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Low individual heal value. These levels will either unlock a new skill, or improve an existing one.
The level cap represents the ultimate goal and culmination of the leveling process, with max-level characters having gained access to all class abilities and talents, and being able to access end-game content and equip the most powerful gear. Higher level Corps Crew members will consume more Fullness and Luminosity during expeditions.

(Very rarely do you ever want to waste a turn gaining a defense buff over attacking), Curse: Inescapable (has a starting +10 hit modifier) <- Main ability to level, Curse: Destruction (has a starting +10 hit modifier, covers back ranks), Stealing Luck (Your buffs are now my buffs), Curse: Concentration (debuffs accuracy but lower starting hit chance) Marginally worse, Curse: Blockade (Silence) Difficult to rate due to how silence is treated enemy side, CollectFloatingSpirits (Manage your last hits.
Any tips for Cathedral? Select from tabs for Battle, Expedition, and Jinx skills. By requesting to expand recruitment at the Support Lab, higher level “Senior” characters may appear. What are the intervals? (Almost everything Werewolf has is better and the Move direction is random), Burn Up! Essential knowledge to prevent failures in Mistover. Every hero you own that has been evolved to the maximum tier of ascended will add 5 more levels to the cap beyond 240. Added “Edit Guardian Tokens” option. (Strong regardless if paired with teammates that can utilize Branding or not), Bloodthirsty Sword (Respectable single target nuke +Healing +Taunt -Positioning restriction), Woodpecker Tactics (Very good but not actually a must have), Swallow Counter (Gives Crit chance and Counter), Blood Streak (Decently strong single target bleed, but bleeds suck), Devil's Eyes (Decent debuffer but low damage), Wicked Blade (AOE is generally not great. Helps fix shuffling). Items with unimpressive qualities can be altered. Note: Dimensional Heroes do not increase the level cap. 2019.10.04: Update for v1.0.2 game version; The game finally has a proper guardian level limit (850 is the official max level) that doesn’t freeze the game itself, so I removed the guardian level limit on trainer. Provides details about each skill, including the possible positon(s) to cast them from and their effect range. Grim Reaper is a must have if you want to hit anything. Displays requests that have been accepted (active) and that can be reported about (completed). Shows what items are currently equipped and allows for Equip, Unequip, and Replace. Note: Dimensional Heroes do not increase the level cap. I personally like the Witch+Shadow Blade combination as the Magic Shuriken team skill when maxed is great at bruising the entire board in 1 action. 2. It is only visible to you. Shows the attack power (minimum to maximum), block power, HP, and MP (or SP/YP) of the character. A new difficulty setting, appropriately titled “Legendary”, has also been added. At midnight, the world will end, resulting in Game Over. Max level players often help guildmates level their characters, and may also be able to help with transport if they have a two-person mount. Is it always 1 skill point per level? Reddit man. Moves units forward), Invisible Throw (Depends on enemy formation in dungeon), Misfortune Detector (Remove debuff and give Crit chance), Paper Koi (Row Stun but has a negative hit modifier), Elemental Collapse (Not great but is damage), Paper Turtle (Summon a Taunt Turtle.

Mistover Tips and Character Skillsets. There was only one significant dungeon available for players to conquer for several months. This limited amount of “endgame” content left millions of players with no dungeons to crawl or loot to fantasize about. Having enough Food and Seed is vital for maintaining Fullness and Luminosity levels. Listen carefully to Stella and Heinrich, as what they say is often important to the storyline.

When new recruits appear each week, carefully check their skills. While play prior to this point is oriented around accumulating experience and gaining new skills, the end-game represents the polished 'final destination' for players, at which characters are fully developed and ready to tackle the biggest challenges in the game, or to relax and make their own adventure. There are various upsides to this imbalance.

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