Lurker - defeat Deneva Lurker (11.5K Interceptor), Red Handed - Rescue Klingon prisoner in Kepler-018, Dangerous Package - find Corvallis thief in Deneva (14.5K Interceptor), Balance of Terror - defeat Romulan Commander in Sorenlie (12.8K Battleship), Knowledge is Power - defeat Rigellian Captain in Rigel (16.4K Explorer), Scouring Space - collect 4 Energy Manifolds from missions in Deneva. via 'Patch 21'. First starts automatically. (143 Interceptor) 2. Start via gift section. Set out now to experience new Borg missions, unlock a powerful Borg Officer, and progress through the first Monthly Event. Star Trek Fleet Command guide and tips: – This Star Trek Fleet Command covers “how to play” basics, about the ships, buildings, upgrades, and other things such as attacking, mining, parts, blueprints, and more. The mission arcs were previously referred to as Episodes, however the term "Feature Episode" is now prevalent for an new individual mission. Introducing the New Epic Outlaw Armada targets which can be found in the Exchange systems Gemma0z 13:52, December 13, 2018 (UTC). Will now be protecting various pages for the time being until some form takes place, and reliable Editors join the wiki and design team. This contains core and side missions that will be sourced through the free Battle Pass. I haven't explored beyond Tier 2 to the lower levels.... Star Trek: Fleet Command Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. As tables and the general Wikia platform has an inability to embed google docs/sheets. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. See also the Missions page. Save the prospectors from Nausicaan pirates. This page will list details for the various missions as part of player progression. 1 Tutorial Missions 2 Story Missions 3 Base Building Missions 4 Combat Training Missions 5 Ship Building Missions These are the initial missions in the game, designed to familiarize the player with the game and its UI. Missions being so vast with information, the above "All Missions" link is the main link now, and I update it regularly and have now added more columns to include Mission Rewards and many more missions. Collect Borg Recon rewards for tickets. 20 new missions that can be found through the free Battle Pass track and 10 new missions found through the Elite Battle Pass track. Also, three new side mission chains will be available through premium packs in the store! After the guided sequence of tutorial missions, Scotty hands over guidance to artificial intelligence that he helped create. By purchasing the Premium Rewards Unlock Pack in the Store, you’ll unlock the ability to trade these in the Events Store for premium rewards at each milestone you reach. The new user gets a sequence of missions with some choices, but generally a fairly similar list of missions. See also Planets for an in-depth look at more information on individual Systems. There are however missions within those arcs that do not tie directly into the overarching story. There's: Missions Details, Mission Details & Planets for other information. Star Trek: Fleet Command Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Borg Arc Mistaken Identity - Defend a helpless ship against Nausicaan attackers. Destroy Urkwen's ship. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There is also an Alpha listing, color coded. I have some Command, Science, and Engineering badges that say they can be used for promotions, but whenever I need to promote an officer, I don’t see how I can use this. If you have completed a path, you will still see the others but cannot complete them. Also, I have a bunch of minor commendations that say can be converted in the faction screens, but once again, I can’t figure out how or where to do this. How do I use these? Completing all these missions will unlock the main mission lines of the game. Two Outlaw Armada Targets – Uncommon, Rare, The new mission chain, initiated in either Labac or Obilent, includes 3 paths, 1 for each faction: Federation, Klingon & Romulan. As part of this choice, you will see 3 missions in level 18 Faction systems, which have prerequisites to accept them. Step 4 - Use these mission keys to obtain the mission chain from the gifts section. Note – The Uncommon Outlaw Armada Spawn rates are now increased. Twenty new free missions will be now available through the Battle Pass. If you acquire the Premium Rewards Unlock Pack after you’ve already begun progressing through the event, you’ll still be able to redeem premium rewards for each milestone you’ve already completed. 2: Honor and Blood Those pages are very different in layout & editors and may be archived due to the editors moving on. Understand all of its aspects with this Star Trek Fleet Command guide available with tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Missions kick off our journey with Star Trek: Discovery. Or buy them. see more at the STFC Blog They all take place in the player's starter system, cannot be failed, must be completed in succession, and are on rails aside from the last one. Parsteel ×75 1.1. Surveillance - Prove y… One row per mission please, grouped by region/Level so everything gets covered eventually. Once you reach a milestone, you’ll receive a token which may be redeemed in the Event Store for rewards. Each event will have a series of milestones unlocked by completing Borg missions and activities, and every milestone will award you a new pack of rewards such as resources, materials, Borg Officer shards, and new Borg missions. 06:39, July 10, 2019 (UTC) Needs work Example of the Missions, See also: Augment Space, Neutral Zone and Faction Zones new: The Swarm. The Borg Seasonal Arc Begins! Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Guide. To begin the Borg Monthly Event, head to the Events Tab to learn how you can score points. This is a thorough work in progress All Missions and requirements as started by "Caveman"; now maintained / added to by myself, with other contributors and Cavemans Information that he continues to provide, Admin: Gemma0z Latest personal additions I've made, apart from many more Missions, including the Augment Missions are: Mission Rewards, BPs, Officer Shards, Fa… This is a work in progress to provide an in-depth look at Missions, their structure and connections, Feel fee to Help! Please note - Due to Tables being broken and Editors starting random pages then not upkeeping it, and moving on., 1: Collect the Container from the planet Denna, Step 1 - Do the BFG events for Borg points (4,200 points each) - these collect points for Borg Reconnaissance event (lasts 24 days long), Step 2 - Do these or other Borg events for days to reach tier 5 or higher in Borg Recon (t5 requires 48,000 Borg points), Step 3 - Tier 5 of Borg Reconnaissance unlocks mission keys. 1.2. Commanders will be able to participate in the Borg Monthly events and can begin progressing right now. Please leave a comment below if you wish to contribute to this page, and are fully competent with editing in source mode. See also the Missions page. Each month-long act of the Borg Arc will reveal new story, unleash challenging enemies, and deliver valuable rewards to earn. Your achievements each month will matter throughout the arc, so be sure to begin uncovering the secrets of the Borg today and return each month.

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