Transit Corporation runs the metro and the municipal buses. I was stationed in Turkey (Eskishier) 1968-69 and then Adana 1975-77 and again in 1983-84. When you walked up to the gate the guards would pat you down then you would enter. The history of the Tepebağ tumulus dates back to the Neolithic, to around 6000 B.C., the time of the first human settlements. However, the developments in the industrial life, improvements in transportation, effects of communication and massive migrations affect the unique culture of Adana. The city is situated on the Seyhan river , 35 km (22 mi) inland from the north-eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea . Adana Demirspor, currently performing at the TFF First League, was the runner up at the Turkish Cup in 1977–1978 season and performed at the SuperLig for 17 years. I remember going to a debtors prison in that city. Çukurova Journalists Union is the umbrella organization for the local media in the region. After the permanent split of the Roman Empire in 395 AD, the area became a part of the Byzantine Empire, and was probably developed during the time of Julian the Apostate. Recreational pathways on both banks of Seyhan river cross the entire city from south end to Seyhan Reservoir. One of the major elements that define the society of Adana is the agriculture based living and it’s extension, agriculture based industrial culture. A three-story building, made of stone and brick, it is one of the oldest examples of a house in Turkey. The team has a record 22 years of straight championship title in Turkish Men's Waterpolo League, 17 years of it without losing a game and thus their given name "Unbeatables". I was in the Navy from 91′-93′ and was in the Med in 92′. We went inside where he immediately left me alone in a darkening room with several hardened Turkish prostitutes. Umayyad Caliphate 704–746 [72] Organized Industrial Region of Adana has an area of 1225 hectare with 300 plants, mostly medium-scale. After the Greek migration to Cilicia in the 8th century BC, the region was unified under the rule of Mopsos dynasty[12] and Adana was established as the capital. I remember it being a walled in area consisting of 4 city blocks (4-5 buildings per side of the street). She got caught shop lifting. Saw it too…i was at the Lick. In the park, there is a Rowing Club which serves recreational rowers. No Turkish Delights here!. [113], Water sports have been recreationally and competitively the traditional sports of Adana. To form a Thughūr on the Byzantine frontier, Cilicia was colonized with the Turkic Sayābija tribe from Khorasan. Oscars all over the place. [77] Conos, a tribe of Romani people of Romania, settled in Adana during the Balkan Wars. And does anyone know the name of it? Abbasid Caliphate took over the rule of the region from Byzantine after Al-Mansur's inauguration to caliph in 756. He had no legs. [111] The city's handball club, Şakirpaşa HEM, promoted to the Turkish Women's Handball Super League on 21 April 2016, at the play-off finals in Ankara. Based on the terms of the agreement, France recognized the end of Cilicia War and to the withdrawal under the condition of Christian communities' rights to be protected. The bigger clubs such as Life Legend, Uptown, Casara and Lava host world star singers at their elegant locations, mostly along the river and the lake. I was stationed in Turkey (Eskishier) 1968-69 and then Adana 1975-77 and again in 1983-84. 16 Thank James M . Our consular district encompasses 22 provinces, including Turkey’s borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran. Urban sprawl east of the river is limited due to large institutions such as Çukurova University and Incirlik Air Base. (Turkish)", "ÇÜ'de, 2 bin kişilik kültür ve kongre merkezi temeli atıldı (Turkish)", "Adana Ticaret Borsası Tarihçe (Turkish)", "Adana Otel Yatırımcılarının Yeni Gözdesi Oldu", "Adana Tarım Fuarı'na 20 Ülkeden Katılımcı Geliyor", "Türkiye'nin en büyük 500 sanayi kuruluşu arasına Adana'dan sadece 11 firma girdi (Turkish)", "1990'larda kimine göre 2.5 milyon, kimine göre 4.5 milyon Kürt göç ettirildi. Mimar Sinan Amphitheater, the largest in Adana, can accommodate 8,000 guests and hosts concerts and movies. To us, places such as The ‘Bul, Adana, Izmir, etc. The quarter is next to the Taşköprü stone bridge, situated on a hill which gave its name Tepebağ (Garden on the hill). Updates? Ya’ll have fun now. Recreational pathway along the north side of the Grand Canal goes from east end to west end of the city, crossing Seyhan river from old dam's pathway. All rights reserved. OBO is requesting submission to pre-qualify firms for Design-Build, design and construction services for the construction of a New Consulate Compound (NCC) in Adana, Turkey. Çobandede Park is a 16.5-hectare park at the west shore of Seyhan Reservoir. The highlight – indeed the entire purpose of the outing – was always a few hours at the “K”. I did hear a few stories that were pretty awful and one from the SP officer on duty one day. Several types of fruit, including the apricot, are native to this area. In those days, Sinop was barely more than a village on the wild coast of the Black Sea. The city's name originates in mythology, where it was said to have been founded by Adanus, the son of Cronus (God of Weather, Zeus' father). Under the Armenian rule, the city was known as Ատանա (Atana) or Ադանա (Adana). We heard that by the time the State Department found her she was pretty much comatose state, i.e. Güzelyalı, Karslılar and Kurttepe are the scenic neighborhoods overlooking the Seyhan reservoir. Anatolius is mentioned in a letter of Saint John Chrysostom. A real horror story I read about was that an American wife of a Major was thrown into the compound in Adana. Many Adanalı have taken significant roles in the society that revolutionized the environment they are in. [63], Designation of coastal areas of Ceyhan and Yumurtalık districts as Energy-specific Industrial Areas has made Adana an attraction for hotel building. Numune General Hospital, Çukurova State Hospital, Hospital for Thoracic