No cracks. Ship to USA only. Probable range = 10 to 20 yards. Payment is expected to be made in 7 day's of auctions end or on the 8th day a non paying bidder will be filed.

View sold price and similar items: Stevens Model 94 - Series K Single Action 410 Shotgun from Lettieri Auction & Appraisal on October 6, 0120 12:00 PM EDT. Up for bid is are Stevens Model 94 12 ga. lower receiver parts minus trigger spring and firing pin. 17, Used. I tapped the hole 3-56 and installed the HI VIZ BD1007-G Spark II Sight you see here.

The photo shows how I increased the diameter of the barrel band. used vintage walnut complete 12 ga forearm assembly for the Saxage and Stevens model 94 single shot shotguns in Good well used condition with quite a dew scratches and dings in the wood with the Mettle having turned a brown patina.

I do not allow home pick up nor will I meet you somewhere unless you are known to me. Kassnar Arms, Sears, Stevens 107 & more, Savage 94 & more Trigger Guard, SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94E 12ga WOOD STOCK ASSEMBLY w/ BUTTPLATE *BROKEN* #L5020, Stevens Model 94B Used 12 Ga. 30 inch 16 gauge barrel .690, Savage model 24 / 94 410 /22 ga Forend Repo, SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94 Series M 12ga WOOD FOREND w/ HARDWARE#TC1576, Savage/Stevens Model 94 K4M 12 ga Forend Repo, Savage-Stevens Model 94,many others Late Style -Extractor 12 Ga.- Excellent Used, J.Stevens Model 94B ,16 Ga. 28” Full Choke Barrel #125, Savage / Stevens Model 94A Single Shot Shotgun TRIGGER AND PIN, SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94 12ga BLUED HAMMER & PIN #L3018. Come January when all the acorns in the woods around the thicket are eaten and gone and the browse is dead and gone, the privet hedge is still green. Taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. It kicked more, shot a little higher, and the shot column was a tad too tall for a perfect crimp, so the load is with 3.0 cc powder X. I bought the forend at a gunsmith sale and removed these parts from it that you see in the photos. Ask questions or request specific photos PRIOR to bidding if you require additional information to purchase this item.

All parts for lower receiver for a 12 ga Stevens model 94 single shot shotgun.

All items are shipped with delivery confirmation so it can be tracked if there is an issue. International shipping is $9.95 to Canada. I recently purchased a Stevens (12 ga?) Scuffs and contact marks as pictured in pic 12 and others. 94 107, Stevens Model 94 M 20 Gauge Factory Wood Stock Forearm Set W-Mounting Hardware, STEVENS MODEL 94 EXTRACTOR 12 GAUGE #94-59J, Butt Stock Bolt for Savage Stevens Model 94 Single Barrel Shotgun 12Ga, Stevens Savage Model 94 12 ga Hammer,Trigger +++. ... C08578.jpg, It is currently Tue Nov 03, 2020 10:20 am. I have since found an exploded view of a "94C .410 shotgun" so maybe the number (94) would be the first of a line/model of gun while the letter (C) would be the "style" of that model of gun? Note: "After" weight = 5 lbs 13.6 oz = kicked like a mule on steroids = factory Super X 000 buck recoil energy = 2x the recoil of a 10 lb 300 mag rifle.

NOTE #3: This HI VIZ BD1007-G Spark II Sight gets 5 stars from me for price, function and ease of installation. The circa 24" mark was arbitrary.
Ask questions or request specific photos PRIOR to bidding if you require additional information to purchase this item. It came with 5 tiny threaded studs to fit any shotgun barrel with a threaded hole. But I was not sending any more of my money.

Each item is checked for completeness and functionality.

I do not ship outside the United States as it creates more headaches than needed. Ship to USA only. Generall, there is no collectors' interest in these utility shotguns. Both have mild wear. The stampings/markings on this one are: "21" stamped in a small circle on the main frame in the upper right corner on the right hand side

Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? If at some future time I need to remove the little 6-40 retainer screw, I'll simply knock off the piece of red fiber optic rod. Both have mild wear. So wear goggles to protect your eyes and wear heavy gloves to deflect the blast as you see me doing here. Here's the final group with the load I'll use in the thicket if I don't use the factory 00 buckshot load. Maybe as well, but not any better! On page 7, they show the model 311 SxS and the model 94-C (apparently there's a dash in there). The dim black marker smear above the two dimples is the circa 24" mark for the hacksaw. If at any time you encounter a problem with an item please contact us ASAP and we will do everything we can to make it right. Excellent bright and shiny bore. I shot them as cast, and I don't believe it mattered.

