The price of a daily ticket is 2.00 EUR, whereas children under 10 can ride the bus for free. You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at Kamp Nadiža Podbela. If you would like to take a stroll before soaking yourself in the refreshing water or if you prefer to go hiking, you will surely not be bored in the valley of the Nadiža River and its surroundings. Lose the ground under your feet for a change and embark on an unforgettable flight. Bača River. I allow the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) to record and store anonymised data about my activity on, which are used by the STO to provide a better user experience for visitors to the portal in the future. no fees with immediate confirmation. Read more. In the village of Podbela, just a few 100 metres from the campsite, we rent a spacious and comfortable apartment with balcony. Have fun at music festivals, enjoy the sports and culture festivals or visit one of the ethnological events. Free food and bike rides in Slovenia! Home; Campsite; kamp nadiža. camping natisone. Nadiža River and the Napoleon Bridge. Nadiža is warmer and usually attracts more visitors. In the summer, the temperature of the Nadiža river can be over 20°C. Head to the nearby Stol, which is a true paradise for paragliding in the summer, take a cycling trip or explore the remote villages. The Nadiža is a mountain stream near the town of Kranjska Gora, in the far northwestern corner of Slovenia. It’s most picturesque part is difficult to access and if you … There is a special parking regime next to the Nadiža river, which was introduced with the purpose of preserving the symbiosis between nature and numerous visitors in summer. The River Soča leaves an unavoidable mark on the valley, the locals, and the towns along the river. Annual and weekly passes are sold in the TIC Kobarid, whereas the all-day or hourly compensation is meant to be paid at the marked parking lots and parking meters. Nadiža Besides all other natural treasures and outdoor recreational possibilities that Breginjski Kot has to offer, it is worth spending a day to visit this small climbing area. apartment. Description Like the Soča, the Nadiža is an alpine river with many beautiful spots, but in contrast to the Soča, there are hardly any walking trails along the river. Napoleon bridge. In some places, the embankments and the gravel areas are hugged by willow trees, which give the river a particuarly magical appearance. Departures from the centre of Kobarid to the Nadiža river are at: 10:55 AM, 12:40 PM and 4:35 PM. Its turqoise waters, torrential during the frequent storms, originate under the massive Stol range. Jamjak Creek; Lerada Creek; White Creek (Bela) Vipava River. Photo Credit: Stefano Merli. The Natisone/Nadiža (its name marks a stream that gushes through the surface) has several springs under the long mountain ridge between Veliki Muzec and Punta di Montemaggiore on the borderline region between Slovenia and Italy. It has its source in Italy and makes a 12 kilometer long bend through Slovenia before she flows back. It is one of the cleanest and warmest Alpine rivers and is, according to folklore possessed with healing properites. The campsite is welcoming all those who like unspoiled nature and a clean and warm river. It was built where the Soča River (Isonzo) leaves the high Alps and the valley joins the lowland of Starijsko Podolje with the Nadiža River (Natisone) to the west. The Nadiža flows through a deep valley between Mija and Matajur and then flows into the Friuli Region of Italy. It is one of the most unspoiled Alpine rivers. Book campsite Camping Nadiza Podbela, Gorizia, Slovenia . One of the most beautiful golf courses in Slovenia lies between Kaninsko pogorje (Kanin Mountains) and the magical filming set of the Disney fairytale The Chronicles of Narnia. Till below Sedlo it is hidden in a narrow valley full of rapids and deep pools. Nadiža (italijansko: Natisone, Furlansko: Nadison, narečno: Nediža) je 60 km dolga reka, ki nastane z združitvijo potokov Rio Bianco/Beli Potok ter Črni Potok/Rio Nero v Breginjskem kotu. camping nadiža. The parking regime next to the Nadiža river: The parking regime near the Nadiža river is being carried out from 15 June to 31 August, every day from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. (only for guests who stay in the municipality of Kobarid for at least one night and submit the “Certificate of a tourist service provider for the purchase of the weekly pass”, issued by the accommodation service provider.). They also organised a student party every Tuesday … Local Tip: Make sure to visit a nearby Botanical Garden Juliana with over 600 plant species that can only be found in Slovenia. Among those popular winter activities in the Soča Valley, which will awake the joys of childhood, is sledding, which you may attend in organised form or choose to go to an independent sledding party out of groomed sledding runs. In the northeast of the country, it is the largest city of the Slobozhanshchyna historical region. By QUT Global. Črna in bela točka označujeta približno območje izvirov. The source of the Soča River One of the most beautiful and the cleanest karstic water sources in the Julian Alps is the birthplace of the daughter of mountains, the majestic Soča River. Območje izvira Rio bianco/Belega potoka in Rio Nero/Črnega potoka. It shows the importance of the region from Roman times onwards. mDec('lqir1eryhfCgrolqd0vrfh1vl', 'lqir1eryhfCgrolqd0vrfh1vl', '', ''); mDec('lqir1nredulgCgrolqd0vrfh1vl', 'lqir1nredulgCgrolqd0vrfh1vl', '', ''); mDec('lqir1wroplqCgrolqd0vrfh1vl', 'lqir1wroplqCgrolqd0vrfh1vl', '', ''); mDec('wlf1ndqdoCvlro1qhw', 'wlf1ndqdoCvlro1qhw', '', ''); Soča Valley Tourist Board will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. The area where Nadiža carved the deep river beds is adorned with the famous Napoleon bridge, which was used by Napoleon’s army in the 18th century to advance to Carinthia from the Veneto region. Check out affordable ski packages that include accommodation, ski pass and free ski-bus shuttle. Detached house located on the edge of a picturesque village of Kambresko, in the sub alpine hills above the stunning Soca River valley. In the low winter temperatures, the waterfalls around Bovec transform into a paradise for ice climbers. From that point onwards, however, it enters a widening gravelly valley and almost disappears in its own deep gravel deposits below the village of Robič. Liniji tečeta svojo pot, seveda na trenutke kdaj zaideta … Bike and hike around Nadiža river – FINALIST#11. Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia are unbelievably beautiful and our Tour Guide, Elvis, was outstanding. Outdoor gods have placed it on the sunny plateau, only 15min away the touristy Kobarid and the Soča river. Along the Nadiža river An excellent tour that will take you along the beautiful Nadiža river to the charming Robidišče village and along the foothill of grassy Kobariški Stol back to Kobarid. Napoleon bridge over river Nadiža is a stone stepped bridge over the sinks of river Nadiža near the villages of Podbela and Logje, in the far west of Slovenia. The Nadiza River (GC30GJ3) was created by Aucoin.J on 7/11/2011. 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