He graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in journalism, and his first job in broadcasting was a radio show about high school sports; he was a color commentator for University of Missouri football games, working alongside his father. ( Log Out /  And if he was known most for being curmudgeonly, he was memorably capable of enthusiasm as well. He called the exciting 1992 NLCS against the Pittsburgh Pirates when Sid Bream slid into home for the winning run. I miss the days of Skip, Pete and EJ (Senior) calling the games during the ’80s. Nobody could sing 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' like he could. Always have, always will. In addition to his sons Chip, of Maitland, Fla., and Josh, of Atlanta, Mr. Caray is survived by his wife, Paula; a sister, Patricia Caray of Greenwich, Conn.; two daughters, Shayelyn Woodbery and Cindy Hines, both of Atlanta; and seven grandchildren. I like this shot of him because it shows a pensive and quiet side that most people don't associate with Harry."

( Log Out /  He grew up in St. Louis, where, by the time he was 6, his father was broadcasting for the Cardinals. Joined 30 Aug '06 ... seriously if you want funny quotes murray was the best at least 2 a race and he didnt even realise he was doing it. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ", "Booze, broads, and bullshit. Harry Christopher "Skip" Caray Jr. (August 12, 1939 – August 3, 2008) was an American sportscaster, best known for his long career as a radio and television play-by-play announcer for the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball.He was the son of baseball announcer Harry Caray, and the father of fellow Braves broadcaster Chip Caray; another son, Josh Caray, is a reporter for All News 106.7. Quotes From & About Harry Caray. Nice post, fellas. ", "Now, you tell me, if I have a day off during the baseball season, where do you think I`ll spend it?

I've always said that if you don't have fun while you're here, then it's your fault. And I hope he's doing a seventh-inning rendition in heaven." ... JOSH CARAY on SKIP CARAY My father was one of the most unique people I have ever met, simply because he was able to establish himself... Top Ten Ugliest Baseball Players. The runners lead.

No cubs." I miss Skip so much. Did you have a favorite Skip Caray quote? Harry Caray"HOLY COW !!!" Read these then share your memories of others on Baseball Fever. Skip Caray, a sportscaster whose nasal tone and sometimes playful, sometimes sardonic commentary on radio and television made him familiar to fans as the voice of baseball’s Atlanta Braves, died Sunday at his home in Atlanta.
Everytime an opposing hitter got a hit off of him, Caray said: “that’s another hit off Bong”. ", "I think it's the greatest shot in the arm baseball could get. You know my old saying: live it up, the meter's running. Braves win! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. He returned in 1968 to be the voice of the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association, who, like himself, had moved from St. Louis. One run is in. ( Log Out /  Caray is survived by his wife and four children, one of which has been a play-by-play announcer for the Braves, Chip Caray. This makes me sad and nostalgic…I used to follow the Braves in the mid 90s and Skip was fantastic. Your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio. “Two balls, one strike. The cause was not given, but Mr. Caray had diabetes and liver problems and had been in declining health for several months, which had limited his announcing schedule this season. A fourth Caray, Chip’s brother, Josh, is the play-by-play man for the Braves’ minor league team in Rome, Ga. Family ties notwithstanding, Skip Caray was a distinct presence as a broadcaster. Caray has been in Atlanta for 32 years calling games for the Braves. Some of the phrases used to describe them are well known; others are specific to a product, team or park and, and some are simply legendary calls. One night, listening to a game that was headed into extra-innings, the broadcast was just breaking away to commercial when Skip said, 'Free baseball in Atlanta!'. - Harry Caray on Chicago's lack of success "It's a partial sell-out" - Skip Caray … Baseball Almanac is pleased to present an unprecedented collection of baseball related quotations spoken by Harry Caray and about Harry Caray. A home run!

You gotta get 'em interested." Harry Caray is credited with the first singing of Take Me Out To The Ball Game at a regular season ballgame. The world is not the same without him. His first job in baseball was announcing for a minor league team, the Tulsa Oilers, and he went to Atlanta for the first time in 1964, before Atlanta had a big-league franchise, to announce for the Atlanta Crackers. Skip Caray grew up in the shadows of his father Harry Caray. It's something where people can go out, enjoy and have fun. Once during a game in which Greg Maddux was pitching, the mic caught a rather loud swear word, and Skip said “Maddux evidently not happy about that pitch”. update=copyright.getFullYear(); Where what happened yesterday is being preserved today. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Its good to see a place to remember him and more people who miss him too. Skip Caray I'm going to take a break from football tonight and talk about Skip Caray. During a dull or hopelessly lopsided game, he sometimes would give his viewers or listeners permission to turn off the broadcast as long as they promised to patronize its sponsors; or lament, when the Braves’ pitchers had walked too many, that not only were bases loaded, “but I wish I was, too.”, “In an industry predicated on likeability, he really didn’t care if you liked him or not,” Mark Bradley of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote in an appreciation. Once upon a time, all kids wanted to be baseball players, but nowadays a young kid dreams about playing basketball or football and making millions. (My other option was WGN Chicago, so it was a toss up between Atlanta and Chicago, and I chose Atlanta because of the announcers). I have lost face, this is it. But the only time I could watch them was when they played other NL teams, and the announcers for the Braves were the ones who introduced me not only to the Braves team as a whole, but to the guys in the uniforms. Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren were more than announcers.

