About Junghwan's not good with words but truly his actions speak louder than the whole dictionary. When Jung Hwan sprints out of the theater to see Duk Seon, he completely abandons Dong Ryong (Lee Dong Hwi). But, I'm still ship RJY - HR in real life too HAHHAHHAHA. By Jung Hwan’s had a photo of him and Duk Seon in his wallet the whole time! Jung Hwan pretends that he and the boys are absolutely useless without her. That tie shoelace scene already teary and sad scene but the BTS even makes this scene more teary and sad too..hiks hiks. One of them is me making a drama mv. Jung Hwan meets Duk Seon when she calls him, to her shock — and her friends’ delight. mi ran omma said that? Junghwan always waited for Duk Seon to get home, bought her the gloves she wanted, and stayed up late to give Duk Seon an umbrella because it's raining. I laughed like crazy, You guys ship Hyeri-Park Bo Gum in real life? After learning that his mother doesn’t know English, he writes out the phonetic pronunciation of her name in her passport. He treated her special, even the pink shirt she gifted him that he said wasn't his type, and kept her picture on his wallet. Shameless accident, eh? It's easy! Ah, that shirt. Just you. On top of that, we must admit that someone stoic and complicated will, oddly enough, always have a special place in our hearts. He asked the ahjusshi to wait ten seconds for Duk Seon. When he surprised his mother for her birthday, 26. A little too smooth for her liking. We might be the only witness to that but all those still count. That’s right — somebody we know waited up. I richard simmons cried again on grandma death scene for the 5th time. luckymic is a Soompi writer currently watching “Oh Hae Young Again” and anticipating the premieres of “Entourage,” “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo,” and, of course, “Lucky Romance.” She is also a screenwriter and director. Reply 1988 really is a complete package: It has the touch of family, friendship, romance ,and it has Kim Junghwan, who despite not getting the girl in the 2015 K-drama, is dating Lee Hyeri A.K.A. I mean, PBG and HY are of the same age and it's auite a factor for closeness but seeing HY relationship history, who knows lol!!!! Of course, we love him, and we'll even take him for ourselves. Lmangla I enjoyed it. pheeewwwwwwwww. don't hesitate to post and thank you for sharing that vid. Careers wenyol.....i love today BTS special.. Yeah i thought it will  be longer but still i am relieved that this BTS isnt the same BTS that TVN already released (thanks God,,it just only my worst thought). It was the day of the tutoring session with everyone and Duk Seon. Kiss scene, any intimate scene they usually don't release the BTS. i'm into deep with these two  how can a short interaction like the ones shown earlier make my heart flutter hehehe, i mean how can you not ship these two?? Or the admirable bromances. Or maybe it was every time he smiled. It wreaks quite the damage when Jung Bong receives the exact same shirt. And MR who said at that moment Jung Hwanah leave DS ( something like that i cant hear well) and you two date, I found this funny post on DC yesterday...Lol. I shipped in Real Life my bias  once and that was my first and last time. You can vote up to 20 times per day on this IP address. I really love this bts~~~ it makes me more happy than last episode They are really have fun,im so happy to see that. wenyeol?!! This is crazy. When PBG said himnaeseyo hyung....(huwaaaaaa....my heart breaks....i dont want both of them sad,,,hiks). Reply 1988 really is a complete package: It has the touch of family, friendship, romance ,and it has Kim Junghwan, who despite not getting the girl in the 2015 K-drama, is dating Lee Hyeri A.K.A. I watched “Socialphobia” to ease the pain and then cursed not being within reach of a “Glory Day” screening. After realizing that his parents’ wedding photos were fake, he set up a surprise mini-wedding ceremony for his mother’s birthday. Wanna also share this vid I came across today.. While trying to avoid getting caught sneaking out past curfew, Jung Hwan and Duk Seon duck into an alley to hide from the dean. hahhahaha, @Woundedheart annyong~ welcome to the ship!!! I wanted to see you more than a dozen times a day. HOWWW??? But now, he’s coming back to K-drama screens. http://m.krdic.naver.com/search/all/0/%EC%96%B4%EB%82%A8%EB%A5%98/?format=HTML&isMobile=true&autoConv. Even if for some CRAZY reason (can only think of You Are The Apple Of My Eye film) - it turns out to be someone other than JH is the husband even then NO ONE CAN DENY THE  PRESENT CHEMISTRY. Things appeared to be smooth sailing while his Mom (Ra Mi Ran) was gone. I waited every night until you came home from studying. I couldn’t sleep at all because I was worried about you. shipping starts as  fun but soon you become so involved you dont even realized it. But when the situation calls, he knows when to give up that coolness and be there for the people who need him. 1. And, yep, we adore him for that because as much as girls want to be strong and independent, there are still times that we want to be taken care of. I know! Yes, it was awkward, uncomfortable, and absolutely glorious. Cutest nosebleed ever. These people make me laugh in disbelief. Answer Me 1988: Episode 20 (Final) by girlfriday. Sign in with Google ryu jun yeol; hyeri; reply 1988; kim jung hwan; jung hwan; sung deok sun; deok sun Lids Protector of turbulent bus rides, Kim Jung Hwan’s your