If it wasn’t for our imaginations, stories like Inuyasha would have never come to exist. I hope everyone has a great day and keeps enjoying all their favourite shows and fandoms! I don’t blame fans for picturing themselves with Sesshomaru- I know I did haha- but never once did I self-insert myself as Rin. Does that somehow translate to the fact that nothing from the story of Inuyasha can be applied to our own personal stories or that there aren’t meaningful messages to be taught and learned?

It’s been proven that victims who do not seek or properly receive the help and treatment they need in order to address and live with a traumatic experience such as this are more likely to perpetuate that very same abuse themselves in some way, shape or form. (Thankfully, they were later kicked.) Click here and here. It’s for everyone’s benefit, not only yours, I promise! Ignorance is bliss? It wasn’t right then just because it was legal, and it’s most certainly not right now. All shitty jokes aside, the whole reason I’m mentioning this specific example in the first place is because this recently came up with another Sessrin supporter. They in no way reflect the opinions of any companies, shows, or networks I work for. Do you honestly believe that Inuyasha and the others would take kindly to this? Inuyasha is too wholesome for porn. That supporter tried to defend the ship by stating that we aren’t allowed to use Sesshomaru as an example to judge by since his kind don’t exist in the real world. (Yes, I’m American. So like I’ve been drinking tonight but anyway my fiancé and I have been watching Inuyasha for the last three months or so (I never got to finish it as a teenager) and we just got to Kikyo’s Last Episode in the Last Act and I have to say that your delivery in that specific scene was incredible and made me actually very emotional so just wanted to say that you’re wildly talented and I’ve enjoyed your voice acting a lot in the series. I apologize if any of my words are triggering by the way, so please feel free to take a break and return later if that’s more suitable for you. <3. He has been married to Becky Cox … I got news for those fans who don’t view Sesshomaru as a father figure to Rin.

Seriously, since when did we decide that fantasy- or any story genre for that matter- stopped reflecting the real world we live in? They only want to ship their sick ship in peace in other words. Hi!! The characters and their worlds in our stories that we dream up and bring to life are nothing short of awe-inspiring and magnificent if we so choose them to be. Even recently, an anon here on Tumblr sent Richard Ian Cox (English VA for Inuyasha) a totally uncalled for ask telling him that “sessrin is love and there’s nothing he can do about it.” (That’s not verbatim, but if you’re interested I’ll link you to it.) That’s how manipulative groomers are that they can legitmately convince you that maybe you’re wrong in questioning their motives. Like ship what you want, we’re not saying you can’t ship Sessrin. They start to doubt themselves even though their intuition is telling them something’s off. This ain’t about some mere difference in taste, this is very likely to have LONG-LASTING NEGATIVE EFFECTS. Nothing wrong with that, because that’s a natural and healthy occurrence.

Why should we get on board with something if it’s so uncharacteristic of and unrecognizable from the original source material? Tell them about your past experience with being groomed? So on one hand, it’s plain as day that they celebrate it as proof of a romantic future for Sessrin. So it’s more than okay if they love on their ship but it’s not okay if we don’t and we should just keep our mouths shut. This is why I don’t care much for your counter argument “that dynamics can change over time,” because although that’s true, like with everything in life there must be standards we adhere to. Bottom line is that Sessrin shippers don’t want us to think too critically about this ship of theirs, because if we dig too deep then they’re forced to face the very troubling implications this pairing really stands for. That’s what’s supposed to happen, y'all, you’re supposed to grow out of that fixation.

Real world example: Woody Allen. There have only ever been sweet and innocent moments passed between the two, which is why I’m positive that an unbiased viewer or an outsider would state their dynamic resembled something akin to a father-daugther relationship. Fictional example: Usagi Drop.

It seems there is a HUGE misconception and I’d like to clear it up real quick. The thing is we have debunked this time and time again, because they’re not the same and therefore not comparable, but for some reason these fans won’t drop it. If you haven’t listened to it already, this proposal he offered her sounded like a declaration of love in a multitude of ways, which is wildly inappropriate since Rin was only 12 at the time. It’s like they simply think mentioning it makes it count even though we’ve discredited their points over and over. I know it feels like society has failed us in a lot of ways, but it’s never too late to re-evaluate and re-learn better and more improved ways of viewing and processing information presented to us.

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