The company then needs to go through a specific notification process with customers. Messages. Under Connection Status what are the Downstream & Upstream rates? If you are legitimately able to get the full 75mbps (likely can't since single line can't do that speed), Optik should not be interfering with the internet side of things. Just got off the phone with Telus. JavaScript is disabled. Member. Telkom will terminate fixed-line copper services for prepaid customers with effect from midnight on 31 July 2019. TELUS PureFibre is the #1 internet technology for speed and reliability. That is better than the T2200H and Cisco 5Mhz separate modem. This is to replace an Internet 50 plan using the T2200H modem which actually delivered a ping of 4, download of 59.7, and upload of 11.4. The contract / offering can be changed with 30 days notice. Will TELUS make me switch? This is what I found on the Telus website, contradictory to … I wonder if they remembered to change the port profile on their end when they did the upgrade. Your new fibre optic connection will typically be installed the same way your copper lines are currently connected, as shown below. This is what I found on the Telus website, contradictory to what the most recent correspondence received from Telus states?? In my previous article, we discussed the damaging impact of copper ions during oxidative hair coloring.Here we will discuss the green hair problem from the copper in swimming pools, and how we can counteract this effect.. That may still happen under this process, but it’s likely that those sorts of situations will require the more detailed FCC review process and won’t be allowed automatically. While the FCC was not quite as explicit with a rule, they also expects that any replacement service to copper remain affordable for customers. So can Telus actually (and legally) cut me off? Never noticed that with the T2200H modem and Internet 50. A lot of the rest is only being used to serve slow DSL. If a telco can’t meet any one of the many requirements, then they have to file with the FCC and go through a formal review process to see if the retirement will be approved. If you are determined not to have assistance, then you can manage this task yourself with some home improvement tools and by following a guide to removing the pipe. COPPER THIEVS CUT TELUS MAIN PHONE LINE ON DOUGLAS RD IT FELL ACROSS HWY 1 CLOSING IT BOTH DIRECTIONS BURNABY OCT 12 2011 BC CANADA BY BCNEWSVIDEO. If it's still cheaper than 50 it may not be too bad. No landline in an emergency. This is some rep trying to up sell a different pack, Sorry some how it posted my fault ?. and I was this is rediculous, even netflix advertises 5M and I have a number of devices and we were getting by with 50 until you cut us down to 1.8-1.9 and I have no idea what those guys did, but It's something to do with the sales person who changed our plan that day. The PureFibre network is a revolutionary new technology powered by flexible strands of transparent glass no thicker than human hair. I have received a letter from Telus FibreUpgrade re. Every time i querry they have different nonsense answers. However, you can increase your property value simply by installing a fibre optic internet connection on your property.4 Also, in the future if you want more data to support new connected technologies, you can easily and quickly make the switch to TELUS PureFibre. Please ensure you’re home for this visit. There's no reasoning with them through any of their channels. The telecommunications operator said on Wednesday that it has upgraded more than 96% of its prepaid fixed-line customer base to wireless prepaid services. No, there is no cost to transfer your services from copper to PureFibre. Are you an official Telus representative as I want it from a bonafide Telus source? Neighbours with the most likes in the past month. Since as early as 1979, studies were being made on the impact of copper on hair. All Optik TV off first, 4 HD channels in use for the second set of results. We live on a farm in a remote area with ZERO cell, LTE or 3G signal and Telkom decided to kill the copper land line about six months ago. Hi, I live in the Dunbar area of Vancouver and have received the same notification of service cut-off. There's a speed test tool built into the T3200M as shown in the image below. You’ll have the fibre connecting partly overhead and partly underground. Lightning fast speeds mean high definition streaming, low latency in gaming, crystal clear video calls, and the power to share photos and videos faster than you can take them. