63% means' it is 39.0 days into its 62 day growth time. attribute. You can ship either the crop or the seed and the appropriate store will then carry both the crop and the seeds of that level. As you keep planting in the same field or area, the soil stats decrease. Specifically, it affects the stat [Sz. I preordered Rune Factory 4 Special Archival Edition, and I‘m looking forward to it’s release date as well as news for Rune Factory 5! ], raises naturally as you grow certain crops. RF4 - which soil stats increase and decrease and when Hi, I’m trying to look into the farming in more detail and have come across the soil stats etc but I’m a bit confused! If the crop is disfavored for the season, the value is multiplied by 2/3.

These stores have a small initial stock that expands as you complete requests. It was announced in Famitsu on June 29, 2011. ]+ stats.

It also sells groceries and a rotating selection of wild crops. Carnation's stocks seeds for flowers. However, once fully grown, Grapes, Orange, and Apple trees produce fruit daily. Formula B by 1.0 and Formula C by 2.0. When that value reaches the required growth time of the crop, the crop will become harvestable.

Store crop and seed levels only rise if you ship crops that you yourself have raised. For example, an apple tree with '[Grw.]

• Outfits Two major things are growth rate and health, both of which you can check with a magnifying glass. The amount increased is a combination of 2 factors: the '[Grw.] The below locations are not always all-inclusive, but rather list the best location for finding a large number of a specific item. Thus, the fastest way to grow a crop is to cap the soil's growth value at 5.0 and grow it during its favored season. • Monsters Another stat, [Sz. Runey weather will further multiply the increment value by 4, so that the above would gain 30.0 days at 6AM. For Rune Factory 4 on the 3DS, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Soil Attributes and Soil Values? This list includes all wild plants which appear on your shipping record under "Crops". For example, if the apple tree with 39.0 days grown is on a plot of soil with a growth value of 3.3 and the season is fall. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Yes, soil value is restored when it is not plowed and not used. Trees and Dungeons can be made giant. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This will show up as 68% growth in game. I’m confused as the advise can seem contradictory! • Pharmacy +++The Twinkle Tree (grown from a Shining Seed) produces no fruit, but can be chopped with an axe for Lumber and Glitter Augite. This indicates that there is a hidden treasure somewhere near where the monster/person is standing.

• Relationships. You can also use withered grass on the field + a hoe to help the soil.

Every morning at 6AM, the hidden days counter is increased by a specified amount.

The level of the formula has no effect on the value increased.

This value can be increased by Formulas. • Requests ". and [Sz. share. Most wild crops will, once shipped, appear for sale at one or more of the town vendors (Sincerity General Store, Carnation's, Tiny Bandage Clinic). I'm still confused about Soil and how to level or just want to ask again. This final result will be the value added to the hidden days value at 6 AM every morning. This will allow you to skip several levels at once, especially for long-growing crops. Hi, I’m trying to look into the farming in more detail and have come across the soil stats etc but I’m a bit confused! Experience is gained by fighting monsters.

1 Swordsmanship 2 Forging 3 Mining 4 Farming 5 Communication 6 Camping 7 Pharmacy 8 Decoration 9 Logging 10 Cooking 11 Fishing 12 References Swordsmanship involves fighting with the use of weapons. The hidden days value will be increased to 42.3 the next day. Specifically, it affects the stat [Sz.

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", stores will stock the highest level crop/seed that you have shipped.

These cannot be cultivated from seeds but can be collected in other ways, such as from the wild or from fallow fields. To raise crop levels you'll want to obtain and plant higher level seeds. statistic, the one with an x instead of a % at the end. It may also help to restore the HP of your soil and/or plant with Withered Grass, Corn, or Clover. • Plot, Cooking and Recipes

Am I understanding that correctly? • Forging Note that low-level crops often leave behind higher level seeds when harvested. ist that correct? Health determines several things sort of.

Harvesting/growing seems to both increase and decrease stats and I’m not sure how it all works together? Water the crops every day until they are fully grown, and then after an extra day or two they will merge into a single gigantic crop.

• Status Ailments Rune Factory 4 Farming. After planting a seed, you can check its progress with a magnifying glass. Field also has level that speeds up growth and lvl of crops with usage. It is suspected that anywhere you can find a hidden Mushroom is a place where you can also find a hidden Monarch Mushroom. Despite the name of the skill, Swordsmanship involves not only the use of the sword, but also the use of the spear, axe, and hammer. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

For information on how to find seeds and/or unlock them in the store, view the Requests (RF4) page. Refer to the World Map for help locating items. (I saw a list) to a maximum of level 16 that are the Soil Attributes but now to Increase the Soil Value I need to use the items i saw in an other list like Formula A, Greenifier, etc? save hide report. ++The tree will not regrow if chopped down.

are i'm right that a soil levels like a character just by getting experience by what you harvest on it? Note that most grasses can also be collected from Revival Cave and Maya Road.

The crop will gain 7.5 days towards their growth time every morning. Maximum soil quality raises permanently as you harvest crops. Additionally, as your soil quality improves (a natural process that occurs as you harvest crops), your regularly watered crops will sometimes grow to be be a higher level than the seed you planted. ], raises naturally as you grow certain crops.

• Random Events and [Sz. The basic steps of growing giant produce are simple. No matter what level wild crop you ship, shops will always sell level 1 wild crops.

• Trophies As noted above, Mushrooms can be found growing at Selphia Plains D1-4, Selphia Plains E1-3 and Autumn Road F3; they also drop from Big Muck, Tricky Muck. The Monarch Mushroom is also a very rare drop from Death Fungus. The soil growth value can be seen with a magnifying lens. Press J to jump to the feed. To do this, use a sickle on a fully grown (100% [Grw.]) To increase health you can till dry grass, corn, or use greenifier. Growth rate goes down every time you harvest something. The General Store stocks seeds for all crops except flowers.

#.#x' (where #.# is a decimal number between 0.1 and 5.0) value of the 2x2 plot of soil the crop is on and whether the season is good, bad or neutral for the crop.

Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://therunefactory.fandom.com/wiki/Crops_(RF4)?oldid=77368. To grow crops in Rune Factory 4, you'll need to buy seeds from Sincerity General Store or Carnation's. Giant trees do not produce giant fruit.

Soil quality can be improved by using Greenifier and Greenifier+ on it. 33.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Then, sprinkle Giantizer on these crops. Note if the crop wasn't watered, no increase will happen. Plants have an easier time giantizing on high quality soil; you can give soil a quality boost (up to +2.00%) with Greenifier.

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