But...I'm scared!

And next time it won't just be ma [my] butt and ma [my] tail, it'll be ma [my] arm, or ma [my] armpit, or ma [my] air helmet. What a baby, socity ruined my life too, but you don't hear me complaining about it. Seriously, SpongeBob is pretty the Nickelodeon scapegoat. Pa: Sandy, you never told us this 'SpongeBob' guy was in love with you. ", Greasy: "Perfect, as soon as that super freak Sandy is out of the picture, Dandy is good as ours. MMPH!

Let's just get out of here. In the episode "Squirrel Jokes", SpongeBob becomes a stand-up comedian at the Krusty Krab.

Applejack: Well, there's one thing that ruffles my hair a lil' bit. At first, he tells jokes that nobody laughs at. This is so true and sad at the same time. ", Sandy: "Ok, First, we take an underground passage back to the school, and contain the Gene-spliced critter, and saved the prisoners! His helmet and sandboard fly off, then Patrick screams as he's about to hit a mountain. U.S. premiere time (EST): (notices that Hypnorattle's eyes are blue and tearing) Oh no! (Chops one of his feet, and the gorilla screeches in pain as it hops on one foot. (In the next shot, Sandy is shown sitting in a criss-cross zen position, and has a nickle, a cookie, and a napkin shaped like a mountain.). Pa: "Yep. (Sandy gets up slowly, while putting her hands in the air), Randy: HEY! Pa: Sandy? Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all.

", Darkness Qui: "Painfully quick to claim command, are we?

WE'RE TALKING! (Puts head in the net and his jellyfish sticks to his face) Huh? Spongebob: I wonder why she has her house in lock down mode? Is everything alright? Twilight: Oops! Hank: "Simple, turn them into mutants. ", The Texas Song is written in a modified version of the, Patrick mangles the lyrics of the cowboy song ", Sandy says, "Y'all best apologize, or I'm gonna be on you like ugly on an ape!," which is a reference to a quote from the character Jimmy James from the TV show. (Sandy is out of her suit and stands by the same lever in her home from "Texas"), Sandy: None of me is safe!

(Walks away). (Frees Miss Sting's eyes...). Anima: (Surprised) What? Enjoying the outside world? More from. Right now, this gun is filled with an incredibly dangerous virus called. (Sandy imitates Squidward laughing, and we cut to Patrick and Spongebob laughing until Spongebob gasps in realization.). Ignitus: Alright, alright, SpongeBob! Get your hands away from ma [my] tail! Spongebob: Just sitting in your dome? Mutant Gofpfer: "HEY! Look at you, yer' sprouting up like a cactus on steroids! SpongeBob: Yeah, (Chuckles) we are. Sandy: That'll keep him distracted. Besides, she means everything to me. Eh, doesn't matter. Hypnorattle: Petey, you're the only one who can pull this off without a scratch. Sandy gets angry once again, and Patrick asks if he should start running again as the episode ends. The crowd, except Squidward, cheers at this, and Patrick once again insults Texas. Hypnorattle: Ms. Doloris! (We cut back to Sandy singing from inside her treedome, the camera zooms out revealing the boys watching Sandy. - Junior Brown [Sandy blindfolded] (Laughs) Good luck showering, varmits! ", Greasy: "Sandy's bro is a brony? (Pulls the lever and brings down a metal covering on the treedome), (Bubbles rise revealing Spongebob sliding down a slope with his tongue, while Patrick slides on his belly on his clam shell like he's belly-sliding). Darkness Qui: Excellent! The door shakes as well until Sandy opens it.). Ah'm [I'm] never going outside ever again.

I was plannin' to warn yall', but I must've forgot it. Sandy however, isn't convinced at Patrick being truly scared.). Sandy: That's why it's fun! There are several occasions in which Squidward goes out of his way to make SpongeBob happy, such as when he dresses up like Santa at Christmas. Suddenly, the bus comes back and Sandy returns, and she angrily berates Patrick for badmouthing her hometown. Cockroach: (Already handicapped) I say you go fuck yourselves, man! Everyone, to the ship! I can tell you've heard of them. Don't yous know the jinx, huh? Sherm CohenVincent WallerDavid Fain Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is a FANDOM TV Community.

