That was freaking awesome by the way", Britney nodded, "And hot as hell" She added sweetly, Rachel, who was already red and had tears in her eyes, grinned at the blond, "So I've heard" she said with a smirk at Noah before going on, "I truly appreciate you guys supporting me in this but I don't think it's right you all quit glee just because I was treated poorly. No more. Out loud he said, "I'm sorry Rachel, I just think Quinn's a better fit for this one. He got to his feet and ambled over to the Jock table, who cheered to see him. They're jealous because they know you deserve them", Mike nodded, agreeing with his friends but adding "Besides, glee wouldn't have lasted this long if you wouldn't have saved it in the first place last year at sectionals and before that you saved us from embarrassment at the invitational. She shook her head to snap her self out of the daydream. "Do you need a ride Rach or did you drive here?" Louis believes in god, being gay is unconventional, and that marriage should be between a man and his woman. Judging by their current relationship we can say they will definitely get married soon. ... Story about the youngest Ballinger. I would never be mean to you! "You know it Jackie Chan." "Are you sure? "C'mon Rach, it'll be fun.". Close friendships pezberry puckelberry and eventual Matchel are formed. Quinn asked to use the bathroom before they left and Rachel pointed it out to her. When they were all sitting on the large leather couch in the basement, Matt turned The Hangover on and moved to settle into long, L shaped section in the corner of the couch. I'm done. Nine sets of fingerprints were found on these vehicles. I don't need any of you but you all needed me and I want you all to remember that I would have given anything to make us win as a team before but now… now in terms you will all understand, I just don't give a damn.". He called as he opened the door. Annie soothed, smiling sympathetically at the younger girl. Mike warned. Their relationship is going pretty well and they are still in a relationship. The pair is not engaged yet but we're sure they must have thought about it. Now put me down", He laughed with her but did as she asked, putting her on her feet but grabbing her hand. My daddy drove me here, Finn was going to give me a ride home." "No worries, hop in." "Let her breath, Brit" Santana reminded the ditzy blond, who then pulled her arms off but linked her arm with Rachel's leading her and Noah, who still had one of her hands, to a big couch in the living room. That's not to say there were not residual feelings for him, but Rachel wanted to move on, and that feeling that had spread through her when Matt had touched her was intoxicating. "I'm sorry Rachel, my decision stands" Schue had answered. Matt meet Rachel outside her 4th period to walk her to lunch smiling at her as she was the last to leave just like he expected her to be, he took her books again and put his arm around her shoulder, "How's your day been?" Here you'll find links to all my social medias, merch store, where to buy my book, and contact info. And what about that strange newspaper article about the clown posse on Friday the 13th? "Oh! "Look I'm not saying that we are automatically friends, but I'm not prepared to allow you to stay in a place where you can place the baby at harm, My father's are also not aware of my situation in school and as such are making the offer to a person they believe is a friend of mine, we will leave directly after school to collect your belongings from Finn's home and you can move in this evening Quinn" Rachel told her in her normal forceful tone. ballinger; fanfiction; matt +1 more #9. machel oneshots by liv. and surprisingly Rachel felt the crackle of electricity she usually associated with Finn, smiling up at him he grinned back with pleasure, showing clearly that he felt it to. She said all of this while squeezing her arms around Rachel's neck. Mike teased. The internet sensation has been entertaining the world since starting her channel. You were just fantastic at Regionals!" Everyone has a breaking point and when Rachel reaches her, she turns to her friends for help and it surprised at who falls into that group and who she might want to be more. "Hello Matt" she said brightly, seeing him smile at her though not as brightly as before she frowned slightly "you ok?" "Alright, let's shake our tail feathers before Annie interrogates us about our whereabouts." Matt laughed, "But c'mon, let's go see what's up. Finn marched into the cafeteria in a rage, his Rachel with Matt! "Under better circumstances next time I hope." Puck asked innocently seeing the rage on his former best friends face, Finn punched his locker as he asked, "Today, don't know what that guy's problem is stealing MY Rachel" Finn growled, Crap! Most of these instances had been with Poseidon. "Residual feelings, I'll probably always care about him he was my first friend here, but that's it, I'm moving on Matt, hopefully with you" she added shyly, Matt smiled in relief and squeezed her hand, "Your definitely moving on with me Rach" he declared happily, feeling eyes on him he looked up to see the dagger eyes of Finn on him ignoring him he continued to talk to Rachel "I don't want you moving on with anyone else Rach", Looking down Rachel swallowed in worry before letting the words tumble out of her mouth before she could think about them. "We should do this again." Happy Mother's Day!!! Thank you for having me Matt." Matt's hand settled on her waist as they danced and sang out "You get what you need!" "Hey, I called eternal shot gun on your sixteenth birthday, not fair!" What the hell? "Dude!" Matt shot back. Rachel was a brutally honest person, many people could attest to that fact, but ultimately she couldn't face her own truths. "Yeah, and your son was rude to her!" When she could breath again, Rachel smiled at Britney, "Of course we can be friends. They weaved