- Steve Green, "There's no person alive who got his money's worth better than my old man."

Not everyone enjoyed Skip Caray, but I thought he was great. ", "My whole philosophy is to broadcast the way a fan would broadcast. He also called the 1995 World Series, the only World Series won by Atlanta.

They truly made it a blast to watch, and I fell in love with the game itself along the way.

Part of the Baseball Almanac Family, Quotes From and About Harry Caray by Baseball Almanac. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. IC. These are the best quotes that give some of the best advice about living life. Frank Burns. Safe! His father, Harry, who died in 1998, was a Hall of Famer, the legendary voice of the Chicago Cubs. I guess it was just the way he had said it that made it so funny, but I’ll never forget it. Atlanta Braves play-by-play announcer Skip Caray passed away on Sunday at the age of 68. This is a coincidence, and the quote was first added to this signature too far back to remember when). I think it's great to see a man (Michael Jordan) who has reached the pinnacle of his career, and now he wants to go back and do what he wanted to do as a kid - play baseball. 21 Jul '07 04:24. Braves win! He was known for his jokiness (among his favorite ploys was to announce the names and hometowns of fans who caught foul balls, even though he had no clue who they were) and for his occasionally cutting humor.

Swung. ", "I know it is the fans that are responsible for me being here.

Copyright 1999- What tension!

He started his broadcasting career calling the Saint Louis University and St. Louis Hawks basketball games. Harry Caray must have started with Abner Doubleday, and was still going strong." Bob Elson has been calling balls and strikes since the beginning of time. copyright=new Date(); Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ", "I've only been doing this fifty-four years.

- Lindsey Nelson, "In Chicago, Harry was a larger-than-life symbol of baseball and like all Chicagoans, I valued him not only for his contributions to the game but also his love and zest for life.

Unlike his father, who made no secret of his unabashed home-team bias, Mr. Caray, though an acknowledged Braves fan, was equally likely to criticize as to praise. He became a regular announcer for the Braves in 1976. https://twonateshow.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/our-hats-off-to-you-skip Skip Caray, a sportscaster whose nasal tone and sometimes playful, sometimes sardonic commentary on radio and television made him familiar to fans … - First Lady Hillary Clinton, "On team flights, he liked to read or talk about everything from baseball to world events.
", "Oh, I get a little tired now and then, but knowing my lifestyle, that's only natural. Mr. Caray was the middleman in a three-generation line of baseball broadcasters. Ice Cold. I still love it. On May 13, 1991, the three Caray men shared a broadcast booth for a Cubs-Braves game. ( Log Out /  Check out these amazing Harry Caray Will Ferrell Quotes that you have to saw once.

If he hits one there, we can dance in the streets. This entry was posted on August 5, 2008 at 5:28 am and is filed under MLB with tags Atlanta Braves, MLB, Skip Caray, Skip Caray dies, Skip Caray quotes. He also had fun with former Braves pitcher Jung Bong and his name. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Here comes Bream. ", "It could be, it might be, It is! Joined 30 Aug '06 Moves 28651. Quotes From Harry Caray "Aw, how could he lose the ball in the sun, he's from Mexico." I lament the loss of another part of my childhood. His death was announced by the Braves. Our hats off to you, Skip, you were great! For generations of Braves fans, they were a connection to the team, a daily companion painting a picture of … :'(FB.

Skip’s one of a kind dry sarcasm set him apart from other play-by-play announcers.

", "It's the fans that need spring training.

", "They (Expos fans) discovered 'boo' is pronounced the same in French as it is in English. You guys may think this is stupid (but remember – I am, after all, a girl), but the announcers were the reason I chose to follow the Braves in the first place. He was 68. Here is a link to the audio instead.

I don’t remember the four announcers names, but Skip was one (Skip, Joe, Don, and ?). . I was amazed at the outpouring of love for Skip from all over the country after he left us.

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", "I figure I had no business being here this long anyway, so what do you care how old I am?

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