of them. The cultists aren’t evil, just misguided, and they’re way more likely to work with you if you haven’t been killing their friends. This grotesque flying creature hunts along and can easily grab any size of prey from the ground. Find his dropped weapon, as well, and hold B or Circle to scrap it for parts. 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It can be easy to forget that you have hand-thrown items in Metro Exodus altogether, but the most useful of them by far are the Molotov cocktails. Feel free to comment below. The first step to survival in Metro Exodus is understanding the interface. It's the mutants you want to watch out for. They work like you’d expect, with a small fiery explosion that sets any nearby enemies ablaze, and they can kill all but the toughest enemies in just one hit. The Mutated Bear is the undisputed ruler of the forest. Understanding the basics of the game’s arsenal is extremely important as it can make fighting enemies easier and less frustrating. It means if an enemy surrenders and you kill him, the screen will become a bit dark and you will hear audio notifying that the game has taken notice of your action. At first glance, these look like humans nearby. However, not all of these can immediately be done instead of the main objective. Mutants of a common variety are generally tough creatures, which have adapted to their nuclear environment and can withstand high levels of physical trauma. As soon as you have the opportunity to swap out your pistol for a shotgun in Metro Exodus, you should take it – the class is crucial to your survival when you’re being swarmed by mutants or need to take down a larger target. With protruding joints, fearsome claws and yellowing teeth, this creature is always looking to attack you once he spots you. They can throw objects at heroes. Mutants appear both in the novels and in the games. Where can we encounter it: during the winter, near the underground and Volga tunnels. This could explain that in a mere 20 years, almost all surviving species with high reproductive rates are completely mutated from the radiation. Learning to efficiently scavenge for resources is at the heart of Metro Exodus, as you need two different types of materials in order to craft anything from medical kits to incendiary ammunition. Both of these products are known to be in use by Metro citizens, but Marijuana in particular still has a negative perception as taboo. It can also be assumed that in addition to these; drug plants are also grown such as Marijuana and Tobacco. In Metro: Last Light, fishes displayed at markets have a powerful muscular pair of pectoral fins which resemble limbs; many fish, however, look reasonably unmutated. The cookies we use are intended to ensure that you can enjoy our website in the best possible way. This will pull up your charger, and you can mash the right trigger to bring it up to full power. Bats - Slightly hair-less versions of the common variety in Moscow have taken to the Metro and fly about its tunnels. So, you’ll have to get a little creative. On this tutorial page, you will find information about the monsters that exist in the game. Your manually-charged battery is used to power your flashlight as well as the night vision goggles you’ll discover later on. The Ashot’s “Duplet” configuration gives you two high-damage shotgun shells before you have to reload, and it strikes a good balance between power and maneuverability. Though it easily frightened and avoids any human confrontation. By using this website you agree to the use of these cookies. Appearance: a mutant without a neck, covered in some places with a lot of hair. He has a small amount of hair on his body and has yellow, sharp teeth. Look underneath stairwells and in burned-out trucks. Metro Exodus How to Knock Out. apparent crow-like creatures flying on the surface, host to a very large population of street dogs,, Newcomers - Large, black bony mutants only ever mentioned in the first book while, Upyirs - Medium sized mutants mentioned in. One of these terrifying mutants … The Bulldog is capable of hitting targets accurately from a much longer distance, enabling you to save ammunition you’d be wasting on the Kalash. Oftentimes, the checkpoint system will let you off the hook if you die quickly, but we’ve had occasions where we’ve gotten stuck and the game happened to automatically save immediately. Eventually, other enemies can lose track of your location, allowing you to go into stealth mode all over again. Subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest news and updates straight into your inbox. This seems like a small responsibility, but guns jam almost immediately when they’re dirty, and you need to un-jam them before they’ll fire again. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners. Combat strategy: they move in large groups and attack their target together. If you hear a high-pitched beep and see a notification to change your filter, it means you have less than one minute remaining before it will be completely worn out. Look in every corner you come across. Where can we encounter them: The Volga and some underground locations. Some of them can only be found at certain times of the year. These can be found by searching dead bodies you come across, looting the environment, and occasionally by visiting a workbench controlled by your allies. While their behavior and movements are rather similar from encounter to encounter, scripted scenes keep gameplay fresh and exciting. You’ll be doing a lot of killing through your journey in Metro Exodus, but you don’t have to. Get closer however and you will find a dangerous and aggressive creature that will attack on sight. Where can I encounter it: Underground facilities and dilapidated buildings, mainly in the Dead City. How do you scavenge effectively? Even those that were there before you arrived will often have supplies. Without question, playing with stealth in mind is the easiest way to take down enemies in Metro Exodus, but you have to be careful about how you do it. Metro Exodus is inspired by the internationally best-selling novels METRO 2033 and METRO 2035 by Dmitry Glukhovsky. It can be tempting to throw all of your resources into creating medical kits or air filters when you get the chance, but make sure you throw at least a small portion of it into creating more ammunition. While the normal unarmored people can be taken down with a few shots, one headshot is enough to kill them. Most mutants of the Metro are beings shaped and evolved to life in darkness, as this is essentially their world. Don’t be afraid to swap out the components of your weapons to suit new environments, especially if you’re going from a sneaking section to one with full-on gunfights. Metro Exodus even lets you radically transform weapons and move them to a different class, so if you are looking for a shotgun, you might already have the means to make one. The weapon is more than a stealth tool, however, as it can be equipped with special explosive bolts. The last is the only one in your control, and making good use of it will make your experience much less frustrating. It means if an enemy surrenders and you kill him, the screen will become a bit dark and you will hear audio notifying that the game has taken notice of your action. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Chicken - Also brought down into the tunnels, chickens are raised in fewer stations but are nonetheless a commodity. Some of these enemies are absolutely horrifying, mutated from creatures that were already somewhat scary before the bombs dropped, or they have abilities that can easily kill humans. Where can we encounter them: The Volga and some parts of the Caspian Sea. This will give you access to any attachments, more resources, and occasionally even extra ammunition. Smaller side objectives and points of interest will be visible as smaller circles, which will disappear when completed. The best weapon for them is the shotgun that takes them down instantly. This concludes our Metro Exodus Enemies Guide. Because of its mutated body, tough skin and heavy bones, it is highly resistant to any kind of light firearm. If you fail, you can dodge its attack, but without any weapon you are just a weakling against its one hit kill. The Demons can be seen flying all throughout this ruined world. Metro Exodus Enemies Guide – All Mutants Enemies Detailed. Where can I find it: The Dead City, near the end of the game. 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