Still they are well made and curve right over the back wheel. The Panorama is ready for any adventure you have in mind. ‑Brooks B17 saddle The Panorama is British bicycle manufacturer Ridgeback’s top-of-the-range tourer from their World line of touring bikes. Frame scratches: on one miserable day I propped the bike up on a painted pole, so I could hide out of the rain. Maybe that’s just me overpacking – or not having quads to match my packing! Long distance tourer, rugged commuter or just day rides, a Ridgeback World series bike offers a cycling experience with the benefit of contemporary technology. A Buyer’s Guide To Panniers For Cycle Tours & Expeditions, How To Assemble A Fix-Anything Cycle Touring or Bikepacking Toolkit, A Truly Biblical List Of Heavy-Duty World Expedition Bikes, Why You Don’t Need Any Of That Expensive Gear, The Rest Of My Advice On Bikes & Equipment, Off-Road Across Mongolia By Mountain Bike,, Click here to read more about how I use affiliate links, The Curious Truth About How Bicycle Touring Extends Your Life, 8 Simple Tricks To Stay Warmer When Camping In Winter, How To Build The Ultimate Round-The-World Expedition Touring Bike (With Pictures), There Is No Better Time To Be Planning Your Next Dream Cycling Adventure, A Massive List Of Expedition Touring Bikes For Round-The-World Rides. Ditch the pump and certainly the annoying brazed-on pump peg. Exal LX17 rims (previously Mavic A719) The third bottle holder fits underneath the frame, just in front of the bottom bracket. Buy Ridgeback Panorama Deluxe Frameset 2016 by Ridgeback from our Bikes range - Orange, Women's, Men's, 700c, Sale, Gravel/Adventure, Alloy, 2016, Gravel/Adventure, XXS, XS, S, L, XL - @ Biketart MTB and Cycle Specialist Fast Free UK Delivery Tip.……take spare break blocks which you are sure will fit. The latest Panorama model has disc brakes, which is a pity as the cantilever brakes are easier to maintain in my experience, especially if you end up with a bent rotor in a far flung place. Hi I bought my Panorama about 7 years ago because I liked the look of it in a magazine. You can see from the pictures that I did change the setup a little. It was a relief to know that I had Schwable Marathon tyres, because I trust those tyres. Many branded ‘touring’ bikes don’t appear to be designed by experienced touring cyclists. Mine was done without me asking when I had S&S couplings fitted. This is for estimation purposes only. © 2019 Start Fitness. I packaged the bike up in a cardboard box for my flight to Switzerland. All orders over £20 are eligible for free delivery, Standard 2-3 DaysFree delivery for orders over £20 otherwise £2.99, Priority 1-2 DaysPriority orders are given priority and go on a faster delivery service for when you need something quickly. Big rolling diameter, tough of road wheels and tough frame, Interesting.…When I bought my first mountainbike it was not for mountainbiking but for traveling. Price Match, Home delivery + Click & Collect from stores nationwide. You might not find the same discounts, but you’re almost always better off in the long run getting the size, fit and specification of your touring bike nailed by supporting your local Ridgeback dealer. (variable), Assumed credit limit £1,200.00. Ridgeback Panorama (2018) PANORAMA built from Reynolds fantastic 725 tube set the Panorama is the ultimate touring machine, light yet robust wheels shod in Schwalbe Marathon tyres help keep everything moving correctly, and utilising a Shimano drive system and the ultra-powerful and ultra-reliable Tektro Spyre disc brakes this is a machine to behold. So, instead, you can submit your email address against the item you are interested in and we will email you as soon as stock arrives on the system. For example, I found the bike was always pushing to be in a higher ring on the front earlier than I was expecting. The Panorama is British bicycle manufacturer Ridgeback’s top-of-the-range tourer from their World line of touring bikes. The Ridgeback Panorama describes itself as “ready for any adventure you have in mind”. It also stops your rack pack from getting covered in mud daily. It’s perfectly possible to use normal shoes on the SPD side of the pedal but generally preferable to flick it round to the flat side. You can pay for your order with one of the following payment methods. We reckon the Panorama is an ideal high-end touring bike for short-ish trips around Europe, the US and other developed countries. Quick Overview. First up, let’s introduce you to the general features of the bike. Hand welded using renowned Reynolds steel or 6061 aluminium, a World series Ridgeback provides a responsive, comfortable ride with the structural reliability essential for a tradition expedition bikes. Do I Really Need Ortliebs? If goods are not collected in that time they will added to shop stock and made available for general sale, deposits are non-refundable. We flew to Switzerland together and cycled home to the UK. For me the single biggest requirement on a long tour, besides confidence in the wheels and frame, is the flexibility to get off the tarmac to avoid busy roads. 