After my temporary position with the DNR ended, I wanted to continue it on my own! I have spent hundreds of hours developing and conducting educational programs about wildlife to all age groups and backgrounds. Kids get the biggest kick out of watching him eat! Welcome to Snake Discovery, where I bring the reptiles to YOU and teach kids (and adults!) “What an awesome opportunity for the kids to see live snakes and other reptiles and learn about them. "They also have a great deal of difficulty deciding which direction to go, and if they had to respond to an attack quickly they would just not be capable of it,". You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. Emily uses this to her advantage during programs and has a volunteer feed the salamander a worm in front of the audience. I (Emily) have always had a passion for exotic animals with a specialty in reptiles and birds, with my goal being to learn as much about them as possible. Never have I had such a big impact of a 1 hour presentation in changing how I view the animal. Snake Discovery is run by primarily by Emily with assistance from Ed, her husband, both of whom are reptile enthusiasts. About five days ago, hosts Emily and Ed Roberts discovered their pregnant garter snake… Tiger salamanders are North America’s largest species of salamander. We encourage extensive research before purchase of a reptile. Now when I return to the universities, I get to be in front of the teaching board rather than behind a desk! This turtle only comes to the “Totally Turtles” program. Thanks for spreading this knowledge and experience throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota! The 'About' section of the Snake Discovery Youtube channel, written by Emily: I have always had a passion for exotic pets. Their content varies from general snake care tutorials to vlog-style videos about wildlife, conventions, and By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You are clearly very passionate about your work!! Snake Discovery serves all of Minnesota and Wisconsin. They keep many varieties of herps, most of which can be seen in this video and its second part. Now I go to schools, libraries, scouts, and more, to share my love of these often misunderstood animals. Unfortunately, it's not easy to take care of these creatures in captivity, or in the wild. Hognose snakes are one of the most unique reptiles in the Midwest. Snake Discovery LLC - - Rated 5 based on 17 Reviews "Emily brought her reptiles to our 4-H meeting and had kids, and adults, of all ages engaged... Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a I, too, loved every minute. They provide us with an opportunity to study cooperation and the processes of controlling the same body with two nervous systems," added the herpetologist. Hear what other people have to say about Snake Discovery! For more information about Snake Discovery, what they do, and the reptiles they own, you can go to their official website. About five days ago, hosts Emily and Ed Roberts discovered their pregnant garter snake, Pruis, had hatched several new offspring. I am also a past Director of the Minnesota Companion Bird Association (MCBA), as well as certified Aviculturist through the American Federation of Aviculture. Emily… Snake Discovery provides educational hands-on programs with reptiles, and has a YouTube channel oriented around the same. However, no matter how much you study, research, and work with exotic animals, there is always more to learn! It is wonderful to come across such an amazing role model. That was SO engaging and educational. She has gained massive renown for sharing her reptilian and exotic pet expertise through individual lessons and care vlogs. In addition to suffering from serious health ailments, these snakes can actually cause their own demise, with one head attacking the other, believing it to be a potential threat. My hands-on approach to learning grabs the attention of all ages; plus, plenty of props and live examples create a well-rounded, engaging program for everyone! These goofy-looking turtles are native to Minnesota and Wisconsin, although not many people are aware of their existence. You dramatically changed how I view snakes. Please keep up the wonderful work that you are doing. Their content varies from general snake care tutorials to vlog-style videos about wildlife, conventions, and more! Ed, her husband, also helps bysometimes serving as a cameraman, and can occasionally be heard from outside of the shot. It’s best to book your program at least 1 month in advance. I think you did an amazing job keeping these 4-5 year olds engaged and learning about your beautiful animals. Because the two heads are often hungry at the same time, they end up competing against each other to grab the same prey first, not a fun time for anyone involved. Tiger salamanders are North America’s largest species of salamander. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5. To book a program, please email me at Short-term bookings are welcome, but dates may be limited.Snake Discovery serves all of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Garters are very common in the Midwest, and give birth to live young! This was a wonderful example of how education fuels conservation efforts. Welcome to the Snake Discovery subreddit! I started by working as a Naturalist for the Department of Natural Resources, where my job was to create educational programs about wildlife, trees and plants, insects, geology, etc. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Doug attends all full length (45-minute) “Snake, Rattle, & Roll” and “Reptile Around the World” programs. One Dad stopped me at preschool drop-off today to tell me how much fun HE had at the party. It is owned by Emily Roberts1, who also serves as the main face ofthe channel, appearing and speaking in most (if not all) videos. Snake Discovery I have always had a passion for exotic pets. … ", "What a unique and valuable experience!. ", Roberts did not want to get too attached to the newborn, though, no matter how special it was.

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