Cutting or trimming the tusks on your own could possibly cause damages in the pig’s gum if not handled carefully.It’s highly advised to give the pig annual medical checkups to be safe and avoid spending more money when the possible problems grow bigger. This is mainly why some people thought females do not grow tusks. Option 2: Have one of our chefs come to your location, and cook and carve a pig for you. Tusk trimming — All breed of pigs of all genders have and grow tusks. These teeth can also cause accidental wounds to children as the piglet plays. Once again, they have a hard time adjusting to temperatures which is why giving them enough fresh and drinkable water is important. There is not specific amount that we have found as it could be different for every area. TUSK REMOVAL: A pig’s tusks are rooted into the jawbone requiring surgery. If it requires a license, please register your pig for its safety and yours too. If you are determined to do the process on your own in case you don’t have a local veterinarian with experience on pigs or know any professional to help you out, we’ll try to provide helpful tips. They will feel free and happier than pet pigs that are rarely let outside. A pen that costs that amount is sufficient for a few young pigs. The tusks can be used as a way to identify gender. Extremely pleased. This is important as many pigs can be sensitive with their health.Spaying and Neutering — Minimum estimated cost starts at $50 to $200 and higher depending on your chosen clinics. Preparation is a helpful thing. To avoid unwanted accidents and for the better of your pet pig too, trimming the tusk is necessary. This breed is considered as one of the oldest breeds of pig in England and was the first breed to record pedigrees in herd books. It’s important to ensure that the food and water bowls cannot be tipped over. Completely removing the tusk is a one-time process which means a one-time cost for the owners while trimming will require constant effort and constant costs if the trimming is being done by a veterinarian. miniature pig. We must all remember that appearance does not always tell us if someone or something has a pure heart or not. Read: “What do Pigs Eat?” and “Can Pigs Eat Meat?“. Some of them even grow twice their current size! Most farm owners know how to clip a newborn pig’s teeth because it’s required for the pigs to suck on their mother’s breasts for milk. Clicking on the blue heading will display the … Further research needs to focus on differentiating between autonomic nerves (which control the blood vessels) and sensory nerves (which detect pain or pressure) within boar tusk pulp tissue. Why do they have tusks? Registration fees — There is no known amount of specific cost, but it’s important to register your pig. Sometimes, it could also depend on their age or how they were raised. During the process, try to hold them down the way suited to properly trim the tusks. Although the popular pet breed “mini pigs” are said to have shorter lifespan due to their complicated and selective breeding, many pig owners claim their pets lived up to 15 years and more. Dental cleaners for small animals may be used with care, positioning the head of the PBP downward during use to prevent water aspiration. To remove the danger, tusks are sometimes trimmed once or twice a year. We have spent hundreds of hours working on this site so you can take great care of your new pet pig. There has been a reported case where the tusks grew through the jowl area (the saggy skin near the chin or around the jaw) and this may cause a sore gum, appetite loss and infection. The little stub will fall out when she loses her baby teeth. However, they may tend to develop a “dominant” and “territorial” behavior at times. Feeding costs will be a continuous expense. NEEDLE TEETH: Needle teeth are eight VERY sharp pointy teeth the piglets are born with. Some families choose to give teething items such as Whimzees that you can find in some pet stores or on So we have started offering piggy hoof and tusk trims for your piggy children! Based on what we’ve concluded after thorough research, the minimum price of a pig pen could start at $120 to $300. A sick pig will cost you additional medical bills! Using a proper hoof trimming tool, cut evenly through to the heel and toe. Since this step can be very tricky, it’s highly recommended to seek help from a veterinarian or any reputable professional. As a result, researchers recommended avoiding or reducing tusk trimming. Most say you should never trim tusks of a pig while awake. — The tusks are hindering the ability to eatSometimes, they might grow abnormally large and may cause problems for your mini pig when it comes to eating. Take it easy and slow to avoid accidents. Baking soda would be fine or fluoride free toothpaste. Welcome to Pet Pig World! Thank you!Until next time . This is why trimming is important. You will know that it’s time to cut or trim your mini pig’s tusks when..