It's revealed Shirley served Britta, a vegetarian, a meat based tofu. "The Politics of Human Sexuality": Shirley and Britta help Annie break into the Dean's office so she can get a good look at a anatomically correct statue she is supposed to put a condom on as part of a presentation at the STD Fair. While we assume you already know about Shirley Ballas' excellent career, and she never fails with her charisma. Shirley specializes in the international Latin division and has won several championship titles following which the pro dancer earned the title "The Queen of Latin.". Although he was confined to a wheel chair Butcher was an accomplished local sleuth. This isn't the first time the dancing favourite has transformed her lifestyle. In Shirley's third year at Greendale, she and the study group are taking Biology class together. However, Pierce takes her to "Greendale Summer Court" in order to be named sole owner of the shop. Following her split with Stopford, Shirley married Corky Ballas with whom she shares the exceptional dancing partnership, the two also won Professional Latin at Blackpool Dance Festival in 1995 and 1996. "Advanced Introduction to Finality": Shirley and the study group celebrate Jeff's graduation. Shirley revealed she has been using a small window of six hours to slim her waistline, only eating between 12pm and 6pm. Shirley Ballas (born Shirley Annette Rich) is an English ballroom dancer, dance teacher, and dance adjudicator from Wallasey. A crazy Halloween party at the beginning of the semester sees Shirley and Ben Chang having a one night stand although due to outside influences, though they have no memory of the incident. It also showed that slimmers lost three to eight percent of their weight within a three to 24 week period - which it claimed is more than most weight loss plans. Shirley's partnership with Nigel was broken as dance teacher Nina Hunt convinced Ballas to partner with Sammy Stopford, with whom she married later. At the end of the school year at Greendale, uncertainty about the future had the Save Greendale committee thinking about what to expect for the next semester. What diet plan does she use? Has Andrea Bocelli Ever Lost Weight? "Modern Warfare": Shirley competes in the school's Paintball Assassin's game for the prize. "Economics of Marine Biology": Shirley and Troy take a "Physical Education Education" class in which she excels and he does not. "Celebrity Pharmacology 212": Chang tries to get closer to Shirley but she ignores him until he commits a selfless (and crazy) act. The former couple then moved to Houston, Texas, and competed in the US. As well as her gig as a judge, Shirley has enjoyed a career as a ballroom dancer and dance teacher. "First Chang Dynasty": As part of the plan to rescue Dean Pelton and take down Chang's regime at school, Shirley infiltrates Chang's birthday party dressed as a male baker who delivers his birthday cake. “Geography of Global Conflict”: Shirley is a member of Annie’s Model UN team representing China. "Pilot": Shirley gets invited to a Spanish study group by Abed. "VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing": Shirley gains control after she, Jeff, and Hickey find new unopened blue textbooks. She later takes a vote along with the rest of the study group on whether or not Pierce should be asked to rejoin them in the next semester. Who Is Parker Schnabel Dating Now? She and Buzz are interrogated by a "psychic" Richie. In the western themed end of the year school picnic, Shirley participates in what was to be a quick paintball game which turned into an all out war against Greendale's rival school City College.

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