Fly fishing rods are made of carbon fiber, outfitted with resin with the carbon cloth wrapped around a mandrel, and reinforced again with resin to form a long slim cone called a blank. It’s no surprise then, that fly rods are unique in their construction, in the reels they’re paired with and in the line they use. As a company that is foremost a fly fishing company, I inherently trust Orvis when it comes to their products. Were the Sage Response or the other Echo rods (the 3, Edge, and Ion are all purportedly better than the Carbon) considered? Not so much: Discontinued! The 5-weight has become America’s go-to trout rod. The best value fly rods if you want to be on the water for the cheapest amount of money are technically the Eagle Claw Featherlight, which is calling itself a 4/5 weight, but at just 6’6” it’s not going to have much power or casting distance. I recall Fly Fish America ("FFA") conducting a test about 15 years ago with nearly the identical format; blind testing (the brands and models of the rods were taped). In addition to the Orvis Encounter above, the Sage Foundation Outfit and the Orvis Clearwater Outfit are the two most affordable bundles at their relative price points, while also being made in the USA. It's obvious that Orvis really did their homework when it came time to revamping both the rod and reel. Bottom line: This rod should be discontinued. Just to be clear, Echo makes some really great rods, but this just wasn't one of them. At $300 for a quality, versatile rod and reel combo and the proper line that goes with it along with a case to boot? Fly rod weight is an incredibly important factor to consider when you buy your first fly fishing rod. What is most important; however, is for you to try them so you can see which one works the best for you. I have a strong opinion, but it's just an opinion. The technology used to make nano-silica resin rods pushes the benefits of graphite rods to new levels. I can't compare the two but I do own an older Orvis Clearwater 5 wt. Casters liked: Great for dries at short to medium distance. R.L. Sure, you’re going to make these casts when a trout sneaks up on you, but when you’re casting to a rising fish, you’re going to give him a lot more room. The Clearwater is Orvis’s entry level rod with much better than entry level performance. When you’re casting a 9’ rod with a 9’ leader (18’ if you’re adding), you only have 7’ of fly line out of the rod tip, which is barely past the front taper of the fly line. When it comes to the materials and composition of fly rods, numerous technologies have introduced a variety of substances and composites that are used to make rods with differing characteristics: The best fly fishing rods are made of graphite. It Doesn't handle line like a sage should. Sage has hyped the Circa as their version of a ‘slow’ rod. They are designed for delicate presentations and slow casting action. 100 points. Everything is hearsay until you see or hear it first hand. I started to help introduce as many people into this amazing sport. My friend now hates David Blane. The rods come in 2 pieces and are ideal for casting in small water bodies. If you’re in the market for a new rod, make sure this makes it onto your list. Not so much: Didn’t stand out in any way. Not so much: Could have used a little more in the ‘feel’ category. Came out perfect. News to me...not saying it couldn't be true, but the help line seems to think they are made in Vermont also. TFO is well known for producing some the finest fishing tools in the world, on a budget. Combine that with great feel and almost legendary Winston workmanship and you’ve got a truly top notch rod. It’s got typical Sage good looks, and was one of the lightest rods in the test in both actual weight and swing weight. Line Recommendation: Scientific Anglers GPX worked really well, but it’s also soft enough for standard weight lines. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It might have the longest (and worst) name in the test, but the performance speaks for itself. Different rods require different lines. Always been a Sage guy and I know they do mad amounts of R&D. This is my exact question! 5. The Echo Carbon was the oldest rod in our test, and it showed. Bottom Line: It’s a great fit into the Hardy lineup, which lacked a rod for the dry fly enthusaist, and a low-cost replacement for the discontinued, but still loved, Artisan. The kit comes in a Custom Cordura case to include the backing and the leader, a light floating line, and a rod. Our shootout was comprised of 17 real fisherman. So, we decided to join the crowd. I appreciate the format used by Trident in this testing. Bottom Line: Classic Winston looks and dry fly performance. High-end fly rods will cost well over $1000 and the tier below that will cost $700+. A nine-foot, five-weight fly fishing rod, the Orvis Clearwater is excellent for first-time anglers looking to catch large trout. We’re really interested in checking out the 4-weight! Selecting the best beginner fishing rod is about knowing the right fly rod weight based on the type of game you want to catch and the kind of fly you are using. JavaScript is disabled. The TFO rods, the Taylor rods, the Mystic rod, and the Waterworks rods are all designed here in the U.S. and built in Asia. 95 points. No Chinese made rods. Each of these rods scored over 100 points in the test, and is highly recommended. Sometimes you dont have the American option, but when you do, i always prefer to buy American. that I fish with regularly and it is a great rod. I'm in Europe so this is not that important to me. It’s subtly faster than some of the other top contenders, so if you’re looking for more distance or have a faster casting stroke, this rod might be the one for you. Streamers – We didn’t stop at nymphing. These rods were pretty much universally disliked by the testers. But sometimes what works best for one person, doesn’t work well for another. What makes the Sage X purr though, is the revolutionary KonneticHD technology used to construct the rod, delivering buttery smooth yet powerful casts with unmatched accuracy. It’s no surprise that casters thought this rod “Looked Great”, and had a “great moderate action.” We’ve long thought the Approach was the sleeper in Sage’s lineup, so we were a bit surprised it didn’t do better, but it’s not really well suited to faster casters. The outfits also come with a robust Rulon-to-stainless steel inline drag to assist anglers in catching fast fish, so consider the whole setup if you can.

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