The specific, varies based on the animal and amount of zinc or riboflavin present in pigment cells within the tapetum lucidum. The dominant Inhibitor gene (symbolized I) or SILVER locus suppress the development of pigment (coloring) in the cat’s hair. I would have to say I favor the Seal Lynx Point because they usually have the lightest background color with those beautiful blue eyes! I completely understand that! [email protected] Our newsletter subscribers are the first to see: from a layer of tissue called the “tapetum lucidum” which lines the back of the eyeball behind the retina. I am also able to produce other variations of Seal Lynx Points. These boys will get darker with age giving them wonderful color and rosetting, not to forget those beautiful blue eyes! We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, About Laurent Jaccard the face, ears, feet and tail, usually darken first and then the coat markings will follow. All of this can all be a bit confusing for the average person. Nola Kotton Pickin of Gogees, became the foundation sire for a whole new line of colors in the Bengal world: the Snow Bengal cats. This unique genetic characteristic means that it could possibly take generations for a snow litter to form. Bengal cats are an amazing breed of felines and are absolutely breathtaking. However, a well-informed individual can definitely spot these three variations easily since they know what they’re looking for. Two breeders, Gene Johnson (Gogees cattery) and Bob Dundon (Nola cattery), did an experimental breeding, since their gene pool was dangerously small. This coat characteristic should not be confused with the typical shine found on a healthy cat coat; it’s actually quite different. Here, we will explore each type of snow Bengal cat and what makes them so unique. The background color is ivory to cream with markings in varying shades of brown. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. It is also used by some to refer to Seal Mink Bengals or Seal Sepia Bengals. What Kinds of Snow Bengal Kittens can I find at KotyKatz? The coloring of its coat and markings darken with age and it can take a few months for the final color to finally appear. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Making the pattern as dark as possible while maintaining the light background for contrast is my goal. Sepias have gold/brown or green/hazel eyes. Do you want to be able to know what sets each snow Bengal cat aside from the rest? G. old or green eyed Bengal cat’s eyes will glow green. A sepia will never produce a lynx, even if it’s bred to a lynx. Bengals displaying strong color points, similar to the Siamese pattern, are considered undesirable in the Bengal Standard. At KotyKatz Bengals, we specialize in my favorite snow color, the Seal Lynx Point. Both have super sweet fun personalities, are lap kitties, and get along very well with children and other pets! Marshamelo, lovely seal lynxpoint female at 1 year old: This type of Bengal is the only kind with blue eyes as adults: Seal lynxpoint Bengals often do not show their markings until 6 months old Snow Lynx Bengal Kittens. Snow Bengals can be produced at the 2nd generation (and generations after) if the recessive genes are carried by both parents. Although some fuzzies can be a sore sight for eyes (they are sometimes referred to as “fuzzy uglies”), it’s important to remember that they are only temporary. Its feet are black. It means that a brown spotted Bengal cat may carry the specific genes responsible for snow Bengal cat characteristics. Choosing a Bengal Kitten for First Time Bengal Owners, 10 Characteristics of Bengal Cat Personality. Of course, you do! The foundation cats to look for in Bengal pedigrees for the seal mink and seal sepia snow Bengals, come from the late 1980’s, early 1990’s. Gogees worked hard over the years to have the snows recognized, and they were instrumental in forming the standard for those colors. Have you ever heard of the Snow Bengal cat? If a sepia is bred to another sepia, only sepia can be produced. Sporting the lightest of the three coat variations of snow Bengal cats, the seal lynx point Bengal is the result of the recessive Siamese gene. To learn more about Bengals, check out our other informative articles in the Bengal cat breed section. They introduced the Burmese domestic cat gene pool into their programs by breeding Warhawk of Flyingwfarms to a sable Burmese. The point pattern is expressed as “lynx” “mink” or “sepia.”. Bengals can grow to weigh anywhere from 6 to 15 pounds, and males are generally larger than females. You can’t actually “see” it physically but it’s hidden in his genetic coding and may be passed onto offsprings. In the sunlight, the fur looks as though it had been sprinkled with tiny specs of a crushed up crystal. Sign up to receive top stories and quality content about everything Bengal cats in your inbox for free. One characteristic that sets Bengal cats aside from the rest is their physical strength. Fuzzies are characteristics that are present on a Bengal cat’s coat from infancy to around 16 weeks of age. The three variations of the Snow Bengal tend to have warm tones if there is no inhibitor gene present. If a sepia is bred to a mink, only sepias or minks can be produced. The eye color of a seal lynx point snow bengal is always a bright blue, with a brownish pink nose. Seal minks can produce all three of the snow colors, although the mink color can not be carried. Kotton’s paternal grandfather was Millwood Silk’n Cinders, a Blue Mink/Seal Mink Spotted Tabby bred by Jean Mill. And his father, Millwood Rajin Cajun, was the foundation stud for Gogees Cattery and one of the best known foundation Bengals in the breed. You will see these kittens listed as Charcoal Seal Lynx Point, Charcoal Mink, and Charcoal Sepia Bengals. A fuzzy is a long guard hair that sticks out from a baby Bengal cat’s coat. My best advice is to find photo examples of the Seal Lynx Point Bengal cats you love and go from there. The Bengal standards call for very little or no difference between the color of the body (pattern) markings and point color. So, there are three distinct different coloring characteristics of snow Bengal cats: These three groups are very similar in phenotype but they still have unique traits that set them aside from the rest. The snow Bengal cat is a man-made cat breed that was created by crossing gene pools in breeding programs. An interesting aspect of snow Bengal cat genetics is that their genes are recessive. Snow Lynx Bengal kittens are born completely white or … To differentiate this group from the Snow lynx Bengals, the sepias have darker markings at birth. “Snow” is a slang term used to describe the Seal Lynx Point Bengal. In addition to the regular Seal lynx point Bengals I also produce Silver Seal Lynx Points (Silver Snows) and Charcoal Seal Lynx Points (Charcoal Snows). In the beginnings of the Bengal cat breed, this color was an intentionally introduced into the gene pool from an outcross made to Burmese, to create a more contrasted Snow Bengal. If you can’t find out which specific color snow Bengal it is you can send the picture you’ve found to me and I will let you know what you are looking at. Seal Lynx Point Bengals can be born nearly all white with no pattern visible or with very light markings that darken as they mature. This cat usually has a white fur coat with distinct spots and markings, along with striking blue eyes. At KotyKatz Bengals, we specialize in my favorite snow color, the Seal Lynx Point. Sign up to receive top stories and quality content about everything cats in your inbox.Get notified when our free ebook will be available for download.More than 1.3 Million followers on our Facebook page! His maternal grandfather, Warhawk of Flyingwfarms, was the first glittered Bengal to be shown in the early days. As a Bengal Cat owner of ten years, Laurent writes about his favorite cat breed to share his passion with other owners and enthusiasts. This cat receives two copies of the Siamese albino gene from its parents. As he gets older, his coat will acquire more and more of contrast until the age of 2. So the Snow Bengal can be both silver AND charcoal? These patterns darken as the cat matures in age. This is one of the most notable characteristics of Bengal cats in general. Among the different colors within this breed is the white Bengal cat, described as “Snow”. I have been working several years to intensify the color of the pattern on my Seal Lynx Point Bengals (spots, rosettes, and marbling.) Please follow us on our Facebook page for up to the minute updates, announcements, and exclusive photos and videos. The Snows can be Rosetted/Spotted, Marble, or Charcoal. Today most mink and sepia snow Bengals trace their ancestry back to Kotton Pickin. Seal lynx point Bengals are born almost completely white.

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