Available in five 9′ weights from 4-8 and a 3/4-weight 10’5” nymphing rig, it covers a lot of the basics. I have to second that. Todd Tanner over at Sporting Classics Daily recently did a good review of trout rods from the growing sector of affordable, quality fly rods that perform well. Orvis Clearwater, 9-foot, 5-weight ($198)This past spring, while we were rigging up to fish Rock Creek, I asked Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis about the Clearwater series. Rod Case: The Redington rod case has a space for the reel whereas the Orvis you have to take the reel off. More likely, if you’re looking for a cost-effective fly rod, you’ll want something with great versatility. The Orvis Clearwater is a nice all-around rod on a budget. With that in mind, here are eight inexpensive trout rods I’ve put to the test over the last few months. If you're looking to add a few new birds to your hunting endeavors, we've got five species that often fly under the radar for North American hunters. He recommends as his No. As it is, the Reaper, which comes in an understated brownish olive blank with brown wraps, is one of the true bargains of the fly fishing world. Fenwick flies under the radar in the fly fishing community, perhaps due to the fact that it also manufactures spinning and baitcasting rods. The Redington Classic Trout is also covered by Redington’s Lifetime, Original Owner Warranty. Redington's warranty only covers the rod and not the reel. Orvis Clearwater, 9-foot, 5-weight ($198)This past spring, while we were rigging up to fish Rock Creek, I asked Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis about the Clearwater series. Yes, it will be a little clunky on small creeks and feel a little underpowered when deep nymphing, but it’s totally capable of both. It’s light and user-friendly, a perfect rod for beginners who want to dabble in the sport without shelling out a small fortune while still finding success in learning to cast. so even though it was a used, broken, 3 year old rod, they still gave me full credit to put towards the purchase of a trade up rod. It won Yellowstone Anglers’ Best Inexpensive Power Rod in its Annual 5-Weight Shootout. Always get 4 piece rods whenever available. A good caster can push the Rio Santos out to 75 feet. It will be difficult to find a specialized rod, like a spey rod or a euro-nymphing rod under $200, but there are plenty of options for more traditional and popular rod styles. The folks at WETFLY aim to make fly fishing an affordable sport, and through that, the brand has created a line that matches functionality to frugality. Even though you’re getting a budget rod, pairing it with a high-quality fly line will help it perform at its best. Anglers love the Aetos for long-range casting. Not sure if you want to hear about other alternatives, but I thought I would toss this out there since it looks to be in your price range. If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, the Orvis Clearwater deserves your serious consideration.

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