This species likes to sit on elevated perches in a flat coil, akin to Annulated Boas and Solomon Island Tree Boas, rather than a Green Tree Python or Emerald Tree Boa. Mueller holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and a Juris Doctor from Indiana University Maurer School of Law. These snakes are most active at dawn and dusk. Something interesting is that they will not eat on their own when they are babies. Temperature and Humidity. Rhinoceros Ratsnake (Rhynchophis boulengeri) also known as Rhinoceros Snake, Rhino Rat Snake, Vietnamese Longnose Snake[1], Green Unicorn[2], found from Northern Vietnam to Southern China, has a prominent, distinctive, scaled protrusion on the front of its snout which has led to its common naming after mythical unicorns and some species of rhinoceros which feature a single horn on the front of their snouts. These masses of fat and dead cells have appeared to cause, or develop into, fibrosarcoma tumors that can appear over the snake’s body. When I see the onset of their prelay shed, I separate the male and provide an egg laying box for the female to deposit her eggs. If using a solid paper substrate like paper towels or newsprint, the whole sheet should be changed if waste is observed. Feeding your constrictors in a separate feeding enclosure prevents them from accidentally ingesting any of the substrate in its enclosure. They are mostly from North Vietnam; it is unlikely to find them somewhere else unless they are transported. It has a prominent, distinctive, scaled protrusion on the front of its snout, which has led to its common naming after a rhinoceros and the mythical unicorn. Pingback: Rhino Rat Snake Breeding Journal 2020 – Serpentine Fire. }); If you keep a pair together, separate them from each other during feeding to avoid fighting. [5], Northern Vietnam including Tam Dao[6], Southern China[7]. I utilize an 8 ounce disposable water cup for water at all sizes. As they mature, rhinoceros rat snakes change color to steel grey at about 12–14 months, then to a bluish green or green adult hue at about 24 months. background-image: -moz-linear-gradient( bottom, #acfb40, #90cb3f ); They should shed in a single piece without complication as long as they have access to drinking water during the period of opacity. Contact Us - Advertise - … Hatchlings brownish grey with dark edges on several dorsal scales. Captive bred juvenile and adult specimens do not bite out of aggression; all bites I have received have been the result of a food mistake. Rhinoceros rat snakes inhabit subtropical rainforests. How to Take Care of a Baby Boa Constrictor, How to Care for Texas Rat Snakes in Captivity. Gonyosoma boulengeri is also known as Rhinoceros ratsnake. The temperature can be controlled with a thermostat and monitored with a thermometer. All of our profiles contain valuable information provided by breeders of each species. Because they are natural climbers, their enclosures need height. I try to capitalize on the pheromones released at this time and introduce the male to the female’s cage right before the shedding occurs. I maintain these principally in rack systems. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Your pair should be either a male and female breeding pair or two females. Click Image for Larger Map The time now is 02:14 AM. overlayOpacity: 0.7 Rhino rat snakes require attention and care in handling; their horns are fragile. Midway through December temperatures in Central Texas exceeded 80° outside and I had to plug the freezer into the thermostat just to keep it cool enough! On the rare occasion of a bite from this species, I have not observed any complications or effects, unlike Gonyosoma frenatum, oxycephalum, and jansenii, all of which seem to have some minor anti-coagulant properties in their saliva. Baby Red Tail Boa CB 2018 . The rhino rat snake has a horn on his snout. PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | FAMILY & PARENTING, Ratsnake Zone: A Few Notes on Rhino Ratsnakes, How to Tell if Your Colombian Red-Tail Boa Is a Male or a Female. I remove them and place them in a plastic shoebox on top of vermiculite mixed 1:1 by weight with water. Hatchlings brownish grey with dark edges on several dorsal scales. Some have reported success leaving frozen and thawed pink mice in the enclosure, or floating in the water bowl. The rhinoceros ratsnake (Rhynchophis boulengeri), also known as rhinoceros snake, rhino rat snake, Vietnamese longnose snake and green unicorn is a species of nonvenomous ratsnake. I use a six quart plastic shoebox with about an inch of damp sphagnum moss inside and a hole cut in the lid. background-image: -moz-linear-gradient( bottom, #90cb3f, #acfb40 ); This swing was large enough the heater and freezer didn’t fight each other and the temperature was usually 59°. Breeding Stimson’s Pythons: adventures in maternal incubation, Rhino Ratsnakes Hatching (Timelapse Video), Rhino Rat Snake Breeding Journal 2020 – Serpentine Fire, BOOK: Hunters in the Trees: a Natural History of Arboreal Snakes by Richard A. Sajdak. background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient( bottom, #acfb40, #90cb3f ); I set the heat cable to 58° and the freezer to 63°F. $('a[rel=lightbox]').lightBox({ Males are territorial; if placed together in an enclosure, they will fight regardless of whether a female is present. Snake Care guidelines displayed in an easy to navigate layout. The