I have now noticed other issues, such as having problems when fast forwarding through CBC News Network recorded shows. Each time the recordings disappeared it has been on a Saturday. (with the exception of the missing recordings.....). Indicates a recording which is "Protected" and will not be automatically deleted by the PVR to make space for new recordings. Looks like Telus will be getting my business when this contract is up. This is absolutely driving me nuts. Signal strength can vary by channel - to find out if your program wasn't recorded due to signal issues, tune to the channel that it would have been recorded from to check the current levels in System Status: Enter your location for accurate product availability. !My PVR died on Monday morning. It's been about 8 hours now since I unplugged and plugged it back in; do yiu think that would be long enough? Wow. It is set to record with Priority 1. Also known as a "Series Recording Event". You may also be able to find past airings of programs through the free on-demand listings, either available through your DVR or elsewhere online. Also known as an "Impulse Recording". Leave it plugged in.... it can take several hours to rebuild the recording indexes. We have 2 BlueSky TV boxes, each with a 500 Mb drive, giving us a total of 1 Gb of recording space. Each time the recordings disappeared it has been on a Saturday. Seems like I have to call you every second day with a Blue Curve TV issue and I’m only 2 months into the contract. It’s not showing in the deleted folder and doesn’t appear within the Blue Curve TV app. This is usually accompanied by a mail message explaining the issue. If your PVR list is suddenly empty, your hard drive may be failing. Recording won’t play and disappeared from the cloud PVR. You might be in luck as your recordings may still be available to watch through the Shaw BlueSky / BlueCurve cloud DVR online. Many bizarre things are happening since the "upgrade." !My PVR died on Monday morning. Your HDPVR may miss recordings for different reasons, varying from scheduling issues to a technical issue. I waited 2 hours Thursday (Oct 24) for a callback from Shaw … The same thing happens to me. I have about a dozen shows being recorded, some which are weekly and some are daily. Before I pulled the cord, all my recordings were listed--the PVR wouldn't pause or rewind live TV though which is why I rebooted it. I think there is something running at TELUS on Saturdays that is causing the recording to disappear. Your HDPVR may miss recordings for different reasons, varying from scheduling issues to a technical issue. Example: Learn what the recording icons in the guide and recording icons in the PVR mean to help you easily manage your PVR recordings. All rights reserved. At the beginning of October I checked my PVR and noticed that ALL recorded program before September 24 had been deleted, which happened to be quite of number of shows. Blue Sky TV - Recordings Vanished and other issues arising. My wife tried to watch it the following Monday and Tuesday evening on her Blue Curve TV app (streaming in our house 10 feet from the Blue Curve modem). This could cause a conflict if you have two programs set to record at 10 pm. Learn how to fix issues around missing recorded programs with this troubleshooting guide. This is now my 4th. All rights reserved. I was watching TV while it happened, and everything stopped working for about an hour. Press "B" on your remote to show or hide conflicts. This is an episode which does not meet your recording event criteria. This thread's discussion is locked. Currently the box in my bedroom says I have 14 and the PVR in my living room says I … There are a number of reasons why recordings may be missed, including issues with: Raise the priority, so it gets recorded instead of one of the other two programs, Change the "Channels" parameter in PVR/Options to "HD only" so it will always automatically be recorded on HBO HD W in the event of a conflict. When scheduling, the PVR starts at the highest priority event and works down to the lowest priority event. Indicates a One-time Recording Event. You can watch it from the beginning in your PVR List, HBO HD E typically airs new episodes at 9:00pm ET. Please call technical support for assistance. To ensure maximum flexibility, we recommend leaving the default recording options when setting a new recording event.Upcoming recording conflicts will be displayed in the PVR Upcoming screen: Note: Some programs run past traditional end times, such as a show that airs from 9 - 10:01 pm. Beside deleted recovery, the software is also capable in recovering recorded files, videos, TV series, movies and other PVR data that get lost dues to format, hard drive corruption, memory card error, virus infection and so on. My PVR recording are also disappearing. You can use the Upcoming Air Dates screen to try to find a different airing to record or PVR Upcoming to cancel one of the conflicting events. I want TELUS to actually look into it seriously and fix it not merely suggest another replacement. I didn’t have 2 hours of my life to waste to wait to talk to someone again. I have had the PVR changed already and it made no difference. The show was unwatchable, stuttering and freezing with grainy low-resolution, I know it’s not our internet as my wife and I watched Netflix and YouTube all evening the same 2 nights with no issues on both our devices and the cable box. Troubleshooting guide to missing recorded programs, Indicates a recording which has been at least 80% watched, Indicates that a recorded PPV program has expired after it's 48 hour availability, Indicates a conflicted auto-tune, which will NOT activate. or 5th. ©2020 Shaw Communications. Hard drive failureHard drives do have a limited life span. If it doesn't give you the information you need, I think it is something internal. The line was disconnected after waiting on hold for a few minutes. My PVR was acting up today so I pulled the power cord out for a few seconds then plugged it back in. Neighbours with the most likes in the past month. Is this normal behavior for the PVR? It would have been nice to have some warning! Broken Recording: PVR List: Indicates a recording that is unplayable: Protected Recording: PVR List: Indicates a recording which is "Protected" and will not be automatically deleted by the PVR to make space for new recordings. It will not be recorded. Overnight the recording completely vanished from our Cloud PVR. For the past several months some of my scheduled series recordings (series timers) have been disappearing. I think I had to wait at least 4 hours (I went shopping and it was fine when I got home) when the drive was only 40% full. It doesn't appear to be triggered by any special event or reboot. Indicates a Smart One-time Recording Event. or 5th. My PVR recordings are slowly disappearing. Select a different recording date, which should immediately be reflected in PVR Upcoming. Delete the other auto-tune or modify the priority (HDPVR only), This is an episode which meets your recording event criteria and is currently scheduled to be recorded, This is an episode which is currently being recorded. Most programs have detailed episodic data, specific to that particular episode of that show, which flags the HDPVR to record it as a new airing. Mail messages can be checked by pressing MENU on your remote and selecting "Messages". "Desperate Housewives" airs at 9:00pm ET on ABC E HD. However, sometimes these details may be missing, which can cause your HDPVR to skip the recording. Is your hard drive full?If you have protected all of your recordings, preventing the HDPVR from clearing needed space, a mail message will be delivered to your receiver to advise you. HDPVRs can record a maximum of two programs simultaneously, or only one if you're operating in Single Tuner Mode (you have only one coax cable coming from your dish). The last number of months I have been losing a number of recorded shows from my PVR. The workaround to this scenario is to set a recording for "All episodes" but on "Ch. My PVR was acting up today so I pulled the power cord out for a few seconds then plugged it back in. PVR since signing up for Fibre Op in late January 2012. An SD broadcast when PVR/Options specify "Channels: HD only", A rerun when PVR/Options specify "Recurrence: New episodes". I've had numerous issues with my network wifi connecting with my Sony Bravia Internet TV that they claimed were PVR related. Also all my scheduled recordings are gone. There was a line above "Recordings" on the DVR menu that said "Refresh devices." Bell Aliant PVR's Ditto!! Possibly you have a faulty PVR if it is a recurring issue. I thought TBay Tel was garbage but Shaw is giving them a run for there money. head to its forum board for active discussions or to start a new discussion. Will continue to fire indefinitely as long as episodes matching the specified settings continue to be found. This program is incomplete and we are trying to re-record it.

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