(c)  Yes, Labour failed to take Barnet, Wandsworth and Westminster in last week’s local contests, and should be concerned about its failure to make much progress outside London. What should you do to get such questions correct? Now, look for connections: Once we identify the main theme of the passage,(e)is the correct one to introduce the state of contemporary politics. Structure first: What is the main theme? Something like, “Good boy Master Kamlesh” – right? Hence connecting links also helps us in reaching to the odd sentence.

It has passed from insular dogmatism to universal bewilderment; and a chief agent in the change has been Bradley himself, with his scornful and delicate intellect, his wit, his candor, his persistence, and the baffling futility of his conclusions. There is nothing surprising in the topic, “Odd one out” – It actually means finding out the odd statement out of a set of 4 or 5 given statements! Different logic can work in constructing a paragraph. For the past few years, the CAT  Verbal Ability section has around 2-3 odd one out questions.This topic is very similar to “Para Jumbles” with a slight difference: Here you do not have to arrange sentences to form a paragraph; rather you have to find out those sentences which form a paragraph and eliminate the one which does not fall in place given the context. Hence the meaning of “odd one out” is – odd one in paragraph formation from amongst given sentences! 500 RC Practice Questions with Video Solutions. Required fields are marked *. Often there is only one correct answer, but sometimes more than one is possible. So long as you are not convinced of the logical connection, so long you should not mark the answer. (d)elaborates on the ‘volatility’factor,followed by (c). You can easily find more. Don’t go just by appearances. The reference is there in statement D. ‘It’ in statement B speaks of the book ‘Ethical Studies’ in statement D. C also has the phrase ‘in this book’. Identify the odd one out. A bird begins with the subsong, passes through plastic song, until it achieves the species song. 2.2) Connecting links: Sometimes you can be sure that two sentences will always come together in terms of sub group formation in logic or in terms of order in which they come. i.e the concepts used for linking in para jumbles get applied here too. See if you find the reference. So, if two sentences form a mandatory link, they both cannot be eliminated as the odd one. Step 2: Apparently, I feel that statements B, C and D are somehow connected. (e)  The only certainty in contemporary politics is volatility. Pick the sentence that does not fit into the sequence. Your email address will not be published. Don't be surprised if they come up with some surprising answers. A seems to be the odd one out. Required fields are marked *, Four sentences A, B, C and D are given below; four of them can be arranged to form a coherent paragraph, but one does not fit into the sequence.

Animal Features Odd One Out Circle the animal that is different and explain why it is different: 1.

Step 1: Identify the central idea: Central idea is the main theme or the exact core around which the paragraph is built. In short, Odd Sentence out is nothing but a new way of testing the old concept of Parajumbles. The sentence that you find difficult to fit into the sequence is the odd sentence, and often the right answer. The important thing is to try to decide-- in English, as much as possible-- WHY you chose the one you did.

and so on. This is the exercise. We must ask the question: Are they logically related. See whether the subjects in the sentences are linked or not. Statement A, therefore, is the odd sentence out. Now, if you feel that A,B,D and E form a paragraph in some order (let’s say BADE or ABDE whatever), then you know that C is the odd one out. dog, cat, donkey, dragon; The answer could be dragon (because it is the only mythical creature) or cat (because all the other words start with "d").

(Most don't involve famous people, kinds of animals, or basic vocabulary.)
Hope you had fun reading , , Your email address will not be published. Find the odd one out: (d) Kamlesh listens to all what his teachers say. Get this from a library! Step 1: Spot the sentence that is most likely to start the paragraph. Your next step should be to establish a connecting link; here the parajumbles come into the picture.

(a hermit crab (b) scorpion (c) lobster (d) rattlesnake Rattlesnakes don’t have claws. Ideally, the students should phrase their justification in a form such as: Here are some suggested words. Questions usually concern the meanings and uses of academic words. Even if the sentences are not logically related, they all might be independently grammatically correct, and yet they may not form a coherent paragraph. Never forget, basically you have to find the odd one out! Question number 2: Five sentences related to a topic are given below. This simple activity practises vocabulary and to some extent speaking. After fifty years, an old milestone in the path of philosophy, Bradley’s, Practice as many good questions as possible. The students must get accustomed to reading the Question Direction before attempting any question. So, all this for logic!

Odd One Out on EnglishHints. On should first identify the central idea and then it becomes very easy to find out the glue which binds all sentences and leaves out one. 5 and 2 talk about “in species”. You may well find it logical. 3 becomes the isolated one as it talks about “auditory stimuli” for birds – which is not related to the main theme.