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Access to 911 and access for people with disabilities must still both meet current rules and standards. Yes what you have been told is correct. being a lineman - i will post some info to try and help anyone else looking for the answer to this.. typically, the company responsible for removing an old pole will be the last utility left to have NOT moved their lines over to the new pole. . They told me that my problem was that I was turning the TV on, and that slows down the internet. Right now you are being charged when you go over. 88000kbps doesn't leave much headway for Optik. Any FCC rules that were different for dominant versus non-dominant carriers now default to the non-dominant rules. They only have to honour a monthly contract for a month. These rules are needed because AT&T and Verizon have been pestering the commission for five years to let them tear down copper lines. See hidden discussions | Win great prizes | Get free support. Vancouver Point Grey, its not hat I don't want the service right now, don't really need the extra installation logistics hassle and having my alarm security service also affected. You can also likely choose to have only phone services, if Telus is removing the copper in your neighbourhood. The way I am reading the results of the tests the bonded copper line seems to have a max of 88 Mbps. “Based on the success of the upgrades, Telkom is now ready to discontinue its legacy, copper-based fixed-line prepaid service platform and will do so with effect from 1 August 2019.”. 25/25 is all i need the speed is just fine. We’ve invested millions of dollars in building Western Canada’s only 100% fibre optic network. The fibre from your nearest utility pole is extended to a small box we install on the side of your home or business. Yes you can remove them but make sure you are not using them. You must log in or register to reply here. One would think so. With VOIP over LTE or fibre, you'll need a power back-up. Download improved from 69 Mbps to 79 Mbps. Network performance, reliability and coverage is substantially unchanged for customers. being a lineman - i will post some info to try and help anyone else looking for the answer to this.. typically, the company responsible for removing an old pole will be the last utility left to have NOT moved their lines over to the new pole. However, a lot of this copper is rural and in very bad condition. You will be notified when TELUS retires the copper network in your neighbourhood, and switching to PureFibre becomes mandatory. If there is a locked gate, dog(s) in the yard, or access is physically blocked, we’ll contact you to arrange access. Oct 14, 2019. Yes, there are two copper lines used. If you have 2 phone lines, Line 2 and same as above. I am in Creston where is your location. They still had the cheek to lie about it and say there was a theft of the cables and they cannot afford to replace it. Fair enough. She said yes, and they changed something in their computer and brought the over 50M I used to get on my copper lines to 1.9. TELUS PureFibre™ will give your family state-of-the art internet – providing the capacity and speed needed for the technologies of the future. Do I have to have a technician visit to upgrade from copper to PureFibre? Maybe give them a shout and have them check. They said that they have no idea when Telkom will roll out Fibre in the area but said from what they know it could be years. With VOIP on a smartphone app, in addition to or as an alternative to a VOIP phone plugged into a router, the same issues using cellphone towers will apply. Even if the equipment is brand new electronics can occasionally be lemons from the get go, generally Telus is awesome about replacing faulty equipment and repairs. “Telkom’s wireless service is more reliable than its copper-based technology and is less susceptible to interruptions as a result of adverse weather conditions, faults and cable theft,” the company said. Thanks! So, I guess I can answer my own question now about what you can get with Internet 75 on copper. copper network will be shutoff by August 15, 2019 in my neighbourhood. What has always surprised me about this Order is that it has been included in the docket looking at the transition of the PSTN from TDM technology to Ethernet. The new modem is actually not that much faster in downloading with a 3 ping, 69.7 down, and 20.9 up. Not only that LTE is not in the area and only the FLLA was a replacement option. I'm testing with a computer hard wired with Ethernet. Telus has no obligation to maintain a copper network in parallel with Fibre, and since copper is ever more expensive to maintain, it will be replaced by Fibre as time moves forward. From what I've seen OneCall will typically mark of the more dangerous lines primarily and not phone lines even though they're listed on their color code FAQ.With rural properties the phone line could be coming from any point on the property line. After some discussion with me explaining that there was no slowdown with having the TV on when I had the T2200H modem and 50 Mbps service, they finally agreed to have a technician check the settings at their end.

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