"Rock Bottom" SpongeBob: (Drying up) WAAAAATTTTEEEEERRR! Use your suit! (Spongebob and Patrick enter Sandy's treedome while wearing their water helmets. I need fresh air! Squidward's kindness gets on SpongeBob's nerves throughout the day, but he reaches his limit when he sees Squidward having fun with Patrick. I'll just wait until they do the vandalism, then once they leave, I'll do a little sabotage! Patrick: Heh-heh. I mean, they have their, surreal moments, and some are ALOT more surreal then others, but that's what makes them awesome!

“They don’t hate on SpongeBob.

In fact, he, Petey, Sandy, and I are gonna save the school from those no-good villains. Some fans may sympathize with SpongeBob's energetic personality, while others might relate to Squidward and find it annoying. Sean Dempsey Yours is truly the iron will. What's up, bro! Skipper: You make a good point. Dude, how more gay can you get! More from. ", Darkness Qui: "Well, we're gonna have to adjust that aditude, won't we? Sandy realizes how much her underwater friends care about her, and that Bikini Bottom has become her true home, and decides to stay. (Posesses Hypnorattle's body, and takes control of him).

This is the first time Sandy is heard singing. That has been ringing my ears all day! The characters are SpongeBob - Homer, Sandy - Marge, Pearl - Lisa, Plankton - Maggie, Patrick - Bart and Squidward - Flanders. Squidward's prank involves SpongeBob being pulled by a rope across the restaurant. He's slammed into walls, doused with flower, and thrown into a trashcan. I hope for the love of Davy Crockett they didn't just gene splice Hairy, Skins, and Greasy! SpongeBob tried to enjoy his day with Patrick, but he couldn't do anything because of the wringer. It's really quite amazing. (Shrieks like a girl, and hides behind Sandy). Licking: (Laughs at Miss Sting) Now THAT'S funny! Hello? That's messed up! (Spybug pops out paint spray, and erases 'Sandy was', then replaces it with 'Hairy, Skins, and Greasy were') See that? (Pats her butt cast) From now on, ah'm [I'm] all around the clock butt patrol. Spongebob #2: So Patrick.

Spongebob (Confused): What are you doing sitting in the middle of the floor like that? If it wasn't for us, you would've been in trouble with those bullies that vandalized the Principal's office. Anyway, one zap, and your a mutant!

• ? (Closes the door), (We cut to outside the treedome where he and Spongebob take off their air helmets. It's funny how fans of something blame the first thing they hate for cancellation of their show. Not after what you tried to do to Sandy. Though the pranks don't hurt anyone, they annoy Squidward so much that he pulls a mean one on SpongeBob. Patrick insults Texas by calling it stupid, asking what is so great about it. Now, I'm more into biology. Strike Force Heroes Music - Rose at Midnight, Chest Defibrillation - The Thing (5 10) Movie CLIP (1982) HD, https://spongebobandfriendsadventures.fandom.com/wiki/Sandy%27s_Mad_High-School_Reunion?oldid=161588, Hank: "I cannot believe this is happening! Sandy: So, anyway, I think I should get going. Wait a second! It's a little known fact that insects eat by barfing on their food, letting the barf digest the food, then drink the barf back up. Spongebob: We've got to try something else. Spongebob, then Patrick go back into hiding. Right before SpongeBob and Patrick start walking around in a circle, SpongeBob has two bottom lip outlines. Now, it's chow time! I'm part of the animal that eats punks like you for lunch! It's been the subject of multiple episodes, including "Karate Island".

You cowards are nothing more than a bunch of--(Sandy stomps on him again).