© 1997-2020 EnglishClub.com All Rights ReservedThe world's premier FREE educational website for learners + teachers of EnglishEngland • since 1997, Thailand, Singapore, Tokyo, England, Vietnam, camera, computer, television, telephone, fax-machine, hotel, motel, town-house, condominium, classroom. Odd One sentence out is a recent addition to CAT Verbal Ability Section; it did not exist until CAT 2012; and because it did not exist until CAT 2012, we have little practice odd sentence out questions available.Many are not even aware of what exactly the question demands. It is too abrupt to start the paragraph.

The Students have to patient while tackling such questions; even a little haste can cost you a question. Hence statement (c) is the odd one out. The most important auditory stimuli for the birds are the sounds of other birds. Odd one out.. [Fiona Pragoff] -- Photographs of a girl playing present a series of situations in which one object is out of place. CAT Reading Comprehension: Should we read the questions first? Connection now: (b) => (d) => (a) seem connected logically. If CAT Verbal Section is troubling you, read this, CAT Grammar : [10 Easy Steps] to solve Grammar Questions. The key is to approach these questions is to keep 2 strategies in mind: strategies that work in combination here! Take, for example: The answer could be dragon (because it is the only mythical creature) or cat (because all the other words start with "d").

It should have some reference. So, what should be the students’ strategy to surmount the challenges thrown by Odd Sentences out in CAT? Things like chronology, noun-pronoun, statement-example, set-subset, cause-effect etc.

3. 2. Never done a ‘reading comments’ video before, and although I probably don’t have enough subscribers to do this yet, I still thought it’d be fun! It is the most precise answer to the question, “What is the paragraph about?”. Question number 1: Four out of these Five sentences form a logical paragraph. Time now to take some real questions down! (a) polar bear (b) armadillo (c) cat (d) beaver Polar bears don’t have tails. Much has been recently discovered about the development of songs in birds. Connection: See, 1 and 4 talk about development of songs. Just ask them to justify their choice. (a) fish (b) lizard (c) bear (d) snake Bears don’t have scales. The students must get accustomed to reading the Question Direction before attempting any question. Giving some examples here: 2.1) Introductory sentence: If a sentence acts as the beginning of the things described or a macro description of things to follow; usually it is the introductory sentence.

Some species are restricted to a single song learned by all individuals, others have a range of songs. Each odd photograph is followed by one with everything in … Ask the students to find the "odd-one-out". (a) is logically not connected to the flow,as it talks of political careers. For better or worse, youth brands have lost the fear of alienating people who are not the core demographic. You can easily find more. There is nothing surprising in the topic, “Odd one out” – It actually means finding out the odd statement out of a set of 4 or 5 given statements!

Start with structure in mind: What is the main theme? Odd One sentence out is a recent addition to CAT Verbal Ability Section; it did not exist until CAT 2012; and because it did not exist until CAT 2012, we have little practice odd sentence out questions available. : State of contemporary politics. (b) But the party denied the Tories control of Trafford, took Plymouth, and – according to the BBC – would be the largest party in the House of Commons if the results were replicated in a general election. And one good exercise is to ask your students to create some lists (along with valid justifications). How to improve accuracy in Reading Comprehension, 7 Easy Tips for CAT [RC] Reading Comprehension, How to find main idea or central idea of the RC Passages, How to solve inference based RC questions, 5 most common mistakes made by students in CAT RCs. In this early book we see him coming forth like a young David against every clumsy champion of utilitarianism, hedonism, positivism, or empiricism.

Step 4:  Statement A, too, has ‘Bradley’, but the point here is the logical connection.

If you find this sentence, 1. it comes in the selected lot for the paragraph 2. you can find the next linking sentences and identify the odd one out in the end. 4. (c) is about Kamlesh but not about his obedience or discipline – not about him being a good boy!

https://www.amazon.in/Algorithmic-Reading-Comprehension-Rahul-Anand-ebook/dp/B07JLHXRQ6, Micro Concept: Constant Product (Percentage Change), The 3 Basic Approaches to Reading – The Thorough Read, The 3 Basic Approaches to Reading – The Revisit, The 3 Basic Approaches to Reading – Read Per Question, The 3 Basic Approaches to Reading – Introduction. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'odd one out' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Structure: The main theme here is development of songs in birds. Step 3:  The logical arrangement is as follows: D starts the paragraph, introducing the book; B takes it forward, speaking about the book and introducing Bradley; C follows B, praising Bradley further. A.

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