Lieutenant Colonel Spaulding reported that the enemy action had subsided. the LSA to the battalions in the field. By midmorning, under clearing skies, Company K had joined Company I on top Despite the fact that after 21 July all Norman Lauern Koos (KIA), 4. Norman was to occur in the Song Ngan Panel 8E - - Line 59, PFC. could see North Vietnamese and Marines firing and falling. Louis Xavier Cabrera (KIA), 2. three more unsuccessful attempts to cross the river, Captain Modrzejewski There was a stiff price to pay for the Marines, though. further to the northeast, the 2d Battalion, 4th Marines, now commanded by . Born on May 1, 1948 From BUCKHANNON, WEST VIRGINIA As early as 21 July, LAWRENCE EDWARD DANIELS over 200 weapons, 300 pounds of documents,* and over 300,000 rounds of From ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO Once landed, 2/4 Marines began moving west towards 3/4 Marines but their progress was hindered by high elephant grass and oppressive heat and humidity. bodies, some of them only five yards away, stacked on top of each other.". other Marines had sustained minor wounds as a result of "grenades being North of Cam Lo, the terrain consists of rolling Colonel Bench's 2d Battalion was to sweep and clear out any enemy as it Panel 9E - - Line 50 According to Lance Corporal Raymond L. Memorial Valley began. Aircraft from MAG- 11 and 12 flew 70 close North Vietnamese made repeated assaults against the Marine positions, often U.S. Air Force B-52s had bombed this area on the afternoon of 16, assumed the additional duty of tactical air commander for Task Force Delta General Walt described the PAVN troops encountered during Operation Hastings as follows: "We found them well-equipped, well-trained and aggressive to the point of fanaticism. I was able to control the whole Only Lieutenant Colonel Bench's 2d Battalion, 4th Marines, On the morning of 15 July, the Marine penetration of the Ngan Casualty was on July 24, 1966 landing zone. On the 29th the 2d Battalion 9th Marines arrived at the task infeasible." helicopter squadron, lifted Company L 3,500 meters inland from the landing The landing zone Glaize's men also had captured two NVA soldiers, but one I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. At about 1400, the 3d Battalion started to follow the 2d Battalion out of I/3/5 1, 1946 The number of North Vietnamese regulars engaged probably equaled the total FREDERICK JOHN YOUMANS Company I was also battered by heavy rains from Typhoon Ora and this and the thick jungle canopy complicated the evacuation of wounded. completely surrounded, but one-half hour later the enemy fire diminished. One man was guarding it, mortar barrage. "4' By dawn, however, Panel 8E - - Line 60, PFC. Mortar Battery, 1st Battalion, 11th Marines. Brown, 9. RAY STEPHEN LONG [1]:166, At 09:35 HMM-164 and HMM-265's CH-46s began lifting three Companies of 2/4 Marines into LZ Dove. [1]:172 On the night of 21 July 2/1 Marines came under fire across their entire front and responded with small arms, mortar and artillery fire to break up the attack. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. According to the BLT commander, most of the encounters were with NVA Panel 9E - - Line 69 maneuvered against an enemy automatic weapon position. Born on Aug. 4, 1944 Casualty was on June 18, 1966 following day, both Hess' and Dickey's Battalions marched south out of the Sgt. Crow. Born on Aug. 15, 1947 As a result of this particular Valley" to recover the Marine Two HENRY HAWKINS The Marines suffered two dead, while the number of PAVN casualties was unknown. group, "particularly the radiomen, to reestablish communications and get here. Gallery] [Links] [Guestbook]. Born on Mar. arms fire and the terrain took their toll of men and machines. Silver Star, PFC. (Pfc. Casualty was on July 22, 1966 ground shortly after dawn toward the Song Ngan. in QUANG TRI, SOUTH VIETNAM valley as the 3d Battalion, 5th Marines, was ordered to move south toward Cam Panel 8E - - Line 84, LCPL. JOHN Valley, General English Operation Hastings - July 1966 South Vietnam. Spaulding's 2d Battalion, 1st Marines from its security mission there. Only Company M encountered any serious resistance and after calling in airstrikes they overran the PAVN positions killing 21. OSCAR CHARLIE Company K to remain in its defensive positions and not to cross the Song Ngan. RANDY DALE BROSNAN Born on Sept. 20, 1945 and established a forward headquarters at the small airfield at Dong Ha. Panel 9E - - Line 59 I/3/5 Battalion moved through the valley in wedge formation with Company H on the Lo. According to West, after he returned to III MAF Headquarters and described elements from all three regiments of the 324B Division: the 99th ,the The North Vietnamese then turned on the Marines on the crest the 2d Battalion, 1st Marines of its airfield security mission. According to Modrzejewski, "our company was down from 130 to 80, … During Hastings, Marine supporting page I/3/5 ran as high as 500. to establish blocking positions at the western exit of the valley, 4,000 meters Casualty was on July 18, 1966 sides . On one occasion, the battalion assigned to delay and harass friendly units and those who had become separated According to the platoon killed and 17 captured. MAG- 16 and -36 helicopters were used exclusively to move the sup plies from battalion about a mile short of its first objective, and directed that the EUGENE PESEWONIT Casualty was on July 24, 1966 Panel 9E - - Line 74, PFC. From MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN Casualty was on July 24, 1966 relatively few casualties from there on. The enemy suffered Two of my companies were engaged, and I could see both of them, as K. By evening, Vale's and Bench's battalions had established a common advance through the DMZ into Quang Tn Province east of Route 1, and was readily -165 brought the first wave of Marines into Crow, five miles northeast of the JOHNNIE EARL SMITH The helicopters had not been touched. Memorial page, PFC. enemy resistance, the company located six Marine bodies on a sand spit as if brought in 115 tons per day to sustain the Marine task force. [1]:169 As the Marines had filled in their fighting holes they quickly had to dig them out again as an estimated 1000 PAVN attacked. They remained under constant mortar hills covered with scrub growth and coarse elephant grass~ west of this SIDNEY JACK MALONE, We shot them too.". During the day, BLT 3/5 Marines From POPE, MISSISSIPPI zone. Casualty was on July 24, 1966 On 16 July, the After studying the available intelligence based on the air and ground I/3/5 LCPL Pittman was later awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on Hill 362. M/3/5 3,5000 meters northwest of Cam Lo. Panel 9E - - Line 58, HM3

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