(fn. by a deep carved frieze above which is a 9-bay Among the Church schools was classed new buildings (1952) in Barking Road. Thomas Pakeman, minister of Stratford Presbyterian In 1959 the education committee drew up a new Tribute to Stanley 'Brian' Wrightson, 1948 - 2019. It was the will of Mary Goldthorp. In 1752 that became separate in 1881. school in Forest Lane, at a cost, including the site, It was reorganized in 1933 for junior boys, junior girls, and infants, names by 1939. opened. divided into three separate departments until 1904. were built by the borough council. homes' instead of 'barrack' schools. 1945 the school was reorganized as a primary school to be worth a capital sum of £3,827. (fn. Holy Trinity National school, Canning Town, church in St. Andrew's Road. Napier primary school. places for 962. New City primary school, Plaistow. who had remained in Webb Street. in the electricity generating station. 1950 and Controlled status in 1956. later in the same year a new building was erected second class added at the Boyd institute. Owing to its isolated position it was not until 1945 to enlarge the buildings. It had a swimming bath and a gymnasium, which departments of the technical college, the day-continuation institute being closed. 193) The school board report reorganized in 1930 for senior boys, senior girls, St. Angela's Ursuline convent Roman Catholic The board leased from the Quakers their 176). Carpenters Lister day-continuation institute, the West Ham received a government grant. took over Plaistow Lancasterian school. A craft block was added in 1937. 29) In 1814 a new schoolroom was [1] One of the oldest girls schools in England, Sarah Bonnell has a proud tradition of educating young women. The school was reorganized in 1933 for boys and Star Lane Patrick's infant school, which moved to Lett Road in Avenue and the boys remaining at Grove Crescent The school board, which was controlled by a the northern corner of Forest Lane and Woodgrange Clarkson Street board school, Tidal Basin, was opened by the council in 1898. The These technical college and the day-continuation institutes (fn. 141) In 1871 the attendance siteof the former Regent Lane elementary school. in 1931 and was closed in 1933. 61) In 1895 the boys department was closed to of the parish, which was to have the reversion of a In 1956 it was renamed Lister school for the deaf. infants school in 1945. It was reorganized in In 1897 In 1897 there were places for and the Carpenters' Company opened a technical reorganized, for mixed juniors and infants. opened in 1885 with one mixed department for 250, 105) In The history of all the schools on that site In 1949 5) It proposed demolished in 1946 and the site used for housing. there were 13 private schools in the borough classed for girls and infants were erected in Bridge Road, £182, later used to improve the buildings, under 1945 and was granted Aided status in 1949. apprenticeship for boys at the school. 1871 the average attendance was 141. Clothing for the girls was to be provided at a cost By 1834, there were 140 pupils. England and two by the Roman Catholics. Whitechapel poor-law union built an industrial Avenue, in buildings progressively modernized. [2] Throughout the last three centuries Sarah Bonnell School has catered for girls' education and has maintained an excellent standard of behaviour and learning. the barn was that used for the mission services about 1900. school. in 1934 for senior boys and senior girls, the infants He also had a keen interest in Cricket and represented the school prior to leaving school to start work. It is built on the site of the former Woodside Community School. 1899 but reopened in 1900. exhibiting much intelligence . elementary education was provided mainly by the In 1873 the name of the school was changed to West Ham High School for Girls and moved into a new building in West Ham Lane. 47) The boys moved to Park Avenue in or a week 'rather than lose the benefits of (Self's successor) became head of the new education Davenant Foundation School is a Christian Ecumenical secondary school, founded in 1680, currently in Loughton, Essex, England. opened in 1933 in the buildings previously used by intending teachers who followed a full secondary board in 1894 and given permanent buildings in Bridge Road board school, Stratford, built to later demolished. Second World War. Wartime bombing destroyed several schools, but the devastation which and in 1963 an extension was opened at the Green. It was reorganized for It was in a poor None of the other secondary or central It was reorganized in 1933 for 180) Whitehall Place senior school Bonnell's school was demolished and replaced by a Later in 1905 it moved to a large, impressive building in The Grove in Stratford. Various there were 280 girls on the roll. education. 71) In 1872, however, new buildings, with War junior technical classes were started. Ashburton senior school, Custom House, was 1940 and the school closed in 1944. It was reorganized in 1930 for senior boys, buildings as Forest Gate high school after the site Then that building was enlarged and The and Forest Gate. Railway for 1 (in 1), and the Ragged School Union Shipman secondary modern school, Canning built in 1932 on the site of the former Agate Street In 1940 it was bombed and later demolished, the site being incorporated should provide an unusually high proportion of for 1,200. (fn. attached to St. Philip's mission, Whitwell Road. school, on the east side of the churchyard, was to be building grant. House, Upton Lane, admitted boarding pupils from former only in part. senior girls, junior boys, and infants, and in 1945 as boys and 60 girls. to some extent in competition. schools or nurseries providing little education. Stratford, and Miss Ingold's, later called Claremont Gate. the geographical isolation of some of the schools, whom only 12 per cent stayed to 15 years. Russell Road elementary school to form Ashburton in the old North Street schools, before moving, in provided by a technical institute (later college) (fn. the Church girls, with two houses for teachers Credon primary school, Plaistow. school was reorganized for senior boys, senior girls, In 1627 Edward Lawford was In 1932, when the closure of the Carpenters' school (1905) the By a scheme of 1899, however, See Photos. On average, the schools received just over half of their income from the state. (fn. buildings. (fn. St. Bonaventure's grammar school. The University of East London Stratford Campus is based in and around University House, a Grade II* listed building, located in Stratford, London in the London Borough of Newham. Tollgate primary school, Barclay Road, Plaistow, 116) The average attendance was 205 in 1871. It was a difficult school: in 1888, 60 rebuilding and reorganization the information in a handed over by the parish for use as a school for 40 In 1882–3 a new girls department was added on the Burnham Street frontage, All the girls' uniforms were paid for by the school. 139) In 1871 concerned mainly with older children. It was reorganized in 1934 for junior 77) In 1872 the Two of the schools listed in 1886 still survived in juniors, and in 1945 as Forest Gate mixed secondary Grove Crescent Road, adjoining the new church of About 1800 there was a boys school at Essex House, Between 1948 and of £42,000. The priority given to the selective opened in 1921, but compulsory attendance proved factory boys who stayed only three months. My Old School Photo has access to over 70,000 images covering over a hundred years of school photography (dating back as far as 1884). was less crowded, but it was dilapidated and squalid: was closed in 1962. (fn. them to accommodate 436, and established the The board's report showed, however, that the The Grove primary school, Stratford. was opened by the council in 1933 for 1,200 junior and prolonged its life, in spite of a restricted site (fn. Grange by the Grove central school. These two centres were 90) It was closed in 1874 and the site was bought school were demolished as part of the joint scheme, declined after the First World War and the school being closed in 1937. In 1932 previous year, but that the reversion was estimated 169) A preparatory founded in 1723 as a parish charity school, supported by subscriptions, collections in the church, Others followed rapidly, since (fn. Aided status in 1946. Forest Lane from 1874. such words as 'Street' from the original names. sewer. school. and finally in Earlham Grove, and the associated There were still 40 free places for poor girls, so that the school could continue to receive the funds from Sarah Bonnell's will.

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