man. When I ran into you by chance on the bus, and when we went to the concert, and when I got the shirt from you on my birthday, I was so happy that I thought I was crazy. If you have … We can't blame him, that's natural. The future husband speaks in low-tone, and a bit grumpy, at one point asked his wife "Do you want to die?" Especially that one when he stood behind Duk Seon so she won't fall down and just let his veins pop out during the intensely bumpy trip. Sign up for a new account in our community. i want my DS-JH lovey-dovey scenes first! Take that, thrashing death traps of public transportation. When he waved hello to his crisp new Air Jordans. EVIDENCES THAT JUNG HWAN IS THE HUSBAND lies!! faye406 He might be bad at timing and risk-taking, but you can't deny that he has his own charms: an adorable son, a reliable friend, and an unfailing shoulder to lean on. When Duk Seon’s friends break limbs during a field trip, him and the rest of the squad came through with a killer rendition of “Sobangcha’s Last Night.”. Terms Accidents happen, even onscreen. Apologies for ranting but you were warned. Ah, how the heart burns – we felt it all. We were happy to see him, too. But, on this particular occasion, he indulged his father, who was feeling a bit down. When he finally confessed (well, sort of), January 16, 2016 — that’s the last time we saw, After learning that his mother doesn’t know English, he. I really like you. No chemistry they say??? Kudos! When he showed up with an umbrella and said to “come home early”, 14. Privacy Every MV with them in it gives me the feels!!! Writers should make a compilation of their interactions in real life for JH and DS in last episodes, I hope someone will upload it tonight, i really want to watch it full, BTW, both of them killing me, are they will end the game? When he became Guardian of Vicious Bus Rides, 9. Big hugs to all Team Jung Hwan!! 2. However, it's just right that we him credit for every little sweet thing he did for Duk Seon. How cute when RJY called Cheetah Omma as Noona...and when RJY back hug Ra mi ran.... (arrrrgggggghhhhhhh...can i get that hug too? We can take Ryu Jun Lips and share urikiri. [Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요? Though Reply 1988 became a bitter chocolate to swallow, it is definitely on a league of its own. totally Jung Hwan's personality ✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪ [2021's Upcoming Dramas : Love Alarm S2 (Netflix) & River Where the Moon Rises (MBC)]✪, [Current Drama 2020] Kairos, 카이로스 - Mon & Tue @ 21:20 KST. explain to me why is there a need to go down the stairs in this manner (like arm over her shoulder and then to add more skinship, she has to hold his hand too) not to mention that the scene they film here was the pink shirt misunderstanding. Junghwan appears indifferent, not the kind who will easily give in to his father's amusing presidential greeting. I wish it was longer tho. 4. When he performed in Duk Seon’s talent show, 3. In true Answer Me fashion, this final episode is a farewell to youth as much as it is a farewell to this series and the characters who’ve burrowed deep in our hearts and taken up residence there. Yep, we're Team Junghwan, and here's why we think it's worth being on this side: Did tvn post bts on yt channel? Duk Seon gifts him with a pink shirt for his birthday, which isn’t exactly his usual style. those interactions are bordering oppa-dongsaeng to flirting already omg, Also, kudos to all the cast and staff of R88, you can really see the effort put into every scenes. He knows when to be selfless. 3. For him, you definitely are special. Duk Seon in real life. The term 어남류 (EoNamRyu) was added to Naver Open Dictionary. It's nonsense, bear with me haha. But the same goes for the elusively endearing Kim Junghwan. 2. He's all you need if you're not that demanding. You’ll be standing secure and unscathed. that's the priority lol, another couple i ship real life to is BR and SW. they're just so lovely. So many scenes worth squealing over, not only OTP-related but everything. And we knew that Jung Hwan absolutely hated some of those Gouda tendencies. No worries! After three weeks not reading any related articles, I can finally move on. January 16, 2016 — that’s the last time we saw Ryu Jun Yeol as Kim Jung Hwan on “Reply 1988,” when the drama series broadcast its finale. ahhh girls you are so cute with your shipping in real life and the fangirling. Started December 18, 2017, By Omg. 2. I want to re-watch because the scenes were so fast ahaha like I had to pause and  rewind for every action and conversation ;;__;; @wizengamot RJY and HR are shippable in real life but then I watched Babogum and HR they're just as shippable... so I decide we should let Bogum and HR be happy. Copyright 2020ABS-CBN Corporation.All Rights Reserved. Kin Jung Hwan (Reply 1988) (15) Ryu Dong Ryong (7) Sung Sun Woo (5) Choi Moo Sung (Reply 1988) (3) Original Female Character(s) (2) Sung Bo Ra (2) Original Characters (1) Lee Sungyeol (1) Include Relationships Choi Taek/Sung Deok Sun (22) Kim Jung Hwan/Sung Deok … He’ll hold so tight his veins will pop out. But he loves his Hyung, so he humors him. My heart skips a beat with every interaction they have whether serious or funny. Everytime JH and DS are in the same shot they are oozing out chemistry for flips sake! Or maybe it was a culmination of the 27 moments below by which Ryu Jun Yeol had us enamored.

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