This illustrates how most locks are primarily just a deterrent and aren't 100% secure. Use this guide to repair your dispenser quickly and easily. Sometimes the paper towels will still come out of the dispenser if the roll is backward, but will tear off inside the dispenser and cause jams. Want to get past a door chain without causing any damage? High security locks can be had that are virtually pick proof, but they're pricey. About: My name is Jason Poel Smith. Unless you're Popeye you should be able to get your arm through far enough to touch the knob at the end of the chain. These knobs are locked by pressing in the handle an rotating the knob slightly. Even so, you can apply film to glass to make it harder to break (3M makes it) or apply plexiglass over the windows in your door. Simple latches such as swing latches are also easy to open with a paper clip. 4 years ago. $6.00 $ 6. This prevents the outer knob from turning. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. While the construction is similar, a large paper clip is too wide to fit in the key hole and a small paper clip isn't strong enough to raise the pressure plate. This trick makes it looks like it was never opened. To open them, you just need to use your paper clip to press on whatever plate or pin that the key would normally press on to release the locking mechanism. 2 X San Jamar Paper Towel Dispenser Key (N13EZ) Category: Dispenser Keys and Accessories. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Close the door while pulling on the string. L x 10.5 in. Many houses have door knobs with privacy locks on bathrooms and bedrooms. Fortunately, they are designed to be easy to open. -SAN N16, TOUGH GUY Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser Key, 15 Popular Keys - Bobrick, Georgia Pacific, Kimberly Clark, Howard, San Jamar, SCA Tissue, Oceans, Merfin - Paper Towel, Toilet Paper Dispenser Locking Systems, Rollsavr- Electrical Switch Keys, ElegantCircle Paper Towel Dispenser Trifold, Paper Towel Dispenser for Bathroom, Wall Mount or Countertop Acrylic Paper Towel Dispenser (Gold Lid Handle), Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser by Oasis Creations - Wall Mount - Hold 500 Multifold Paper Towels - Black Smoke, Product Movement Universal Paper Towel Dispenser Replacement Key (1), Paper Towel Dispenser by Oasis Creations, Holds 250 Paper Towels, Wall Mounted, Countertop Paper Towel Dispenser, Universal Paper Towel Holder- Black, Toilet Paper Dispenser Key Kimberly Clark Black Plastic, Bradley 2055 Toilet Paper Dispenser Key 2 Pack, BBX Lephsnt CHUANGDIAN Wall-Mounted Bathroom Paper Towel Dispenser Lock Key, Bobrick 33043 Cat 74 Key for Towel Dispensers, Metal Key, San Jamar Paper Towel Dispenser Key (N13EZ) Category: Dispenser Keys and Accessories, Georgia Pacific Toilet Paper Dispenser Key 2 Pack, Bobrick 288-122 Toilet Tissue Dispenser Replacement Lock & Key, Scott Essential Hard Roll Paper Towel Dispenser (46253), Fast Change, 12.63” x 16.13” x 10.2”,, Smoke (Black), Mind Reader Multi-Fold Paper Towel Dispenser, Paper Towel Holder, 3.75 in. Turn tool clockwise to lock. This spring loaded plate is usually located just above the key hole. It not only holds up better against forced entry, but is also non-flammable, giving firefighters a lot more time to get you safely out of your apartment/condo window. © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — There's a problem loading this menu right now. Slowly close the door and the elastic will pull the chain out of the track. Kleenex Expressions Ultra Soft Facial Tissues, 18 Cube Boxes, 65 Tissues per Box (1,170 Tissues Total). Slow, but effective and from 3 rooms away I heard nothing. Then with the door closed, use your paper clip to slide the latch down the rest of the way back into the fully latched position. I am going to show you several examples. W x 14 in. Note: A paper clip can not be used to unlock actual police handcuffs. FREE Shipping. But usually there are one or two spring loaded plates that latch around the front cover. The lanyard looks loose enough to slip off the doorknob. Where I live thieves dont worry about the noise so much. You can then turn the outer knob and open the door. 22 $3.90 $3.90. The lesser the angle of the string, the better, so that you are pulling the chain toward the hinges as much as possible, rather that upward, which can cause it to bind in the track. It very difficult and time consuming to pick a quality lock using conventional lock picks, but there are quite a few locks that have specific weaknesses you can exploit. When there are two plates, you need to straighten out the whole paper clip and bend it … They want to get in and out quick. You are going to be hooking the elastic between the little knob at the end of the