It light shines through the dark night of Romania. "Ahoy there!" "God is here with me. Only to feel a droplet of water on his face, followed by another, and another. If you could please lead the way, Emiya? Leaping out of the window sill as her white night gown swayed hypnotically in the air, the Servant's attire changed when a wave of magical energy encompassed her to reveal a contrasting black uniform with little to no armor that is fitting for a trained assassin. Clarent, one of the many Noble Phantasms in King Author's arsenal as stated in many well-renown medieval legends, is a weapon that is commonly debated to be the Sword in the Stone as argued by modern historians. Yet even then Karna skill in melee's clearly superior to Shirou's. Saber followed suit as she blasted off the stone ground without hesitation, "Then begone, Jack the Ripper!". Shirou asked. The not quite 8 years old turned up to him with a smile. I just wish I own Jeanne and every incarnation of Arturia Face out there, and Scathach. Let alone innocent souls that are not involved in the Grail Wars. And what kind of Saber Servant throws their sword like a spear at unfathomable speeds! Against all odds, he survived a war of magic and blood. Being assaulted with sudden in pain and dizziness, Shirou knelt down to the ground before Jeanne rushed in and help lift Shirou up and back to safety. How his act of selfishness save the life of thousands and even millions of people, how that act alone is enough to consider him as a 'Hero'. Please tell me what you think of this. Angra Mainyu was right. The arrow immediately detonated upon impact, sending Shirou flying a couple meters back but with minimal damage. "...I...I don't remember… I only know bits and pieces, so…". There was another silence as Shirou looked away from Kiritsugu and gazed at the starlit night sky above. There was only silence between father and son as they gazed at the starlit night sky. He has the right mindset and possibly a child of a Church affiliated Magi family with a potential as well. Jeanne croaked, fully understanding what she was witnessing. May I ask why he has interested you?" He never believed in the idea of salvation given freely as it could only be attained by walking path of the less bloodshed. However, we could both agree that Yuuki would not be coming.". It was in the middle of this inferno that a boy,looked no older than seven or eight, walked alone. "But I admit I never knew a Ruler can own pet.". "This is why I don't want you to get involved with the world of Magi. Saber roared with a crazed grin when she once again rocketed forward for Assassin who was beginning to once again summon back the obscuring fog around the courtyard. But if his Master wants them to confront the servant with unknown intention then he will relent. He's a young man with dark eyes, tanned skin, and white hair, not unlike Archer. Meaning the chance of I to win the war and have my wish granted by the Grail is none, and thus Heroic Spirit of my class are usually spirits that have no wishes at all." "Go to bed Shirou. He had sacrificed everything for the Grail. Still, it didn't do a thing to settle his uneasiness from what he learned today from Kiritsugu. Jeanne took a nonaggressive step forward as Shirou shifted his eyes from the man whom he assumed is a Master of the war given his knowledge of Jeanne being Ruler to a more interesting target. Eventually, she relents and sighs, "I'll keep it in mind, sir. "Servant Ruler," the man beside Saber began as he casually flicked his smoking cigarette away, "to what pleasure do I have seeing you?". However, her Master's response was completely opposite when a big frown rapidly made its way up his face. ", "We're in the French outskirt, and I told you to call me Jeanne.". ", "Nothing much," Shirou answered with a tinge of disappointment. ", "From my limited experience of the Grail War, I do know that Assassins tend to be the only Servants who carry no pride and honor in the sense other Servants would. Thank you, Saber, you Type-Moon's Cash Cow, for catching my interest. Kiritsugu was still thinking about Mattheus' offer to make his son an Executioner of Church while also asking himself why did he revealed the Tainted Holy Grail to Mattheus who would definitely tell his superiors in the Church. Shirou Emiya sacrificed and dedicated his life to end the world evil known as Angra Mainyu to protect the people he loves and cares about. Those were Saber's words less than a week ago … verbatim. And really … was throwing a sword necessary? Something was wrong. "I'll come with you," the boy answered almost instantly. Shirou involuntarily flinched at the contact, rarely had he ever found himself in a position where a girl would carelessly hold his hand like that. Then there's the second confusion, his skills, and Noble Phantasm. "What do you mean? Is that … Saber? Blinking in silent acknowledgment, Yuuki opened his mouth, "Stay safe.". It was the only way he could atone himself. 5. However, despite the impressive skills he possessed with the Chinese blades, two of the flying daggers nevertheless scathed his shoulder blades and cut his arm. The Kotomines'alliance with Tokiomi revealed during the course of the war. If the Father noticed any change in Kiritsugu right now, he paid no heed for it. Perhaps it is, considering where he is at the moment. I hope to see you all soon since my schedule is somewhat packed. But then again, Jeanne was from the fifteenth century, perhaps there was a gap in each of their cultural understanding. A Servant, Shirou was more than positive that that power which somewhat reminded him of the Blood Fort Andromeda originated from that of a being who possesses a strength that rivals that of a Servant. Rikudou Reika opened the blood red curtains in the dimly lit room as she gazed outside at the still night of Trifas City with a calm and unreadable expression. Exhaling out as if he had finished a long meditation session, Shirou then reopened his closed eyes with a heart of steel. His dream of being a hero was twisted into a cruel mockery of itself. "Then release me.". Shirou then took it on himself to teach how to cook and housekeeping. Shirou nods his head in confirmation, "The Grail System has given me enough information, Master." A large column of dust that's created by the impact slowly dissipating, revealing in itself a sight no normal human being would believe. "You don't have to continue. "If they're not at the church, then I do not know where Assassin or the priest with her are now," the man answered nonchalantly. Therefore, do not confuse the 'Assassin's' lack of confrontation with you today as 'cowardice'.". "Do you have any idea what were you thinking?" All because of his faith on one thing that was left of him. Perhaps their mental state may be mildly affected by Shirou's presence, their Servant bodies on the other hand, however, reacted more so to the sinister presence as if demanding absolute obedience. Regardless of the entity's motives, Shirou knew doing nothing would cause the same if not worse fate to the people around him. Yeah, two years since I last met him for a mission sent by the Clocktower," the man replied before lighting up another cigarette that was placed inside the inner pocket of his coat carefully. Or do you prefer to be called Assassin? Jeanne, although a Servant, was not an active participant in the war, and thus is not allowed to interfere in any battles between Servants as long as they aren't breaking the rules. The man before him had blatantly said that his old man was alive. I think this is the reason why you can't identify some of my more combat oriented skills and Noble Phantasm." Perhaps she was his mother, sister, or another family member, but it was this faith that was left of his old self and his dying self-preservation instinct had instantly and desperately clung into it.

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