03398601 | VAT No: 484 5446 17. Showing our 1 review for Ridgeback Panorama Deluxe Frameset 2016. Its cheap replacement has had similar punishment with no adverse effects after 3,000 miles. Just generally, everything about the make is very solid. The hills in Switzerland can be quite savage, but nowhere near as savage as I imagine, say, South America would be. So if you want to take a Ridgeback outside of “the West” for several months then the Expedition may be a better (and cheaper) choice than the Panorama. Super delivery The steering is very light, so it took me a while before I could multi-task whilst cycling (don’t do this at home kids!). There’s nothing quite like charging down hairpin bends on Swiss alpine passes and knowing that, even if it’s lashing it down with rain, your brakes will still stop the bike. Particularly on long, straight, flat canal paths. Nice frame — braze-ons for any other nic-nacs you might be carrying such as frontal defence pod, rear rocket launcher, stinger, fishing rod etc. The front one is still going strong after about 9 years. Whenever you see an asterisk (*) after a link to a third-party website, I may earn a small commission (typically 3–5%) if you make a purchase after following the link. You can be on beautiful smooth tarmac one minute and wobbling down muddy forest trails the next. We now have wider Schwalbe Marathon Plus* tyres which feel better for the heavier weight and we are very happy with them. Ok, maybe not the best way to pick a bike but I’ve never been disapointed. More long distance cycle tourists use 26″ wheels than 700c (it’s about 3‑to‑1; we’ve checked), especially if travelling to far flung places where the smaller versions are more common. I bought one of these in Edinburgh late 2012 to ride the North Sea Cycle Route. If you typed the URL directly, please make sure the spelling is correct. I will therefore take the “any adventure you have in mind” marketing copy with a pinch of salt! Tim and Laura Moss's round the world trip on standard Panorama,s is truly a testament to this. 26″ rims have a diameter of 559 mm — removing the offending pump peg Required fields are marked *. You can get all the tech specs from the Ridgeback Panorama official page, but for the less geeky version, here’s what you get: With the exception of needing pedals, you really can take this bike on an adventure straight out of the box. On day 4 (after a lot of rain and some mud) it developed a tick/knock/creak on the pedal stroke. I think the frame geometry, and the choice of tubing is excellent, in particular the large diameter downtube, and it can handle most things including very high speeds, but I think few of the components that form the standard specification are good choices for rough-stuff loaded touring. (622–559)/2 = 31.5 mm. As part of a road tour I recently rode up several off-road mountain passes in the Alps, and despite the very rough surfaces on these roads, the bike handled everything easily, better than I did! So I thought it might be fun to go through what I broke first. The mud guards are probably the least sturdy feature of the whole bike. If you are intending to use finance as your payment option, please note we will only ship your order to your billing address, and not to an alternative delivery address. These days, you can order parts over the internet and have them delivered almost anywhere in the world so this isn’t as much of a problem as it perhaps was in the past. Phone / Emailing contact very nice This effectively means that you can only lift the bike, when laden, with your right arm. All else being equal, a smaller wheel is stronger. Bicycles are a very personal thing. No problems to date. Sorry — can you qualify what this bike is for then? Thanks guys! How To Plan A Cycle Tour or Bikepacking Trip, eBook: The Beginners’ Guide to Cycle Touring & Bikepacking, How To Cycle Around The World In 3 Easy Steps, 6 Simple Steps To Planning Your First Ever Cycling Adventure, Planning A Really Massive Bike Trip? Later my LBS offered me the frame from that bike at a very good price so I purchased it. If I remember correctly, it is 26mm unlike most handlebars being 31. something. Tim and Laura are currently using the bike for a world tour, and, having done so for more than half a year, have concluded that the bike seems better suited to short tours in the developed world. SON deluxe dynamo As a thank you for joining us, we're going to give you one of our best-selling courses, for free! With all these modifications you might as well get another bike or build one from scratch.. There’s another problem in that unless you put huge tyres on (which wouldn’t fit in this frame), changing to 26″ wheels will lower the bottom bracket so that ground clearance may become a real issue when cornering. A Bit of Noise: the Ridgeback Panorama cycled silently for about 3 days, which was lovely while it lasted. Designed for long periods in the saddle in remote locations, World series bike are sensibly specified. If the answer’s not yes, then I get rewriting. New to this? Certain parts have been replaced which is solely down to wear and tear and to be expected after every 2.5k miles or so. From the little we understand about tubing used for bike frames, this is top of the range. Cantilever brakes with 70mm cartridge inserts On the one I took off, the bottle touched the mud guard and I didn’t really fancy drinking from that. They are a well reputed and durable brand designed for touring. I would not recommend a product or service that I didn’t believe in. 1)            Give us a call on 0208 6796197 or email us to say you're sending something back, 2)            Pop a note in, together with a copy receipt, with the item to say whether you'd like a refund or an exchange for a different product, 3)            Post it back to us at De Ver Cycles, 632-636 Streatham High Road, London, SW16 3QL and make sure you get a proof of postage. You would need a respray after any framework though, which means completely stripping the bike back including headset and crown race. Brooks Imperial saddle Is it being marked down as a short tourer in the Developed World because of the wheel size (see internet comment above)? As anyone who’s taken a EuroVelo route from start to finish will know, not all international bike paths are made equal. ‑dual flat/SPD Shimano pedals I would be having to overtake her on the uphills simply to be able to keep moving, while we were both in our respective bottom gears. A bit of weird terrain and a significant weight load will not phase them. We’re pretty damn honest with eachother.

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