I dont think the n word was any worse that calling a jew a jew or a white a limmy . [email protected]. Blackface was a massively successful form of musical theater in the 1800s, and typically portrayed enslaved black people as buffoonish and dumb. This song is possibly the oldest track on the album. We must not try to cover up history. If Cotton Hill had wrote this song “I jumped aboard the telegraph and traveled down the river, “Electric fluid magnified, and killed me fiddy Nigger.” See, that’s funny, not racist…”If you want to racist, get on the racist track”. Why aren’t these songs considered racist? This song is possibly the oldest track…. calm down little pink thing – have yourself a nice relaxing hot gasoline enema and go lay down on the railroad tracks, SHITTIEST THING I HAVE EVER READ GET A LIFE. And jerk off on their Christmas dinner “Four four on my back like Obama” I believe is the line, Bitch, my diamonds racist (Oh yeah, yeah, yeah), Bust on that Glock, get to masturbatin' (Oh yeah, yeah, yeah), Bitches squinting like the fuckin' Asians, I keep a Nick Cannon 'cause niggas be wildin' (Nigga be wildin'), On ‘Racist’, Sah compares his white diamonds to white racists and calls out various political and historical figures for their racism. However, the lyrics to this song were not originally about a tiger. Starting with the current POTUS! The “N” word is in most of them.

Kataklysm The Awakener Lyrics Well, the world nigger used even once is all it takes to qualify “brutal racist”. You should learn a little bit about history before commenting. The Complete Johnny Rebel Collection. lol, My name is Susanna and I’m white, so EVERYONE still sings it every time I introduce myself…. But there’s little evidence that they survived much longer, thanks to multiple revisions.

Lepa Brena Seik Lyrics, The only thing worse then being a f___ing jew, Let's go on the street and kick the homeless people, At Christmas time let's go to their s___ty homeless shelter, We need to whipe out all the n_____s, wetbacks, c____s, and camel jockey's, Cause our world would be better without them, The preme supreme race is blonde hair and blue eyed. The statue itself sits in a Pittsburgh park. Seriously who is singing this song and how old is Paul??? Thank whatever “powers that be”, that we have someone who really CAN and IS MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! Which do you think Stephen Collins Foster meant by the lyric, “Don’t you cry for me”? Recently Added. GRAVY! This reminds me Orwell’s 1984, everything that goes against the ideology is erased from the culture. Let's jack off on the minorities. He’s the songwriter of classic American songs like ‘Oh Susanna’ and ‘Camptown Races’. We need to whipe out all the n_____s, wetbacks, c____s, and camel jockey's Little wonder people want to tear the statue down. lets not forget this was the 1850s. Blacks did sometimes perform, usually strumming a banjo. Albeit, brutally tragic because they were probably separated by slave trade. It’s about a young man losing the girl he loves who is marring another man. It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry; The sun so hot I froze to death—Susanna, don’t you cry. I come from Alabama with my Banjo on my knee— I’m goin’ to Louisiana my true love for to see. Dego porch monkey And I agree with you about Trump! }, −  two  =  six .hide-if-no-js { And it depicts Foster sitting nobly while a black slave plays guitar at his feet. His hopes that she is crying for him overshadow his words to the contrary.

Redneck, trailer trash Cause we know we're better then them The only racist thing about it was the word ‘Nigger’ was used once. But Foster apologists pointed to a composer trying to change perceptions of black Americans, and merely trying to eek out a penny in a racist world.

Nigger and negro come from the Latin meaning “black”. }, 4  −  one  =  .hide-if-no-js { If you expect that in the mid 1800 people use 2020 political correct terms, no one would go through. display: none !important; Pittsburgh is still debating the fate of its Foster statue. He keeps exaggerating his hardships and peril while traveling to reunite with her. Grow up. I love the banjo in this song. Lyrics Jiggaboo n_____, c___ Spearchucker, bootlip, spook Weback, spick, c____ Nip, slanteye, dothead, towel-head Camel jocky Cracker, honkey Dego porch monkey Jew Redneck, trailer trash s___ kicker, tar baby Far-left outlets can’t be allowed to exist. He means to console her (and encourages her sympathy) , while presuming she is crying “pining” for him. I mean that in the most “brutal” way. The song is not brutally racist, it’s about a man trying to find his true love. Do not does not mean never. This is real guys! Ha-ha that’s funny! Many of the racist childhood songs on this list are songs that were routinely sung by me and other kids I know, and we didn’t know their original lyrics or origins. Or, does he mean “Please cry for me”? Despite the implication that there was much hand-wringing, the very month this article was posted the local commission decided unanimously that the statue should be removed.

n_____, c___ I don’t care what word you need me to use to feel less than or more than. The Good Old South. Spearchucker, bootlip, spook The Words of the song were written in a terrible time.

There are the first lyrics published upon release of the song in 1848. Lyrics. I’m from Louisiana, the south, always love that song.

I think the fact it is a song that is taught to little kids is the worst part of it fr. It must be a living nightmare, knowing that “PRESIDENT” TRUMP will be staying right where he is for another 4 years – it takes time to repair all the damage that the last person in the White House did (“mister” – NOT “President” obama – – – he never qualified for THAT title…) while desperately trying to DESTROY this wonderful country,.. Roland of Aragon- “I have a lot of black friends.” Lolol!! Jew I am Japanese and having a discussion with other Japanese about the meaning of the lyric of this song. and ‘electric fluid magnified’ ? 21.4 The original lyrics: "De Camptown ladies sing dis song — Doo-dah! But it’s interesting to look at the lyrics that Foster actually wrote for his biggest hit: ‘Oh Susanna’. This is totally out of context. My coverage focus spans streaming platforms, artist royalties, format disruption, the vinyl resurgence, copyright battles, startup struggles, and financing/m&a. To me, his is the biggest Nigger ever! I don’t have a racist bone in my body.

Ignorant People Took a Word and used it to try to cause hurt and Pain.

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