Melvin Jackson Jr., is a name that will never be forgotten because he refuses to be forgotten. His physical fitness and background in security are attributes that have helped him to cross over into action films such as, 'Close Range', utilizing his Stage Combat, Stunt Driving and Firearms experience. Although she loved acting at a young age, there weren’t any programs or schools in Lake Charles, LA that would help cultivate that skill set. After settling into modeling, I branched out into acting and fell in  love with the art. Mark and Lisa, Don, Jo, Jennifer and the whole family, I am so very sorry for your loss. She loves playing unapologetically smart and  deeply complex characters whose toughness masks a certain inner  vulnerability. Versatility is Taja's greatest accomplishments which is what lead her to guest star in multiple roles on some of the most popular television shows of our time. The series centers around Truitt's character, Rebel, an Oakland police officer, who struggles with life and career after her brother is killed by police and delves into the complexities of officers of color and the conflicts they have with their jobs, particularly now, while there is scrutiny over misconduct and police brutality. She has also co-starred on Scandal and had a supporting role in the TV Movie, Lovin’ Chaos. According to deadline the #1 school in LA that emerge from the UK. Today her successful strategy has converted her Coaching Clients into Network Series Regulars, Guest Stars, Co-Stars, Supporting and Lead Actors in Feature Films. Interviewed on The Mutha Knows Show, Rodney—who hosted his own BlogTalkRadio show before being hired by BET last year as co-host of The Mo’Nique Show—recounts how he came to work side-by-side with the funny lady who’d go on to win an Oscar. They would watch movies, learn all the lines and then act them out for fun. “And I’m like, ‘Mo’Nique who?’ And she’s like, ‘Mo’Nique nigga’—you know, like she talks. Danielle Pinnock- Actor, Playwright, Coach and Co-creator or Hashtag Booked. All of our love, The Enright family. Prayers being lifted. Sara Mornell  has shared her 23+ years of extensive knowledge  coaching actors, athletes, and entertainers to live in their truths and  train like Olympians to meet the demands of Hollywood. She's best known for her roles as a woman torn between  love and faith in Obligation (which premiered at Cannes in 2016), a  quick-thinking cheating girlfriend in Allergic to Cats, and a  demon-hunting hippie in Another Soul. This holiday season, she can be seen  as "Kai" in the television movie Hip Hop Holiday alongside Ta'rhonda Jones, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Andra Fuller. Equally impactful in the world of television, Dustin was the acting coach for the ABC sitcom, My Wife and Kids. The series she is producing now, Outlandish, has over 250k views on YouTube and is steadily growing. He also co-authored, with  Emmy Award-winning Jeffersons star and decades-long Lemack & Company  client Isabel Sanford, her autobiography, titled You Can Call Me Weezy.

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