Shijō saidai no pinchi! Stitch then saves her and Yuna apologizes for not believing in Stitch. Genre It was released on April 28, 2010. NOTE: This episode was skipped in the English dub. "Stitch's Rampage Express"  (English dub title: Neither Rain Nor Sleet), "Teachings from Jumba"  (English dub title: Topsy-Turvy). Yuna, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley help Kijumnaa go to the Twin Caverns so he can become a guardian and help Obaa get better. (English dub title: The Blue Panther). ~いたずらエイリアンの大冒険~ Sutitchi! Stitch being angry about Yuna draws a picture of himself in the sand and is shocked when it comes to life! As a result, only five episodes have aired in the US. In an email with, Project Planning/Executive Producer: Masao Maruyama (seasons 1-2), Producers: Yasuteru Iwase, Satoru Yoshimoto (seasons 1-2), Series Composition: Shoji Yonemura, Yuuko Kakihara (seasons 1-2), Animation Production: Madhouse (seasons 1-2), Shin-Ei Animation (season 3). Hamsterviel gives Reuben an upgrade, in hopes he'll capture Stitch. Papa Has Become a Cool Guy!" (English dub title: Warracchi), "Panic in the Pineapple Plant"  (English dub title: Hull & Husk), Yuna has a class visit to the pineapple factory. The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents Aloha e Komo Mai! started on TV Tokyo and following affiliates at 7:00 p.m. on October 8, 2008, and had an hour premiere of the first two episodes. "Stitch Lost!" From the information available, many of the past characters, such as Dr. Jumba Jookiba and Pleakley, might appear, as well as five villains: Captain Gantu, Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel, Reuben, Evile and Delia. Not only does she have to hide him, Tigerlily falls for the shogun and Hamsterviel decided to upgrade Kixx with a katana. Jumba notices some mystery things going on in town and meet a yokai named Topsy-Turvy who turns things around. Yuna goes missing and Stitch goes on a desperate search to find her. Stitch! It shows very little crude humor and is mostly not too scary since the episodes are much lightly-toned with almost no fights or scary content. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While Stitch takes care of the babies, Yuna and Penny must try and co-operate together to find the antidote to get everyone back to normal. Hiroman's team is going to be on TV, and everyone's getting excited for the event. A second anime season, entitled Stitch! Broadcast Sutitchi!) Street Party • Mickey's Storybook Express • Stenchy"  (English dub title: A Stinky Episode), "Halloween is Stitch vs. the Vampire"  (English dub title: Dracula Jr.), "Stylish Transfer Student, Sae-chan"  (English dub title: Sasha). He eventually goes too far by breaking the wind-chime Yuna made for Obaa, which Yuna then blames on Angel, upsetting Angel so she leaves. With Tigerlily more preoccupied for an upcoming date, Stitch is running himself ragged keeping the kids in check. She gets some extra help from Delores, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleaky in doing so. Disney's Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise, Motto! A number of experiments who never spoke in. Differences between the Japanese and the English, Stitch! Shake It! Yuna and Stitch decide to make a wind-chime for Obaa's birthday. Some of the original Japanese sound effects are replaced with different sounds that are similar of 4Kids sound library when they weren't able to separate the tracks individually. Experiment 303, Amnesio, comes to the island and starts taking peoples memories. Differences between the Japanese and the English. The show features a Japanese girl named Yuna in place of Lilo (who is now a young woman), and is set on a fictional island named Izayoi, in the Ryukyu Islands off the shore of Okinawa, instead of Hawaii. Checkers turns Piko (Penny) into the queen of the island. Reuben pretends to be Angel and invites Stitch and friends onto a cruise ship where Hämsterviel plans to throw Stitch overboard so he can catch him without resistance. It was originally aimed in Japan at young kids aged 4 to 14 years.

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