For each of the next seven beads, say a Hail Mary. Our Lady of Sorrows Rosary, Seven Sorrows of Mary Chaplet, Mother of Sorrows, Blessed Virgin Mary, Seven Dolors Chaplet, Our Lady of Kibeho SunnyWaves. The Order of the Servants of Mary, or the Servites, was founded by seven Florentine merchant men in 1233 under the inspiration of Our Mother of Sorrows. Before quitting the sepulchre, according to St. Bonaventure, she blessed that sacred stone, saying: Oh happy stone, that doth now inclose that body which was contained nine months in my womb, I bless thee, and envy thee; I leave thee to guard my Son for me, who is my only good, my only love. 17. Prayer: Beloved Mother, teach us to accept all our sufferings because of our sins and to atone for the sins of the whole world. My afflicted Mother, I will not leave thee alone to weep; no, I wish to keep thee company with my tears. During Mary’s apparitions to Marie-Claire Mukangango, she assigned the young visionary a mission to reintroduce this special rosary to the world. Our Lady’s promises to those who pray the Seven Sorrows Rosary, according to Marie Claire’s visions: 1) With the recitation of the Seven Sorrows Rosary, the hardest hearts shall change, if you pray it for yourself or for others. Make a sign of the cross – your prayers will be answered! Say the prayer, “Most merciful mother”. Be comforted,” she said to him; ” Jesus sends me to thee to console thee; be comforted, rejoice, and come with me to paradise.” And at these words the devout religious tranquilly expired, full of consolation and confidence. She could see him staggering and falling with the cross some more, and she witnessed her son being beaten by soldiers who pulled his hair to force him to stand up. … Pray the Seven Sorrows Rosary and let us do our part in reflecting the joy and peace of Jesus Christ through all that comes in pursuit of the eventual Triumph of her Immaculate Heart. the thought that she is to see him no more is a sorrow that exceeds all other sorrows. Teach us to accept our cross courageously. Then she said, “Even though God has power over everything, He wants us to flee with Jesus, His son. Mercifully, he finally died. We thank you for Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer, and we thank Jesus for giving you to us. This chaplet may be said over a week, concentrating on one sorrow each day, or may be said at one time. With creatures ? This poor mother went away so afflicted and sad, according to St. Bernard, that she moved many to tears even against their will: “Multos etiam invitos ad lacrymas provocabat;” so that wherever she passed, all wept who met her: “Omnes plorabant qui obviabant ei,” and could not restrain their tears. (It is, however, important that when you reach each sorrowful mystery, you take a moment to meditate on the magnitude of Mary’s suffering … and the strength of her love.). It may be prayed aloud or contemplated silently, alone or with others; the key is for the prayers, reflections, and meditations to always come from the depths of your heart. You, Mother, who suffered with the Savior of the world, we offer you our suffering, and the suffering of the world, because we are your children. I humbly beg You to give me true repentance for all my sins.

Now I am deprived of my father, my spouse, and my Son, for with my Son whom I have lost, I lose all things, Thus Mary, clinging to her Son, was dissolved in grief; but those holy disciples, fearing lest this poor mother would expire there through agony, went to take the body of her Son from her arms, to bear it away for burial. The friends of Jesus, Joseph and Nicodemus, took down his body from the cross and placed it in the outstretched arms of the Blessed Virgin. She then leaves the cross and returns to her house ; there the afflicted mother casts her eyes around, and no longer sees her Jesus ; but instead of the presence of her dear Son, all the memorials of his holy life and cruel death are hefore her. b. Meditate upon the Third Sorrowful Mystery.

In doing so, may we give glory to God Who gave you and Jesus to humanity. The Sixth Sorrowful Mystery: Mary Receives the Dead Body of Jesus in Her Arms (Jn 19:38-40). Upon reaching the large medal at the bottom of the rosary: c. Say three times: “Mary, who was conceived without sin and who suffered for us, pray for us.”. 4. Pray both rosaries regularly and you’ll be doubly blessed! The sorrowful mother turned to St. John, and said mournfully: Ah, John, where is thy master? Example: a. Then Mary washed it with deep respect and love because she was his mother. You stood by your son from the time he was arrested until he died. Help us to follow in your son’s footsteps, and even to be willing to lay down our lives for, Concluding Prayer: Queen of Martyrs, your heart suffered so much. Amen, amen. They knew that nothing could be done except to believe and trust in God and dedicate their suffering to Him. Teach us to see God in all things and all situations, even our sufferings. b. Meditate upon the Fifth Sorrowful Mystery. And thou, oh my soul, dost thou not weep! She also promised that over time, the rosary would develop within us a deep understanding of why we sin, and that knowledge would give us the wisdom and strength to change or remove any internal flaws, weakness of character, or personality faults, causing unhappiness and keeping us from enjoying the joyous life God intended for us to live. She spoke of the need for mortification, a spirit of penitence and sacrifice.