My glue was medium strength thread locker.

Time to get out the hacksaw!

Includes the mounting screws for the forearm and stock itself.

I will combine shipping on multiple purchases and ship your item next day of receiving payment.

I also saw another vid of a 94 which had an interchangeable barrel-I'm not sure which gauges. It took longer for me to write it than it did to do it.

Both are far from new but are in good overall condition in my opinion. With a carpenter square as a guide, I squared the end of the barrel with my bench grinder, then fine tuned the right angle with a file. You can plainly see the "drive key" about which Lee brags. Specially equipped single barrel shotguns are favored by many trap-shooters. It was not the target. NO RESERVE auction for a Forend Screw for a Savage Stevens Model 9478 single barrel Shotgun.

Same as Stevens Model 94 Bake Lite Forearm with Iron& Spring Latch USED Posted with, Springfield Model 107B(Same as Stevens Model 94- 12 GA. Barrel- 30" Full 2 3/4" Chamber Excellent Bore& Chamber Complete with Ejector Assembly(USED) Posted with a;06d2.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp73%28%3Ea%3B06d2-144a6eede99-0x101-, Springfield Model 107B-12 Ga. The poster is in very fine condition. I guesstimated the center of the paper and pulled the trigger. The thicket is as full of deer then as a corn crib is full of mice.

This Win AAHS hull has probably been shot 6 or 8 times. $12.95 for USPS priority shipping anywhere in the lower 48.

The biggest problem was trying to stuff .360" balls inside a plastic shotcup/wad. I will combine shipping on multiple purchases and ship your item next day of receiving payment.

As a future rainy day project I will lube and run some of those .360" balls through my Lee .358" push-through sizing die and load them in my 357 mag minimax T-C Contender pistol.

Here's the saddle ring after installation and with one of the $22 saddle ring slings I sell here. About 90 to 95 % of the resulting buckshot looked fine to me.

Stevens 410 shotgun for sale and auction. THINK THE PRICE IS TO HIGH MAKE ME AN OFFER! We offer New in box. Ethnographic & Indigenous Artifacts (3038), Greek, Roman & Egyptian Antiquities (1470), Historical, Political & Space Collectibles (984), Natural History Collectibles, Fossils & Minerals (4709), Sporting, Fishing & Hunting Collectibles (1470), Indian & South Asian Art & Antiques (584), BIG BOY TOY AUCTION GUNS COINS TOYS AND MORE, Oil Painting On Canvas By Mortimer Laughlin. Please see my other auctions for more high quality items. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray?

MODEL 94 SHOTGUNS: The Value is as followes: (a/o 2008) Exc=150, That's 3.0 ÷ .095 = 31.578.

To make the sight stop in the proper position, I simply added and removed turns of sewing thread as needed. Believe to be a 16ga. Thanks for looking and have a great day! I can remember when I was about 7 and we went to his step-father's home to get the gun.

and participating auction houses. Good condition. So I have never had the gun fully field stripped. p2269_gsrx_vers_476(GS 6.4.4(476) Ag6 2.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp73%28c%3Eag6%3E2-1400237f590-0xfe-. It is undated, but probably from the 1960s era, as I got it a couple decades ago at an auction where I picked up several boxes of gun catalogues and related material which had been collected around that period.

ANY QUESTIONS EMAIL ME. Includes the mounting screws for the forearm and stock itself.

Combined shipping for purchase of multiple items. The hammer is used, and shows wear through the finish to the bare metal in several spots. All Rights Reserved.

Then I thought about the privet hedge thicket along the creek about 200 yards behind my house.

SHIPPING/ HANDLING TERMS: Add a flat $4.95 for delivery by 1st Class Mail anywhere in the U.S. Pennsylvania residents.

This is my first posting in this forum so bear with me ... Forgive me for my errors.

I heated the mold on top of the pot and started casting buckshot, paying no attention to their quality as I dumped them on my leather pad.
You won't be able to crimp the hull.

16.0%, $5,000 - 49,999:

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