chain to the hook you've stuck on the door (a thumbtack also works if the door is wood) so want the elastic to be as taut as possible at all times. they just smash and grab. Same with bumping. But it is useful to be able to refill them is you lose the key. Some are cheaply constructed. Georgia Pacific 50504 Key, Commercial-Grade Universal Dispenser Key for GP Towel Dispensers and Toilet Paper Dispensers (ea) 4.6 out of 5 stars 228 $3.73 $ 3 . When there are two plates, you need to straighten out the whole paper clip and bend it into a U shape. Replace the roll of paper towels. Georgia Pacific 50504 Key, Commercial-Grade Universal Dispenser Key for GP Towel Dispensers and Toilet Paper Dispensers (3 Pack) 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,004. The lock is generally located on the top of the paper-towel dispenser. Check every space inside the paper-towel dispenser for wads of paper towels. In my free time, I am an Inventor, Maker, Hacker, Tinker, and all around Mad Genius. 4) Just having decent locks (especially dead bolts) can be enough to dissuade the casual would be burglar. Your judgement call as to how much to spend. This pushes on a pressure plate that disengages the latch. I am going to show you several examples. You should also have a metal-clad front door. H, Scuddles Single-Roll Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser Stainless Steel for Commercial Or Home Use Wall Mount Dispenser Commercial Holder for Tissue Paper with 2 Keys & Lock for, Pacific Blue Ultra 8” High-Capacity Automated Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser by GP PRO (Georgia-Pacific), Black, 59590, 12.9” W x 9” D x 16” H, 1 Dispenser, Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser Multifold Paper Towels Dispenser and Hand Towel Dispenser with Lock Design C-Fold/Multifold Capacity for Bath, Kitchen, Hotel, Commercial, San Jamar T1755TBK Ultrafold Fusion Folded Towel Dispenser, Fits 400 Multifold/240 C-Fold Towels, Classic, Black Pearl, Tork Matic Hand Towel Roll Dispenser 5510282, Elevation Design - Paper Hand Towel Dispenser H1, one-at-a-time Dispensing with Refill Level Indicator, Black, Decdeal CHUANGDIAN Bathroom Tissue Paper Towel Dispenser Box Cover Napkins Container, Multifold Towel Holder, Tork Matic Hand Towel Roll Dispenser with Intuition Sensor 5511282, Elevation Design - Paper Hand Towel Dispenser H1, Non-Contact One-At-A-Time Dispensing, Black, BBX Lephsnt Paper Towel Dispenser, CHUANGDIAN Wall-Mounted Hand Towel Dispenser (Silver), Universal Push-Paddle Hardwound Paper Towel Dispenser, SofPull Regular Centerpull Paper Towel Dispenser by GP PRO (Georgia-Pacific), Translucent Smoke, 58204, 1 Dispenser, 9.250” W x 8.750” D x 11.500” H, San Jamar T8490TBK Smart Essence Oceans Hands Free Paper Towel Dispenser, Black Pearl, Tork Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser H24, Paper Towel Dispenser 78T1, One-at-a-time Dispensing, High Capacity, Smoke/Gray, Bobrick 2620 ClassicSeries 304 Stainless Steel Surface Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser, Satin Finish, 10-3/4" Width x 14" Height x 4" Depth, PENGKE Wall Comercial Industrial Paper Towel Dispenser,304 Grade Stainless Steel with Lock Design 250 C-Fold Capacity/300 Multi-Fold Capacity, San Jamar 6-PACK N16 Key for Plastic Tissue Dispenser R2000, R4000, R4500 R6500, R3000, R3600, T1790, White, Alpine Industries C-Fold/Multifold Paper Towel Dispenser - Holds 400 C-Folds or 525 Multifold Tissues - Stainless Wall Mount Tissue Holder for Home & Office Countertop & Restroom (Stainless Steel), Kimberly-Clark Professional Levermatic Roll Paper Towels Dispenser (09765), Manual, Smoke (Black), SJMN16 - San Jamar Key for Plastic Tissue Dispenser: R2000, C-Fold/Multi-Fold Paper Towel Dispenser by GP PRO (Georgia-Pacific), Chrome, 56620, 11.750" W x 4.438" D x 15.500" H, GEORGIA-PACIFIC Singlefold Paper Towel Dispenser by GP PRO (Georgia-Pacific), Chrome, 56720, 10.625" W x 6.000" D x 7.500" H, Georgia-Pacific Blue Ultra Mini Paper Towel Dispenser Starter Kit by GP PRO, 54519, 1 Dispenser, 54518 and 1 Paper Towel Roll, 26610, Kantek Acrylic Paper Towel Dispenser, 11.5-Inch Wide x 4.2-Inch Deep x 6.75-Inch High, Clear (AH190), San Jamar T950TBK Element Lever Roll Towel Dispenser, Classic, Transparent Black Pearl, San Jamar T8090TBK Tear-N-Dry Essence Oceans Hands Free Paper Towel Dispenser, Black Pearl, HIIMIEI Black Acrylic Paper Towel Dispenser Wall Mount or Countertop for Multi-Fold Paper Towel,C-Fold, Zfold, Tri fold Hand Towel Holder Commercial, 4 Inch Width x 9.7 Inch Length x 6.5 Inch Height, Anself CHUANGDIAN Wall-Mounted Bathroom Tissue Dispenser, Heavy and light duty disposable cleaning towels, Trade your kitchen roll towel in for a centerpull.

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