Durable GreenBed Kits are a perfect long-term raised-bed solution. Whether you choose to use cedar, recycled plastic, galvanized steel or any other raw material, you can build your garden bed with ease. Skip tilling and hoeing garden soil by growing all your vegetables in Grow Bags and Big Bag Beds! It will require at least two people to lift and assemble the pieces. You … Product Image. 100% nontoxic and highly recycled materials. Cover the … To get an idea of the real cost of owning a Greenbed versus a traditional wood raised bed, we need to look at cost over the lifetime of your beds. RECYCLED PLASTIC DECKING. Recycled plastic Raised beds let you make a lot of garden from a little space, for either growing vegetables or for creative landscaping.. Our recycled plastic, non toxic raised garden beds are designed to give you the greatest opportunity to get creative in the garden.. For example, if you are focused on dressing up a particular space, try Patio Planter Ideas, Planter Ideas and Fence Planters Ideas. Garden bed is not only a place for growing vegetables, fruits and other plants in your home’s outdoor, it will also create beautiful landscape. Made from 100% recycled plastic which never naturally biodegrades, rots or splinters, these low maintenance recycled plastic picnic tables, planters and raised beds are an ideal alternative to the traditional timber school playground products. Durable. LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Planters 20 Inch, Flower Pot Pack 2, Patio Deck Indoor Outdoor Garden Tree Planters (Black) 4.5 out of 5 stars 348 $105.99 $ 105 . Covid 19 Update 16/04 We're working safely to government guidelines As all of our supply chain is UK based we will not run out of raw materials. Description. 99 Our beds are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space and can be easily stained to match your home or color scheme. Connect plastic milk crates together to set up a garden bed. Close; ECO Edging – Recycled plastic edging. 95. VIEW PLANS 14. Product Title Raised Garden Bed Set. Raised garden beds allow you to garden easier, with more control over soil and less strain on your back. Recycled Tire Planter Though there's nothing very exciting about old tires, some wooden slats and a few coats of colorful spray paint can miraculously transform them into delightfully cheery backyard planters. We have recently changed our bracket color from black to gray and love the new look. Facebook. Animal-Proof. Homeowners and gardeners often spend lots of money removing tree stumps, but there is a better way! Shelterworks LTD also manufactures and sells Faswall sustainable ICF building blocks. From shop HiddenRiverDecor. Browse cedar, recycled plastic and composite beds. For further information on any of our planters or baskets or to buy online click the text or picture below. Hello and welcome to the Garden Outline photo gallery of recycled planter ideas. As Low As £30.00 (ex VAT) View > EverYear Elite Raised Beds. The BEST Raised Garden Bed You'll ever Have! Recycled plastic is very durable and, unlike wood, will not splint or damage in harsh weather. Description. Breathable panels, and deep planting maximize yields for square foot gardening, and even repels snails! We have a fantastic range, varying from herbs garden planters, planters with benches and colourful planters. When you order two or more kits, the shipping is free! Being constructed from recycled plastic, these Solway Recycling raised beds are ideal for withstanding the elements, are very low maintenance and will not require replacing for many years. 4.8 out of 5 stars 6. Learn more about our environmentally-friendly recycling service, which takes care of the disposal of your old bed or mattress. Thanks Mom! Have a look through our large range today. They grow skills, ideas, friendships and, well, community! DIY Kerosene Drum Planters. GardenSkill Raised Bed – Raised Vegetable Bed Kit and Garden Planter for Flowers Herbs Veg Fruit (2m x 1m x 250mm high, Green) 4.5 out of 5 stars 17 £65.99 £ 65 . Durable GreenBed raised bed garden kits are designed using a unique, eco-friendly, recycled woodchip/concrete composite that will last for 25-years or more and capable of withstanding all weather extremes – will not rot, crack, peel, rust or splinter. We are so passionate about giving back we offer special discounts for community, church, and school gardens, and other non-profits as well as Senior facilities. Our eco planters have been used for strawberries, potatoes, flowers and a wide range