their way to the table Mike, Santana, Brit, and Quinn were sitting at near the edge of the cafeteria, Santana, Mike and Brit all smiled at the couple as they sat down at the table, Matt sitting sideways to pull Rachel between his legs resting one arm along the back of her chair. She had replied, ruder than she usually allowed herself to speak with an adult but she felt justified. As she gets older they start noticing something wrong with her. "No Matt you can have the front seat, it's not a problem at all!" We went to kiss each other's cheeks at the same time. Puck flipped out his phone and sent a text to Matt, Dude, Hudson just went postal, said Berry was his and that he wud get her back, thought you wud like the heads up, wouldn't worry tho she looked major happy with you. She is famous for her video No Thumbs Challenge. Halfway through her dance her phone beeped, letting her know she had a text message. Mike rushed to explain. Mr. Schue looked uncomfortable, knowing he had in fact promised the lead to Rachel when he gave Tina the last solo and let Mercedes have the one before that. He was looking at all of the pictures of Rachel from when she was little, all of the trophies, and legit ogling the 60' Flat screen she had in there, so was Matt but he wasn't bouncing so it didn't seem as weird but when he heard the question he stilled long enough to turn to her and say, "You're our friend, you were right so when you left we left." He was looking at all of the pictures of Rachel from when she was little, all of the trophies, and legit ogling the 60' Flat screen she had in there, so was Matt but he wasn't bouncing so it didn't seem as weird but when he heard the question he stilled long enough to turn to her and say, "You're our friend, you were right so when you left we left." We scouted the area for days, but we couldn't find anyone." I've always believed we were already". She's so little, she could get like, stolen or something. "Oh, no, I wouldn't want to impose." Throughout the entire exchange, Rachel just watched the two boys interact, laughing at their joke filled banter and their obvious comfort with each other and her when they were normally very quiet in glee. "Ma, this is Rachel, we saw her while we were out and invited her to come hang out." She went to swing it on to her shoulder but Matt stopped her, "it's my job to carry that" he told her holding it in his hand while his other hand went to entwine his fingers with hers. And with that, she walked out. With that decision she felt lighter and continued her dance until she heard her door open and shut. he whispered into her ear when she sat back down next to him. "You have an amazing home Rach" Quinn said, slightly jealous actually, she had thought her house was large and amazing, but the Berry house was more tastefully decorated then her own, and she could see the love of the family who lived there had put in it. One was a brand new black Range Rover, but the other one had Matt tripping over himself to go drool over it, an Aston Martin V8 Vantage sat in the centre spot of the triple garage, "Oh my god Rachel it's beautiful" he drooled over the car, "It's my pride and joy" Rachel said proudly, "It's yours?" "But you all love glee" Rachel argued, not wanting them to give up something because of her. Mike said, opening the passenger side door for her. They had also talked over Call of Duty on Sunday so knew what was going down between his best mate and the queen of the glee club. She explained, tipping her head back to rest against the back of the bench. "Hello Michael, Matthew." She flashed back to the moment that everything snapped. He added, smiling sweetly. Britney came up first and threw her arms around her, "I'm so sorry they were mean to you Rachel! T: Language. Mike announced, smiling widely. "Yeah, and your son was rude to her!" That is how it started, us ending New Directions and starting Chasing Dreams. Trending :Joanna Gaines || Kamala Harris || Pat Sajak || Elizabeth Warren || Nicole Curtis ||, Rachel Ballinger in a delightful Relationship with her Boyfriend; Know more about her Personal life, Wiki, and Net Worth. "That's why it's so awesome!" she asked, Matt laughed that she actually looked confused at his statement, when he thought it was pretty obvious what he meant. "Oh no, your son was perfectly polite, it's nice to meet you too. She swallows and stares at the floor. She conceded, standing up quickly, almost tripping over her black peep toed heels in the process. "Ah, always with the ghetto-ness, Chocolate Thunder." 24 of them have died (22 of them permanently), and the survivors have been left with permanent scars. Our child (Matt and Rachel fanfic) Fanfiction. So I kept telling myself to not start another story, unless it's a one shot, because I already have two I'm working on, New Semester and the sequel to Qualifications, but this idea started bouncing around in my head so I wrote the first chapter and the second is already started so looks like I'm doomed to start more lol. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. You were just to nice to let us all go to hell even though we treated you like shit and deserved it. Judging by their current relationship we can say they will definitely get married soon. "I feel awful, I'm still staying at Finn's but it's so stressful, Santana can't take me in because her mum doesn't approve of me after the whole teen pregnancy thing, and Brit's dad plays golf with mine" Quinn started to cry softly, Rachel rushed over to her and hugged her around the shoulders, "Oh Quinn you should have said something on Saturday, I already talked to my dad's and they said I can offer you the guestroom, they think it would be beneficial to me because I'm always on my own anyway" Rachel told her rubbing her shoulders "come on we'll collect your stuff after school and you can move in", "Rea...Really?"

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