Diseases, Military Hospital and medical centers are healthcare facilities in this area. The locals had great admiration towards the God and called the region Uru Adaniyya (English: Adana region) in his honour. Kiremithanespor of the Yüreğir district, compete at the Turkish Regional Amateur League. In almost every home, red pepper, spices, tahini, a chopping block and pastry board can be found. Ottomans terminated the Ramadanid administration in 1608 after the Celali rebellions and commenced ruling directly from Constantinople through an appointed Vali. I remember that the girls in the first house on the left (led by a bawdy gal named “Goula”) were particularly adept at breaking in the Yenis (“new guys”), and talking them out of extra money. According to the General Directorate for Penal and Arrest Centres (Ceza ve Tevkifevleri Genel Müdürlüğü, part of the Ministry of Justice) 384 prisons existed in Turkey as of 1 December 2008. His death in 323 BC marked the beginning of the Hellenistic era, as Greek replaced Luwian as the language of the region. The first modern municipal governance began with the second mayor Kirkor Bezdikyan and his successor Sinyor Artin. Abandoned for more than 50 years, Adana was garrisoned and re-settled from 758 to 760. The girls became frightened and ran off. Zaahib Turkey | Compound Buildings For Rent in 75496. This unique project will be awarded with minimal or no design documents (no bridging). Well, it seems that the Compound is doing better than Santa Clause! There are many varieties of salads typical to the city. There is another canal for irrigating the Yüreğir plain to the southeast of the city. When the plane landed in Izmir it was like entering a parallel world or being born The guys that did all said $2 got them what they wanted. The were “window shopping,” I assume. The population of the four districts of Adana since 2008 are: Two-thirds of the residents of Adana live west of the Seyhan River, where the city was first founded. 75.Yıl Art Gallery in Atatürk Park, Adana City Hall Art Gallery and Art Gallery in Seyhan Cultural Center are the other public art galleries. Tele-bars are licensed as regular pubs, but function as places where bargirls entertain customers and usually hook with them afterwards. In 1971-72 the price was 12 TL (at the time one US dollar) per throw. Besides many kebab restaurants, there are also many kebab serving vendors in the older streets of Adana. He was forced to surrender by the garrison in Adana upon receiving assurances of his personal safety. There are Hittite manuscripts that were founded in the region regarding this legend. [96] Organized concerts and shows in the city's squares, parks and streets are accompanied by spontaneous street celebrations. Adana lies in the heart of Cilicia, a distinct geo-cultural region, at a time, was one of the most important regions of the classical world by being crossroads for religions and civilizations. Çukurova Homosexuals Initiative is an organization founded in 2010 with participation from Adana, Mersin and Antakya to raise awareness for LGBT issues.Hamams in the city center are the favorite meeting places for gays; some pubs, clubs and the city parks, especially the Atatürk Park at dark are also meeting spots. I enjoyed Izmir, had a VW bug I bought from my Capt. Rooms. The city was well known with its vibrant nightlife and many pavyons during the decades from 1950s to 1980s. There are still two active pavyons, Afrodit and Maksim, but adult entertainment is directed mostly to what is known locally as tele-bars. It’s been over 40 years now, and I look back and smile at the experience. Mobs of Turkish men would lurk outside the doorways, stroking their pencil-thin mustaches and furtively eyeing the girls inside as if arranging surreptitious romantic liaison. Adana Turkey Airport ( Şakirpaşa Airport Adana), Everybody must see the Tas Kopru in Adana, Installation of the stone parapets is a heavy handed and a controversial one and not many conservation experts would probably agree. I went there once. They asked again. Karamurselle and have looked at it on the Google Earth maps with fond Armenian intellectuals that were deported on April 24th from Constantinople, Rupen Zartarian, Sarkis Minassian, Nazaret Daghavarian, Harutiun Jangülian, and Karekin Khajag were kept in custody at the Vilayet Hall for few days. The mosaic depicts Noah and 23 birds and poultry that he took onto the ark during the Flood. January 30, 2020 - Notice edited to change Inactive date of this notice only. My dad was closing it too. Demirköprü is a railway bridge that was built in 1912 as part of the Berlin-Baghdad Railway project. During the time it was built, water was brought from Seyhan River by water wheels and canals.[83]. Süleyman Demirel Arboretum is a large botanical garden containing living collections of woody plants intended partly for the scientific study of Çukurova University researchers. Adding the large population centers surrounding Cilicia, almost 10 million people reside within 2-hours drive from the Adana city center. Returning Armenians negotiated with France to establish an autonomous State of Cilicia and Mihran Damadian, the chief negotiator for Armenians, signed the provisional Constitution of Cilicia in 1919. Especially after walking around & seeing the poor conditions of living for these women, plus they were all pretty nasty looking. A Turkish soldier got a ration of so many trips to the compound a month. I went there alone. [20] Byzantines defended the region from encroaching Islamic Caliphates throughout the 7th century CE, but it was finally conquered in 704 by the Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik. Met some nice people there, made a few friends and visited many of the ancient ruins like Ephesus, Sardis, etc, but overall I was bored out of my mind. Seleucid Empire 312–83 2,100-seater Merkez Park Amphitheater, 3,000-seater Çukurova University Amphitheater and Doğal Park Amphitheater in Çukurova District also host theaters, concerts and cinemas.

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