Silver. I’ve been getting decent luck with my DV’s, so I’ve been really happy about that. for the first time ever, and you'll be aided by a rare version of the Suicune monster. As always, the object of the game is to train your little beasts to be combat-ready, then enter tournaments to determine who is the best trainer. Home;; Forum; Feature Details of Pokemon Crystal Clear. Walkthrough. Johto is mostly the same, but a few species have been tucked away in certain places to offer a bit more variety. Give you walkthrough, cheat codes for Pokemon Game! I want the people who have read this post to recommend me my region and starter. Its Poison type also makes it easier for psychic types to beat. Updated: 7 Feb 2013 8:31 pm. Spearow on this route, I cannot recommend. After getting your starter, I recommend going to Professor Elm’s lab and checking out his computer, as it shows you the 3 Johto starter Pokemon. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. I’m talking about a “story” portion of Crystal Clear that everyone generally will eventually run into. That’s a lot. No, it’s not Dunsparce. When Does Noibat Evolve And How to Use Noibat? The best one I can talk about is Pidgey, which is just painfully average. Availability – Stationaries – Legendaries. A follow-up to the Silver and Gold editions of the handheld POKÉMON games, this Crystal Version presents enhancements and updates that will have little trainers collecting for hours at a time. Dies ist eine Komplettlösung für Pokémon Kristall. Pokemon Crystal Clear Elite 4 Walkthrough. I personally skipped them to go onto... Route 31 already has a few new and interesting Pokemon, those interesting ones being... Bellsprout is a great mixed attacker once it becomes Victreebell, but grass types are a bit disadvantaged in this region. Route 46 is different in this game, as some ledges have been removed. I’m not personally going to use it for that exact reason, but if you want a good Grass/Poison type and you want it really early, go for this one. That doesn’t make it bad though, and if you decide to use either, they will serve you very well. Kanto has some level reworks and a decent chunk of new/restored areas, which have new wild data. It has a split evolution after it becomes Poliwhirl, and both of these evolutions are pretty good. I don’t want to start this bio on a bad note, but this is the Gastly of old. I wish its speed was a little better but I can’t argue with that special, so let’s move forwards. Thanks! I hope you enjoy, and let’s dive right into it! Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Komplettlösung. Mt. So I’ll be … Full data will be available in the future, but here are some notable changes: Johto changes: – Bulbasaur can be found in Ilex Forest – Charmander can be found in Burned Tower (both floors) – Squirtle can be found in the Whirl Islands – Misdreavus, Slugma, and Houndour(night) can be found in Burned Tower 1F – Murkrow has been added to Sprout Tower, Tin Tower, National Park, and Ruins of Alph at night – Mareep was readded to Route 32, 42 and 43, Vulpix to Route 36 and 37, Mankey to route 42 – Scizor and Crobat(night) were added to Outside Silver Cave. This is the first episode of my walkthrough through the ROM hack Pokemon Clear Crystal. Looking at these allows you to find their locations in the Pokedex. The quest is fairly linear, but it’s important to revisit areas you have already explored later on to find new items or open up new pathways. Hierbei kann der Spielspaß verloren gehen! Unlike Pokemon Yellow, which was merely a re-hash of the Red and Blue games, Pokemon Gold and Silver feature an entirely new quest through the land of Johto. If you can use it right, it will serve you well. 1.1.1 Johto; 1.1.2 Kanto; 1.2 Post-game; 2 See also; Sections Main storyline Johto. Today, I’m introducing a series that I’m going to partake in. Kanto has some level reworks and a decent chunk of new/restored areas, which have new wild data. ~~~~~ Previous Episode. For those reasons, I want to make Phanpy my second member for the team. 6. Johto is mostly the same, but a few species have been tucked away in certain places to offer a bit more variety. That Pokemon is... Donphan has close to the exact same stats as Golem without a trade evolution and without a rock type. At a certain point in the game, there is an NPC who will help you evolve Pokemon that only evolve by trading, so Golem is FINALLY an option. Representing the Extras category, we have... And finally, representing the Hard group... Oof! After you choose your character’s gender, you get to choose their model as well, as you have a selection of these models: Chris would be the male character from GSC, Kris would be the female from GSC, Red is the male from RBY, and they have added a new model for a female in RBY. So if you want this adventure to be unique but not too difficult, I’d honestly recommend Smoochum. Whenever I go to a new route, I’ll be talking about notable Pokemon to catch. I’ll show you my party before I go, and next time we will be challenging the Violet City Gym! After starting in front of my house, I went to check on the stats of my starter. Spearow as a Pokemon, I will recommend. How to – Three Birds – Three Beasts – Suicune Event – Celebi Event – Ho-Oh Event – Lugia Event – Mewtwo Event – Mew Event. It's back! I’m a bigger fan of dual types if I’m going to be completely honest, but in these playthroughs, I like using Pokemon I’ve never used before and Donphan’s lack of a second type actually plays to its advantage. For one, there is a new Pokemon... Spinarak is by no means the best Bug type out there. I do want to clarify some things about this playthrough though. Welcome to the largest community of Pokémon fans! Give you walkthrough, cheat codes for Pokemon Game! Finally, there is one more Pokemon you can find on this route early in the morning. I plan on telling you how to beat the game and find GOOD Pokemon, just not every Pokemon. I don’t think I’ll use it, but it’s one of the good normal types this Gen added. It is not going to be as detailed as I want it to be. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Store; Celadon 3F, Goldenrod 5F) Set 1 HEADBUTT CURSE ROCK SMASH SUNNY DAY SWEET SCENT PROTECT RAIN DANCE FRUSTRATION RETURN ICE PUNCH SANDSTORM DEFENSE CURL … It’s a little weak in its base form, but Golbat and Crobat are no joke. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. So choose wisely with that. That means you can go and fight the Blackthorn gym if you wish to, but I can’t recommend this route. This is the first episode of my walkthrough through the ROM hack Pokemon Clear Crystal. With that being said, it’s good for grinding. So here’s Smoochum. 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I got my Phanpy and Smoochum up a few levels from this route, and I’d actually recommend you do the same, as this is probably the best grinding area before you fight a gym. Pokemon Clear Crystal Walkthrough Part 1 - Hello Johto! I don’t want this walkthrough to be all about me, so I’ll let you guys decide my beginning. If you really want a Spearow, just wait a little bit. However, this hack has added a new kind of customization to the game that has never been seen before in a Pokemon game. I think that’ll be my last bio of the upload. I really like the detail in this. By CVXFREAK and Gold_Ursaring. Sie greift alle Rätsel und Hindernisse auf, die während des Spiels bewältigt werden müssen.

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