I guess this will be another "Path of Druids" league now. Fortitude (runeword) is the go-to for pure DPS if your merc has his IAS breakpoints met. Important to note is that due to the cooldown of Flame Dash being 0.4, it is not a huge difference to have 46%, 68% or 99% FCR breakpoint, even thought getting to the next breakpoint is practically lowering the cooldown (since you cast Flame Dash faster, making the cooldown for the next use start earlier). Hurricane: MAX - The AoE, usually enough to kill phys immunes. Currently using Guillaume's Face for the CB, but hoping to get a good socketed Steel Shade. There is nothing taking away from that build. i think in depth is the right way to describe this :D Not what i want to play right now, but thanks for the work anyway -- maybe at some later point :). You may want to respec when you hit 30, because wolves will start to lose their power, while at the same time, you become more powerful and find yourself needing some decent meat shields. Crafted amulet with +2s kills (druid or elemental), fcr, res/life/stats. I've updated this guide for Patch 12: Edenite. Duress (runeword) is relatively cheap runeword as well, as it's most expensive rune is only an Um. Check the current patch you're playing before following this guide to the heart, as some things may and will change in the future. This makes it rather hard to minmax every single piece of your gear, and I feel that it is a unnecessary for me to try to go that deep in this thread. End Game Setup with max Faster Cast Rate, 6.) Waterwalk Boots for pure life: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Waterwalk or Rare Resist Boots. That's why I recommend you go with the summons. Meat shields like wolves [early in game] and Grizzly [later in game], vines and ravens will make your life somewhat easier and your game experience - more enjoyable. I saw patch notes nerfed damage too.. Was it cuz they overbuffed before? Gloves: Trang Oul's Claws: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Trang-Oul%27s_Claws, Shield: We have two Options based on what you choose (I personally prefer Phoenix. Vines will only be effective if you have good +skills gear which at lvl 30 is not very likely. If you have Lum already, shouldn't be too hard to try to get your hands on a Hel and a Fal aswell. I was doing just fine. Base doesn't really matters, but as long as it's non-ethereal and you can get atleast few sockets on it, put a Ber on there for that sweet CB, and you have the BiS weapon for A3 merc improving your damage and breaking physical immunes. Get tose sockets on this beauty and it's really strong. Just because of that I will list the frames with 0% in each of these, but wont list the ones between 0% and the first mentioned after. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Here's a better guide: Put one point in all summons except carrion and solar vines.Put one point in elements up to flame dash and hurricane.While leveling, put every single point in energy and flame dash until it's maxed, then max molten boulder. +3 skills. Charges are way cheaper. Most damage you can get out of your act 3 merc, as it has raw min & max dmg per level. :). Has some okay resists and defense, really good FHR, and most importantly, 15% Crushing Blow. Shaels for IAS breakpoints? Absolutely insane for defenses, if you like to run maps that have a lot cursing monsters, or farm Andariel. War Travelers, if you wish to max your MF. Rare Spear/Polearm with Chance to Cast Amplify damage, High IAS, Damage, and so on. The earliest point I would encourage you to respec to Wind druid is level 30, when you get access to Hurricane. Natalya's Soul boots provide the same 40% FRW as Aldurs, have 15%-25% cold and lightning res and a high defense. Important to note that even getting 10% in any of these shortens the length of the animation by couple frames usually, so it's a big deal to go from 0% FCR to 10% FCR. When I had a good wind druid (10 years ago), I had maxed all the synergies since they all boost each other, and had a staff with teleport charges on swap. Of and the cyclone armor still had synergis. Summon dire wolf 1-3* - Just like Spirit Wolves, but Dire Wolves are more tanky. ), Shael for higher FBR breakpoint, or sweet sweet 9dex/life/resist jewels to help out with stat allocation. Eventually you'll end up with both. Defense: Defiance is amazing aura to keep you, the merc, and your minions from being hit, but I would say that if you go with act 2 merc, go with the prayer. If you're not doing t4 maps solo, use this merc! Giant Tresher is often considered one of the best if not THE best, as it has high range, deals good damage and is fast. War Travelers for magic Find: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/War_Traveler . I personally keep this maxed for the amazing elemental damage mitigation and QoL of increased duration on Hurricane. I still prefer Spirit myself. Hurricane and nado are the obvious alt skills, but you can be baller, literally, and use molten boulder and armageddon instead. It shows me running Nihlatak, Baalrun and a very quick map, and I show my stats/skilltree/gear and merc. Oak Sage, Twister and Cyclone Armor are the options after you've got the necessary 1 pointers and have maxed Hurricane, Tornado and Flame Dash. Only use this if you have offensive Merc with meditation. It also has a decent strength and some vitality, with a good chunk for defense aswell. DO NOT BUILD A DELIRIUM IF YOU PLAY HARDCORE. Changes in Patch 12: Edenite that affect us; Fixed a bug which caused Oak Sage’s +life% to allies to