of other crop types. Recycling is great for the environment, and in some cases can be great for your raised bed as well, but certain recycled materials should be avoided when building your raised bed. Product Title Raised Garden Plant Bed with Adjustable Galvanized Iron by Pure Garden 14.25" L x 13.5" W x 5.5" H. Average Rating: (3.6) out of 5 stars 9 ratings, based on 9 reviews. Durable GreenBeds are an attractive, cost-effective alternative to traditional retaining walls and planters. Double up the fabric to make it stronger and staple every inch or so. Raised beds made from recycled plastic will last for many decades, maybe even 100 years, but ours come with a 25 year guarantee. There’s also the added benefit of not having to build the bed itself. Made from durable, double-layer, patented Grow Bag fabric, it’s a breeze to set up. For more discussion about the merits of different raised bed materials, read our article Cedar vs. Most wood garden beds will begin to rot, crack, warp or splinter in a very short period of time and within 6 to 8 years you will need to replace them again. Easy to assemble. Points of Interest ● recycled portable charcoal grill succulent planter ● … Aeration Raised Bed Planter The 300 Gal. Get the tutorial at Lemon, Bean and Things. Durable GreenBed raised bed garden kits are designed using a unique, eco-friendly, recycled woodchip/concrete composite that will last for 25-years or more and capable of withstanding all weather extremes – will not rot, crack, peel, rust or splinter. By recycling old car tires, you can save some space and be more environment-friendly. Free delivery on orders over $35. A round garden bed is an excellent way to combine beauty with function while reducing labor. Many landscape professionals are using our GreenBeds in their projects. What are recycled plastic planters benefits? Our Forever Raised Beds set up in minutes and last for decades. Close; Decking – Weather proof decking solution. Recycled Composite Raised Beds $199.00 - $339.00. Aeration Raised Bed Planter With Handles are durable enough to last for multiple seasons of gardening while creating an oxygen healthy root system for the plant. $53.95 $ 53. Free Shipping and Discounts. Read more... (As Featured on "This Old House- Raised Garden Beds") If you need ideas to liven up your garden then creating a cool garden bed would be great. Source: pedagogiadobrasil.blogspot.com #11. cuphea hyssopifolia), Uniquely beautiful – their unique recycled quality adds character to your garden, A free outlet for your creativity – recycling old items and creating new use for them shows your artistic personality and style, Sustainable and eco-friendly – can also be a way to teach children to DIY and make use of valuable resources, Items: old furniture, tea cup, lamp shade, old tire, discarded bottle, canoe, dresser, wooden box, cart, grill, can, boot, old tub, water pipe, water container, wood pieces, Materials: glass, wood, rubber, zinc, plastic, tin, ceramic, stone, pebble. 300 Gal. BestPLUS landscape timbers, made from recycled plastic, are ideal for a wide variety of ground contact applications – retaining walls, garden edging, raised garden beds, planters, bocce court borders, walkways, steps, and hardscape borders. Learn more... *this model requires a minimum 2 kit purchase. Cumulative discounts from 10%-15% on three or more kits plus additional garden tools. They come in small, medium and large versions, 4 colours, and in single, double, and triple tiers of height. This example is especially a good one if you are on a tight budget and want to recycle old materials. Source: mimuu.com #10. If you are trying to find that certain look, try Antique Planter Ideas, Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas, Rustic Wagon Planter Ideas, Terra Cotta Planter Ideas and Barrel Planter Ideas. We have planter ideas for a wide variety of settings and styles. Get pallets for garden fencing or planter boxes, to install decorative edging around vegetable or flower gardens and also get amazing raised garden bed with pallets! Recycled plastic garden beds can be cleaned easily by washing the surface with a wet sponge or power washer. GreenBed raised garden bed kits are the perfect solution for a backyard garden, a permanent landscape or for large school, community or urban garden. We thought of bringing you some ideas of round garden beds. 99. Points of Interest ● bright yellow study table with drawers repurposed as planter boxes ● metal lamp shade used as planter ● matching yellow chair ● hardwood siding ● vinyl deck porch flooring, Points of Interest ● recycled portable charcoal grill succulent planter ● solid board wooden fence ● wrought iron plant holder with patina ● echevaria, aeonium, senecio radicans (string of bananas) succulents, Points of Interest ● galvanized rectangular deep trays reused as portable planters ● pair of tall black cylinder urn planters ● au naturel hedge security fence ● concrete slab steps ● cement tile garden edging, Points of Interest ● glass cookie jar used as seedling bank ● egg tray made from recycled paper ● egg shells used as seedling planter ● wooden table, Points of Interest ● recycled blue rubber rain boot planter ● wild violet plant and flower ● painted white DIY wood slat fence, Points of Interest ● built-in teacup and coffee mug planters ● DIY wall frame with multi-colored small square tiles ● gold tile accents ● brick siding ● chess piece accent, Points of Interest ● recycled tin can planters ● herb plants ● DIY labels using black paper, chalk and popsicle sticks ● stucco wall ● weathered wooden table, Points of Interest ● recycled wooden kitchen shelf planter with heart accents ● wooden deck and fence ● glazed cylinder planters ● poinsettia plants in in vintage salad spinner, Points of Interest ● recycled white and red pots and pans used as planters ● red pitcher planter ● aged water barrels ● low terracotta bowl with braided rim, Points of Interest ● repurposed yellow tea tin can planter ● string of pearls succulent plant ● chalkboard black accent wall ● circular wooden top side table with painted iron base, Points of Interest ● multi-color painted rubber tires repurposed as planters ● wild violets, pansies, marigold flowers ● painted concrete garden edging, Points of Interest ● blue and brown glazed teapots used as decorative planters ● stone patio flooring ● marigold flowers ● terracotta pot, Points of Interest ● painted chair repurposed as planter ● painted wood garden edging of different heights calling back recycled planter color ● lush wild violets, Points of Interest ● rattan square basket planters ● topiaries ● 10-lite swing doors ● aluminum muntins on doors ● large stone step tiles with chiseled edges ● weathered concrete banister, Points of Interest ● recycled brown bottles used as hanging planters ● jute twine ● shadowbox wooden fence ● yellow flower blooms in harmony with the brown color of bottles, Points of Interest ● hanging multi-color painted zinc tin pots ● bird, beetle, flower and butterfly accents on planters ● natural wood dog ear fence, Points of Interest ● DIY polka dot painted tin cans doubling as flower planters ● painted aluminum hanging basket holder ● mortared stone wall ● marigold, daisies and yellow chrysanthemums ● beige downspout matching stone color, Points of Interest ● recycled green and clear glass bottles of various sizes and heights ● fern branches ● circular mantel mirror ● white mantel with dentil details, Points of Interest ● DIY river rock stacked planters with succulents ● mortared stone fence ● jute twine upper fence ● cactus in pebble stacked planter, Points of Interest ● repurposed plant holder made from vintage wooden tool box ● three resin small pots ● dream garden stamp ● lavender, pink and violet primroses ● weathered wooden bench, Points of Interest ● white teacup and bowl planters ● DIY built-in square wooden box used as planter holder ● DIY built-in wooden shelf ● DIY salvaged wood board fence with paint splatters, Points of Interest ● old dresser repurposed as planter box ● off-white spray painted bucket repurposed as planter ● DIY square wooden planter box ● geraniums, pansies, variegated plants and wild violets, Points of Interest ● recycled porcelain bath tub planter ● red tulips ● aged brick patio flooring ● brick siding ● single hung windows ● chain link mesh curtains, Points of Interest ● cast iron water pipe repurposed as planter ● fleur-de-lys cast iron red glass globe garden stake ● vintage wheelbarrow tire ● vinyl shake shingle siding in terra cotta, Points of Interest ● painted canoe recycled as garden plant bed ● contrasting sky blue border ● taller flower varieties selected for center of planter and surrounded by lower perennials, Points of Interest ● vintage salad spinner used as planter holder ● red shovel and pitchfork ● wide white washed wood flat picket fence ● plastic black and brown planters, Points of Interest ● DIY sharpened wooden stakes formed to make a planter ● lavender Mexican heather (i.e.

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