Years later an inquiry found that the most prolific sex predator since Jimmy Savile had been working there at the time. London, England. She was a Bay City Rollers fan and enjoyed dancing and roller skating.[3]. Humble began to realise the police were taking him seriously and in September 1979 he phoned to tell them it was a con but was ignored. Jayne missed her last bus home and failed to get a taxi so ended up walking home. Brendan Monks/Mirrorpix/Getty ImagesSonia Sutcliffe in tears outside the Old Bailey during her husband’s trial. He ran off when he saw the lights of a passing car, leaving his victim requiring brain surgery. After he gave up on school at 15, he worked various temporary jobs — including a couple stints as a gravedigger. Hounded by the press once the truth came out, she's lived her life in his shadow ever since. [15], Sutcliffe met Sonia Szurma on 14 February 1967; they married on 10 August 1974. The hoaxer case was re-opened in 2005, and DNA taken from envelopes was entered into the national database. Over the next day, Sutcliffe calmly described his many attacks. Though entirely plausible, Peter was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1984. Sutcliffe recounted his crimes to the police in thorough detail. She resumed a teacher training course, during which time she had an affair with an ice-cream van driver. A candid photo of Sonia Sutcliffe at a 1979 party in Bradford, England. Jayne MacDonald (1960 – 1977) was a 16-year-old shop assistant who was murdered in 1977 by Peter Sutcliffe, commonly known as 'The Yorkshire Ripper'.She was his youngest known murder victim, although not his youngest victim (he later confessed to attacking 14-year old Tracy Brown two years earlier). When he returned, he was out of breath, as if he had been running. The murder of a woman who was not a sex worker again alarmed the public and prompted an expensive publicity campaign emphasising the Wearside connection. Peter Sutcliffe (left) with world-renowned pedophile and friend of the Royal Family, Jimmy Saville (center), and professional boxer Frank Bruno (right). She was not a sex worker and, in the public perception, showed that all women were potential victims. Then he finally found himself a girl. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? The police obtained a search warrant for his home at 6 Garden Lane in Heaton, Bradford and brought his wife in for questioning. Why Did John Legend Change His Name, His motives have never been clarified. [75] Barring judicial decisions to the contrary, Sutcliffe will spend the rest of his life in custody. It was one of the largest investigations by a British police force[47] and predated the use of computers. [1][2] Sutcliffe had allegedly regularly used the services of prostitutes in Leeds and Bradford. This man as [sic] dealings with prostitutes and always had a thing about them… His name and address is Peter Sutcliffe, 5 [sic] Garden Lane, Heaton, Bradford. “I have been ringing Sonia but Michael tells her off if I speak to her or leave messages,” said Peter, referring to Sonia’s husband. [58], We feel it is highly improbable that the crimes in respect of which Sutcliffe has been charged and convicted are the only ones attributable to him. A 1980 BBC Newsnight segment on the Yorkshire Ripper developments. Sue MacGregor discussed the investigation with John Domaille, who later became assistant chief constable of West Yorkshire Police; Andy Laptew, who was a junior detective who interviewed Sutcliffe; Elaine Benson, who worked in the incident room and interviewed suspects; David Zackrisson, who investigated the "Wearside Jack" tape and letters in Sunderland and Christa Ackroyd, a local journalist in Halifax.[86]. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Sonia visited her ex-husband at Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire in 2015, but hasn’t seen her ex-husband since. [16] When she completed the course in 1977 and began teaching, she and Sutcliffe used her salary to buy a house in Heaton, Bradford, into which they moved on 26 September 1977, and where they were living at the time of Sutcliffe's arrest. A passer-by rushed to her aid but she knew her brother was dead. “It’s me, I’m the Yorkshire Ripper,” he replied. The official response to the criticisms led to the implementation of the forerunner of the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System, the development of the Major Incident Computer Application (MICA), developed between West Yorkshire Police and ISIS Computer Services. "It hasn't been a good time for him lately. Transvermarket Red Star, "Well, it’s been nice chatting to you, George. [67], On 22 December 2007, Sutcliffe was attacked by fellow inmate Patrick Sureda, who lunged at him with a metal cutlery knife while shouting "You fucking raping, murdering bastard, I'll blind your fucking other one". With a wife at home and a reliable job that allowed him to roam the streets, Sutcliffe’s obsessions were now able to expand — and worsen.

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