actually use older values (20% instead 18% at level 1 and 5% per level instead of 4%). Staff is definitely an option, but I don't see a reason not to spec into flamedash when it is available, damage and survivability is more than enough already to survive everything (well not ubers, but the build is not built for it anyways) without having maxed out everything. Othervise use Stormshield with extra sockets. Even when not being max block, it gives insane %DR that makes physical damage next to a joke, and it has room for being corrupted for 4 sockets. Some extra words about FHR with this build. I personally keep this at 1. fire druid leveling is amazing. It used to be 0.12s per energy, I wouldn't mind seeing it being lowered to 0.06s per. with even 1 point but I think 3 to 5 will keep you in good stand till lvl 30. It's not viable in hell because of immunes. Look at the end of this section for a bit more information on these breakpoints. Because you get all the mana you need and barely need to use mana potions. That's a big difference. ! Crafted caster rings provide 2-5 energy from the craft, mana, mana regen and some other random stats. There are 2 different breakpoints, depending what weapon we are using, but we're most likely usin either a 1-handed sword (spirit) or a 1-handed mace (hoto) so I will list the ones that we should care: 19% - 10 frames (This is what we get with Stealth), 29% - 9 frames (Add any item with the Stealth to get this. You could spend points evenly on all of them, max one and even remaining points on the remaining two, or max one, leave one at 1 point and dump rest into the third. Also has a lot of mana and some resists. For the longest time it said to reach that Energy point, 154 I think when you use to have to invest into it to reach the lowest cooldown on flame dash. Magefist provides some FCR and mana regen. Keep an eye on the type of the shield you are choosing [light, medium or heavy] heavier shield = slower run/walking. I actually played the entire game at p8 doing no runs whatsoever. Why spend 300 energy and two respecs just to be a windy with "free" teleport? The video is good at showing the gameplay and general idea of gearing, but is incorrect on stats and skillpoint distribution. You need to make up your mind what is more important to you - faster cast rate or increased chance to block? Oh yeah, it also has 45% FRW for running faster in town. You can use Medusa's however, as the STR req on it in this server is around 100. It's a good chest, but proper use and level on Cyclone Armor carries you through hell even when on negative resists. You could have a low block chance but good situation control, not to mention you cast spells so getting in melee range is not your goal, but it may happen regardless. Ladders happen every three to four months and always includes a content & balance patch which helps keep the game fresh and exciting. Lowered Hurricane’s top end damage scaling. Breath of the Dying (runeword). Oh yeah, it also has 50 life, 5% max lightning res and a bit extra defense against missiles. What you should look for is shield with good base % block chance. When do we map? Potentially BiS, but good luck getting a +2, 20fcr, xx life, xx all res and stats with multiple sockets. Sadly a3 merc doesn't really do much damage, so I'd still go with lawbringer. Path of Diablo is a Diablo II community server project that aims to to increase build diversity, improve replayability and add quality of life features with as few changes to the original experience as possible. The less frames you need to cast a skill or perform a stun/block animation, the better. Check here https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofdiablo/comments/7wq5zj/im_going_to_make_one_build_guide_per_day_request/. I was using it all the way untill I got my hands on a. Rhyme (runeword) for it's 25% all res, cannot be frozen (doesn't really affect us since we're dealing damage and moving mainly using spells), magic and goldfind. +2 Druid +3 Tornado rare druid pelt with life and other goodies. If you want to try something really unusual, take points out of energy and be a shapeshifting hybrid. Steelshade has over 100+ life gain on hit on this server, 15% ias, and some fire absorb. optional - 1 in Heart of the Wolverine, 1 in Spirit of Barbs, 1 in Poison Creeper, 1 in Carrion Vine, 1 in Solar Creeper. A rare circlet with + skills and FCR along with life/resis/stats. Because charges are obnoxious as fuck to use and maintain. Now you need to make a decision which skill to max out first, Tornado or Hurricane? Also talk about playing even more obnoxious playstyle than the teleport charges when you have to constantly get yourself out of the wolf/bear form to keep dashing. I'm simply making builds that are requested from the player base, I don't think i can be expected to evaluate and decide the value of other's peoples work and I think it would be ridiculous to do so. Want to request a new guide or want to find all of my guides? Twister increases the damage of your Tornado and Hurricane the most. Heart of the Oak is your top priority runeword. Here are all normal unique, exceptional unique and elite unique shields - a vast variety of them. Arachnid Mesh is the absolute BiS belt for damage, and has a good FCR too which opens up other gear peaces to not have high FCR (like your amulet!). That's why you need shield with good base % block, so you can save points or put them in vita instead. So you get +2 to your CtA and a chilling armor from sorc on top!

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