Explore previously hidden nooks and crannies of » more, Saints & Sinners is a game unlike any other in The Walking Dead universe. This is an average score out of 10 left by our most trusted members. The ultimate version of Sega's psychodelic rail-shooter adventure Rez, fully remastered and evolved, including VR support and additional new content, all by members of » more, POPULATION: ONE is a squad-based VR Battle Royale game. Most popular community and official content for the past week. Value score reflects how much enjoyment this pc game delivers compared to how much it costs.

PAGAN PEAK VR is an escape room thriller that takes you to a mysterious alpine cabin, captured by the so-called Krampus Killer. We have been notified that a recent Windows 10 update has reset the default power plan in Windows 10 power options to "balanced," instead of "high performance," causing frame drops, jittering and the grey Steam VR room to fade fade in an out for some users. Filter reviews by the user's playtime when the review was written: When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out. Once a civilization fueled by a magical » more, Set within the cook’s cabin of a fairytale forest, Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is a wacky and whimsical adventure that challenges up to four players to work together to » more, OhShape is an action rhythm VR game where players have to move their full body to go through, punch or dodge walls following the beat of the music. Take on the role of a criminal profiler and solve the riddles laid out by the killer, emerging deeper and deeper into his psyche. V horském průsmyku na hranici Německa a Rakouska je nalezeno zmrzlé tělo, naaranžované v duchu pohanského rituálu. You will find yourself in a mysterious alpine cabin, captured by the Krampus Killer. Dreams gives you » more, Pixel Ripped is back with a brand new nostalgia-fueled virtual reality game-within-a-game, this time in the year 1995! Take on the role of a criminal profiler and solve the riddles laid out by the … Where does Pagan Peak VR rank in the list of the most demanding games? Rokar has fallen. Main Score reflects how great this pc game is on this platform. For your protection, go to your HTC Account profile using the VIVEPORT Desktop and reset your PIN. Introducing new characters, horrific scares and twisted challenges, your survival will depend on the decisions you take in a group dynamic. Hey, Feel the adrenaline of first-person multiplayer space dogfights alongside » more, Until You Fall is a magic-infused, VR sword fighting game that delivers a satis­fying combat expe­ri­ence. This is a unique VR escape room thriller that will take you to the darkest corners of virtual reality.

Pagan Peak VR ist ein Escape Room in VR mit Elementen aus Mystery, Horror, und Thriller.

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