rhinoceros ratsnake (Rhynchophis boulengeri), also known as rhinoceros snake, rhino rat snake, Vietnamese longnose snake and green unicorn is a species of nonvenomous ratsnake. Information collected from, Pic from They are mostly from North Vietnam; it is unlikely to find them somewhere else unless they are transported. I maintain a small breeding group of Chinese animals and have had excellent success reproducing them in captivity. However, a rare few individuals maintain their steel grey sub adult color and do not pass into ordinarily mature color phase. Using a particulate substrate, like shredded aspen or cypress mulch, these should be spot cleaned when waste is observed. I offer the last meals in late October. If your enclosure is particularly humid, be sure that the substrate is setup to drain the water away from the surface. The substrate should be kept dry for juveniles and adults, and may be kept lightly moistened for neonates. Additionally, many have reported success using alternative items, such as live fish or tadpoles in the water bowl. I offer food once they appear to have settled back into their new surroundings and almost 100% of the time, the males will refuse to eat. As such, I typically feed males eight to twelve weaned mice a year. Snakes ... Rhino Rat Snake Rhyncophis boulengeri : CB 2018 Males . $100 . Reptile care guidelines, breeding articles and herping articles. To join our birthday club just fill out the following form and we’ll email your ticket before your birthday! Once established feeding, and often around the time of their ontogenic color change, this species can become food aggressive, often lunging out of the enclosure open-mouthed for food. This year I used a chest freezer that stayed outside on my porch. The females are more than happy to see food again and eat readily. Then I find a spot in my house I think will stay around 78° and that’s where the egg box stays for about 60-80 days. Females in particular love to soak in the water bowl; I’m not sure why there is a gender discrepancy in the propensity to soak, but I have observed it in my collection over the last 15 years. Sold Out. : Eine seltene Natter aus Nordvietnam, Rhynchophis boulengeri (Mocquard, 1897), Sauria, Berlin, 20 (1): 3-8, 1999. It has a prominent, distinctive, scaled protrusion on the front of its snout, which has led to its common naming after a rhinoceros. $75 to $100 . You may or may not observe copulation but don’t pull the male! It is recommended to provide a natural light pattern that mimics normal daytime according to the season., Fat-Tailed Gecko (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus). Housing. You can keep rhino rat snakes in pairs. Humidity at 75 percent is recommended, although the snake can handle drier environments as long as it has a humid, moss-covered hide box and a large water bowl. ( Log Out /  Typically by the time of their ontogenic color change (8-18 months), they feed aggressively on frozen and thawed items offered on hemostats. As more people become successful in reproducing this captivating species, I can only predict the prey preferences of future generations will become more and more in line with pinkie mice. They live closer to mountains near streams and rivers. Oviparous, its mating season from April to May may produce 5 to 10 eggs in a clutch. They are generally arboreal, and mostly nocturnal, hunting small mice and other rodents, birds and perhaps other vertebrate prey. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Juveniles are fed an appropriately sized mouse once a week. Housing the Black Rat Snake . The mother must feed them and if they are bred in captivity the breeder must force feed them. I cannot get over how cool these snakes are! Females eat more consistently, and if they are re-productively active, I will feed them more frequently; they typically receive 16-24 weaned mice a year in my collection. Size: These are some of the longest rat snakes at typical lengths of 7 to 8 feet. Someday, I will have the means and space to cool an entire room. Herpetologists don’t know the purpose the horn serves. Brachtel, Norbert: Das Portrait: Rhynchophis boulengeri (Mocquard, 1897), Sauria, Berlin, 20 (1): 2, 1998. In captivity, the species lives between 15 and 20 years with proper care. For animals that display this behavior, it is useful to hook them out of the enclosure, at which point they will be completely tractable. Lifespan: Blue Beauties can live anywhere from 15 to 30 years. It has a prominent, distinctive, scaled protrusion on the front of its snout, which has led to its common naming after a rhinoceros and the mythical unicorn. The enclosure should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at least once per month. A solid latch is necessary to any black rat snake house, as well as some height to the cage to allow your snake climbing room. Scale Count: Dorsals 19. I do not mist them; this species is susceptible to skin problems when maintained too wet. Rhinoceros ratsnakes inhabit subtropical rainforests at elevations between 300 and 1,100 m (980 and 3,610 ft). Kids in the club (under 12) get a FREE ticket to Branson’s Wild World for their birthday! Empower Her. Because rat snakes are good climbers, maintaining an extra secure enclosure is key to keeping your snake in its home. ( Log Out /  They can also be found in China and Gulf of Tonkin.

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