Read more about our cookie policy. At this point you have enough coins to buy the Fast Shoes at the Sneaker Hut! Entdecken Sie qualitativ hochwertige und individuelle Styles für Herren, Damen und Minis. Item required: Press PassInside the parking lot behind the warehouse of the Sword Factory is a truck that you can get into. After you’ve made your deadly pilgrimmage from all four houses, the door will be destroyed and you can get the coin. It doesn’t move, but be vigilant and stand at the end of the line long enough and the tree will lose enough leaves to explode leaving a coin behind.

Go through the false wall and you'll find yourself in an invisible maze. Can be used to take photographs of the environment. By pushing three of the boxes into the grinder you will break the machine and solve this puzzle. From the Hotel head east then north to find a pair of boxes alongside a body of water. After the fourth sacrifice return here to find the door open and a collectible as a reward. Minit has a "SECOND RUN" mode which is a unique New Game + that begins after continuing from a finished game. Allows the player to break trees with the. A blind playthrough of Minit will take the average person around 3 hours, if you get stuck you can consult the item list in this guide for an idea on what you need to do or unlock next (See. You start with the Broken Sword in NG+, allowing the factory section of the game to be skipped in its entirety.

Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Use the Flippers to swim into the waterfall and there's a chest with a coin inside the cave. Each time you defeat the group, you'll hear a small musical cue, then you’ll need to die and respawn.

You will unlock at least 3 by following the story, the first of which is the campervan in the desert.

This will give you the Boatwood item, which can be given to the stranger you rescued in the desert to fix their boat. No items requiredIf you travel North and East through the desert, following the wall until you get to the screen that's directly north of the Sneaker Hut, there’s sign that points due East towards some "Ruins." This trophy is awarded once you have collected all 17 items (Note: the in-game tracker shows item progress out of 16, this does not include the Broken Sword). Steal it. You need to ride the conveyor and strike each button to shut it down. To get the watering can to the machine you will need to approach from the drilled hole leading to the campervan checkpoint. The only way for Mary to die is to press ... Minit has a "SECOND RUN" mode which is a unique New Game + that begins after continuing from a finished game. Free the machine by hitting the two arms holding it in place then then hit the machine itself to make it drill a large tunnel which houses a coin. From the previous puzzle head east then south until you reach an NPC who tells you to strike the machinery. Item required: FlippersOn the same screen as the entrance to the Snake Cave, one screen up from your starter home, there's a waterfall. You will have just enough time to reach the collectible at the end so don't dawdle. We promise to handle your information in line with our privacy policy. You will need to purchase the Fast Shoes from the sneaker hut for 7 coins and set your checkpoint at the campervan. The first televator is activated by visiting the island described in. You need to use the Flippers to get there and must swim to the fallen boxes in a counter-clockwise manner until you can throw your sword at the collectible, be careful of the shark! There is a cryptic hint system that you can enable by visiting the haunted house 3 screens north of the hotel checkpoint. From the first house, the campervan, the hotel and the island you must televate make your way to this room and sacrifice yourself. The island that the old person tells you about (see, You can find a Tentacle during the boat trip to the island described in, In the basement of the beach hut are some teleporters, hold.

After using the Press Pass head east and you will see a water cooler, keep heading south from here until you see a large drill. In the west room of the Secret Temple is the octopus who wants you to find all 8 Tentacles, if you swim north from this room you will find find a screen with a Tentacle, you need to stand on land and throw your sword at it. In the back of the truck there is a coin. There are 19 coins to find in Minit, and if you want those fast shoes or that extra heart piece from the dude in the basement of the sneaker shop then you’ll need to find a lot of them. From here you need to run to the secret temple (one screen south then one screen east), and traverse the maze in the southern room. Follow the sewers North and when you find the exit that requires you to murder all the bats in the room, follow the stream South to find a small alcove, home to a chest with a coin. Go East a few screens and you'll find a broken down truck, not much of a ruin but there is a treasure chest here with a coin in it. There are a number of "homes" that can be used as the starting point for each of your lives in Minit. Televators are the method of fast-travel in Minit and are unlocked by visiting the island described in, There are three televators in the game, acting as fast-travel points across the main areas of the map. The fight should pose little challenge as the oasis ghost takes only one hit to kill. There are 4 areas where Snakes appear in the game and they cannot harm you unless you walk directly into them, so just leave them alone during one of your play throughs for this very easy trophy. Posted by 1 month ago. Item required: GrinderAfter you get the Grinder (if you need help figuring that out, check out our guide on how to find every item in Minit) you'll find a box in the mine that’s stopping you going through the South tunnel exit. The gift for this trophy is the bone located in the graveyard two screens north of the Hotel. Don’t worry about cleaning up.

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