Credits Then Sandy shoots three darts. Skins: (Shrugs) I HATE it when that happens! We gotta find a way to distract those villains long enough for the Shell Lodgers to get here. Sandy: Naw, he's right, Spongebob. (Everyone sees the SpyBug) It's us, the Shell Lodge Squad. Spongebob (still in a gorilla suit) stands in the middle with Patrick on his left side and Sandy on his right side as the letters writing "THE END" appear at the top of the screen. Randy: Eh, that's okay, we should hook up anyway. (Sandy is about to press the button on her suit, but her crash landing kills the moment, and ends up having no feet and tail. It's Texas!"] Ms. Sting: Yeah, those were the days. Well, it's funny you should, uh, you see, GEORGE, THEY'RE ON TO US! Batula: Let's crush it! (Appears) Before you go, I got something I gotta tell you first. You've gotta come and save me!  • ? Physically, they'll still be alive, but mentally, they'll be dead. I must admit, it would be nice to be able to call you without having to pay long disence bills. Qui is clearly someone who won't be easily deterred. When Patrick comes by with cake, he also yells at him, too. ", Hairy: "Well, on the plus side guys, at least Princeapal Licking forgot to call our parole officers, so it can't get worse from here.

Watch me do the "Grouchy Squidward". (Gets shot from behind by laser) OWCH! (We see a close-up of the gorilla's eyes widening in shock. ", Narcotic: "The chip has a virus that should release the other prisoners, your grace.

(Speaks in Hypnorattle's own voice) I'm an ugly moron who likes butterflies and playing dress-up! Anyway, how's it been going? Honestly, it's unfair and makes no sense! Ma: Oh, we heard all of it, hun. In the episode "My Pretty Seahorse", SpongeBob finds a stray seahorse and names her Mystery.

They decide to cheer up Sandy by throwing a Texas-themed party for her at the Krusty Krab. (Points to her as she smiles with no reaction) We're gonna find you a hobby that's so fun you'll have to come outside for it! Though SpongeBob is the better worker, he has an extreme childlike nature, which is why the promotion went to Squidward. Just save yourselv--...Oh, crud! Writer(s): Just hang on. All too easy. I'm still sad about Harvey Beaks getting cancelled. It's Darkness Qui, Narcotic and Celisus! What're you talking abo- (Sees new writing) Wha--but I thou--How the--I--I don't understand! (Uses magic to take down web).

I'm comin'! Hypnorattle: Relax, one of us is small enough to do the job. You win. At the end of the intro, the show's logo is textless. (Fish spanks him) Ouch! Ma: (Sandy runs back up with a plate of food) There you are, honey. “People get mad at the NFL. Sandy: TARNATION! That's why you must always pay attention to the mountain. Soon, everyone gets mad at SpongeBob, and they want to sacrifice him to somehow bring back Krabby Patties. She's always one step ahead of us! (Slams her window), (Patrick sadly moans, but then sees Squidward walking by and gets an idea.). (We cut to the gorilla happily scarfing on the bananas and throwing the peels into the air). SpongeBob: (Wearing a water-helmet) Now let go of my girlfriend, or- (Covers mouth as another record scracth is heard) Oh, barnicles, did I just say that? Who do you think you are, tiny? NEXT: 10 Times SpongeBob SquarePants Tackled Deep Issues. (SpyBug flies up to her). (Spongebob puts on the head piece of his gorilla costume), Patrick: (Opens Sandy's door and waves a white flag) Alright, Sandy. Though SpongeBob often gets on Squidward's nerves, it is clear that behind his bitter exterior, Squidward actually cares for SpongeBob. She must've freed the other inmates for aome reinforcing reasons. Sandy: Ah [I] don't need no wishes, Nickel. ", Skins: "He ain't the boss of us anymore, huh? Sandy: Well, we'd best find a way to capture them. (To cookie) Cookie, would you mind showing those boys to the door? Patrick (While belly-sliding): Yeah, and I'm a penguin!

", Guard: "Look out! - Junior Brown ["Oh, it's nothing but a memory now."]

SpongeBob and Sandy are good friends.

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