If the cat also has orange eyes, it is the most affectionate of all. He seemed to know something was wrong with him, for he tended to be clingy.

I sent some of her Chinese friends pictures on twitter, but don’t remember if I posted them to her twitter yet-she has a LOT of fans in China and they send her things so often, my mailman knocks on the door to announce “Another delivery from China for Princess Leela”. Kibble is nutritionally empty because of the flash baking then they spray synthetic nutrients and pallatant all ove it to get. ROFL. but this one has a big personality, we call him a cat/dog. He is about 3 1/2 years old and we got him from the shelter. Orange tabbies don’t all present in the exact same hue, but will have some variation of a reddish, orange, and/or cream-colored hue. So I have Felix still in my life for now but I wouldn’t get another cat b/c I don’t think Felix would get along with another cat at this point in his life. Pain sears through my right hip, back and leg.

It is often seen under tabby stripes. The ones that don’t develop the black freckles that they are so famous for will keep a soft pink nose, which is also cute. Our orange tabby Pumpkin, adopted us! He loves to lay on my chest and he kneads. He is all over the place. This supposedly explains why any tabby cat you’ll come across today has a pattern on its forehead shaped like the letter M. Want to be Healthier & Happier? It was LOVE at first sight for me! We bet you didn’t know that there are far more male orange tabby cats than there are females.

He’s a sweetheart (much of the time) and he’s my main man (I am widowed).

He passed away from cancer nearly 20 years ago.

Their coats come in 4 different patterns. He sleeps at my feet, and loves to eat. We have a few more different cats in our brood of different colors, temperaments and breeds, but all are of the Tabby variety. Mazie was one of 2 girls in a litter of 5 kittens who all looked exactly alike, there was no difference at all, no specks of white, nothing. They are made that way, it’s in their genes. Even my vet still talks about " Budaber" and he passed away like 10years ago. I would never just call Animal Control it’s sort of like you just want to get the problem solved quick for you I’m sorry but I’ve had many many feral cats through the years a lot of them were feral somewhere born in my home and I would never just call Animal Control to dispose of them. let me walk up and pick her (we now know). She said that his loving personality is what helps people heal.

It’s an X-linked gene and we know exactly how it works. I wear a CPAP because I stop breathing when I’m sleeping, and if she thinks I’ve slept long enough, she’ll pull it off my nose. But back to his loving personality, when he was a kitten I had to keep him in the living room because he would wake me up consistently throughout the night trying to stretch up to give me kisses. Sam and Mazie both striped. So I ended up catching him on a Sunday and all the vets were closed this lady at a horse rescue place gave me the number for animal control so I called them and they sent an officer to our place and took him away and did what they needed to for the cat.

Hubby never liked cats, thought they were aloof, etc. He still carries it around and plays with it. For the most part, orange tabbies are brave cats. Just as quick as you can think, he ran up to the top of my bed which had a headboard where I had a bunch of my Barbie things set up like a little apartment. He over came his fear of the outside though and became the king of his world (our yard) which was fairly big but had no fence around it, there was only a low stone wall down the one side of the property.

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