— The tusks are growing in the wrong directionIf it happens to grow incorrectly, there’s a chance of it growing through the jowl area (the sagging skin around the chin or below the jawline) which will cause severe pain. The only important thing to do in pig proofing a home is to cover unused electrical outlets, limit access to sensitive rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen and removing light objects that can be lifted by the pig to prevent broken things. Take note of these points to remember for a smooth shopping experience. An intact boar is going to have the fastest tusk growth because it is fueled by testosterone, whereas a neutered male and intact female’s tusk grow slower. Curling may cause pain for your mini pig.Never let it reach this point as it will make it very difficult for your pig and for the person that will trim it for them. In some novels, Berkshire pigs were used to represent a negative symbol because of their large bodies and dark coloration. There should be a drainage system that will keep their area dry and an open area where they can get enough sunlight when they want. — If the pig is not familiar with the assistants, just advise them to be calm. Pigs can die from the shock or get a stroke but having calm people nearby can help them calm down too.— Carefully trim the tusk down and make sure you do not cut through the gums, otherwise it can cause big problems!— Watch a video on YouTube or any educational channel for better references. Although this page is solely dedicated to pet pigs, we want to answer everything related to the topic as much as possible. Female tusks very rarely need to be trimmed, although it can be done under certain circumstances. Even though they are livestock pigs, they will still need proper healthcare in order to avoid sickness and grow up big and strong.Vaccinations — Estimated cost starts at $20 minimum to $150 and above. Pigs or mini pigs also have two dew claws that may also need trimming. The needs are pretty much similar to outdoor pet pigs but more expensive. Neutered and spayed pigs do get tusks. Arcadian Vision Ltd is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. There has to be someone around to hold the pig down so the trimming won’t cause accidents because of resisting. You can use these plain and let the friction do the job or you can add a cleanser. The pulp contains nerves. If teething pains are terrible your pig can have children’s or buffered aspirin WITH FOOD. Older pigs could also be a bit aggressive when it comes to having an alpha male status. If there are any areas nearby where you can let them take a dip, use that opportunity to save some water occasionally. 1. In two of the five tusks, nerve fibers extended beyond the gum line. Arcadian Vision Ltd is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. These mistakes should be avoided in order to prevent wasting money! They are one of the largest breeds of domestic pigs in the world. The more you force your mini pig, the more they’ll think they’re being threatened. Any animal will normally resist anything that is unnaturally scary for them. You can offer your pig a few ice cubes, make some yummy frozen treats with a combination of water, juice, yogurt, pureed pumpkin, apple sauce, coconut oil, bits of fruits & veggies, or any combination thereof. The tools can be brought from pet tools store, hardware supply stores and over the internet. This may cause appetite loss.— The tusks are causing gum injuries There is a chance for the tusks to cut through the gum area and your mini pig will feel sore when it happens. The trimming tool is similar to other tools used for horses, cows and other farm animals that need hoof trimming. It is best recommended to pair pigs with fellow pigs or other pets that are smaller than them.Even though dogs and pigs can be great friends and playmates, a dog is known to snap and lose their patience during playtime. When flipping a pig, they will scream at first, but once they’re on their back, it is important that they are held properly, and this way, they are usually quiet. Tooth trimming requires sedation or anesthesia and is often accompanied by a tetanus vaccination and removal of accumulated tartar and other debris from around other teeth to maintain good dental hygiene. Option 1: Rent a roaster, buy our pig, take a class, and roast your own pig. Make sure there is enough space for their designated “comfort area”7. It means that the owners will be committed for years and should be prepared not only for the costs, but also for their amazingly fun personalities too! 5. Though they are capable of biting, it rarely happens and probably only does when they are hurt, mistreated or threatened. Tusk trimming is situational because it should only be done under certain circumstances. These canine teeth grow continuously throughout the pig’s life. Once flipped, the process will not take more than 10 minutes. It’s best to observe this a few times before trying it yourself. PRICING: $250 per pig$150 per additional pigFor Hoof Trimming Event Days $50 is credited off your first pig!Households with 3 or more pigs, please contact for special pricing. They can also graze on grass, dig the ground to eat roots and locate insects as snacks. This is also part of the reason why there is such a dark stigma surrounding pigs. Consult your local vet. There are reported cases of people getting deep and severe injuries because of pig’s tusks.

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