12. Jesus had pleased her in everything so far: he never annoyed her in any way, nor would he ever displease his parents. Let us suffer, and may our suffering be known to God only, like yours and that of Jesus. Our sorrowful mother, with the help of John and the holy women, devoutly placed Jesus’ body in the sepulcher, and she left him there as any other dead person. At least entreat her to permit thee to weep with her: “Fac ut tecum lugeam.” She weeps for love, and thou dost weep through sorrow for thy sins. Death came, and the devil tormented him more than ever with scruples, and tempted him to despair. Mother of All Peoples is an international lay organization that seeks to spread knowledge of and devotion to the Virgin Mary, and works for the papal definition of our Lady as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate. She knew better than anyone else that he was God incarnate who’d taken a human body to become the Savior of all people. When Mary lost Jesus on their way back from Jerusalem, the world became so big and lonely that she believed she couldn’t go on living without him, so great was her sorrow. The Blessed Virgin loved Jesus more than herself because he was her God. I speak from experience when I promise that you’ll never regret learning this wonderful rosary and that you’ll soon lose track of the countless blessings that praying it will bring into your life. She asked us to obey the Church, to love God in truth, and to love our neighbor in humility and simplicity. who has taken him from us ? 3. She insisted a lot on the need for conversion: Convert to God! O Mother of Sorrows, most afflicted of all mothers, have mercy on the sinners of the whole world. But that we may better understand this last dolor, let us return to Calvary, again to look upon the afflicted mother, who still holds, clasped in her arms, the lifeless body of her Son. For centuries, the Order has preached Her Sorrows. The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery: Mary Meets Jesus on the Way to Calvary (Lk 23:27-. While saying that people don't respect God's commands, that people have a hard heart, she also asked us to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary and to recite it every day. 6. The Blessed Virgin Mary continued to climb the mount to Calvary, following behind Jesus painfully and sorrowfully, yet suffering silently. Then, oh my beloved Son, must the afflicted mother have said, then shall I see thee no more? In her apparitions, Our Lady of Kibeho recommended that people pray the Chaplet (or Rosary) of the Seven Sorrows to obtain the favor of repentance. a. And Mary herself made this revelation to St, Bridget: “I can truly say, that at the burial of my Son, one sepulchre contained as it were two hearts.”. All they could do was put everything in God’s hands. I firmly resolve, with the help of Your grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life. Traditional Catholic Prayers + Piety † There is no greater gift than the Catholic Faith. The Rosary of the Seven Sorrows contains all the power you need to change your life for the better, obtain peace and happiness, realize your true potential, fulfill all your dreams, and grow closer to God’s light. Help us to also accept all the suffering we inflict upon ourselves and the suffering inflicted upon us by others. This grace I ask of thee to-day: obtain for me a continual remembrance of the passion of Jesus, and of thine also, and a tender devotion to them, that all the remaining days of my life may be spent in weeping for thy sorrows, O my Mother, and for those of my Redeemer, I hope that these dolors will give me the confidence and strength not to despair at the hour of my death, at the sight of the offences I have committed against my Lord.

Her heart was deeply troubled at the sight of her infant son’s discomfort, and she suffered greatly because he was cold and shivering. Prayers for both will be supplied upon purchase if requested. You are a mother greater than all.

Her heart had been dying since her son’s heart had stopped beating, but she was certain that our Savior would soon be resurrected. 3. Let us begin consistently praying (especially on Tuesdays and Fridays, as specifically requested by Our Lady) the Kibeho Rosary of the Seven Sorrows, which paradoxically will sustain us in the supernatural joy of Jesus and Mary, regardless of what challenges for the Church and the world may lie ahead. The 7 Sorrows of Our Lady and The Tears of Our Lady Chaplets are made the same but are prayed differently.

(She felt the same pain her son felt when he was later abandoned by his apostles during the Passion.).

This rosary recalls the seven major sorrows that the Virgin Mary suffered through—albeit with love and compassion—during the life, trials, and agonizing death of her son, Jesus Christ.

As they hammered the nails through his hands and feet, Mary felt the blows in her heart; the nails pierced her flesh as they tore into her son’s body. 5 out of 5 stars (452) 452 reviews $ 28.00. Then I shall possess what I hope for, because thou art our hope. Prayer: Beloved Mother, so stricken with grief, help us to bear our own suffering with courage and love so that we may relieve your sorrowful heart and that of Jesus. On the large medal at the bottom of the rosary: 2.

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