After Michael leaves, the office is forced to choose a new manager. In part 2 of a 2-part episode, Michael, Dwight and Andy … Very much unlike his staff, an overeager Michael can't wait for this year's annual Dundies awards. 21, 2006 Press Release ('Take Your Daughter to Work')", "April 6, 2006 Press Release ('Michael's Birthday')", "May 2, 2006 Press Release ('Drug Testing')", "May 9, 2006 Press Release ('Conflict Resolution')", "Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams Both Directing, "Feb. 27, 2007 Press Release ("Cocktails")", "May 8, 2007 Press Release ("Women's Appreciation")", "Clues Point to CBS Thursday Win – ABC Takes Demo Crown Thanks to 'Grey's, "Nielsen Overnight TV Ratings, Thursday Sept 27", "Nielsen Overnight TV Ratings, Thursday October 4", "Overnight Results Thursday 10/11: Grey's Matters Most", "Overnight Results 10/18: Red Sox Not Dead Yet", "Overnight Results 10/25: Red Sox, Fox Win Again", "Overnight Results 11/15: CBS Sweeps Again", "Neilsen Ratings Thur, April 10: American Idol Back on Top With Surprise Boot", "Neilsen Ratings Thur, April 17: The Office IS a Hit (Duh! Upset that he is not allowed in on the proceedings, Michael takes all the men of Dunder Mifflin down into the warehouse for some "guy time" with the warehouse workers. Due to the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, the fourth season that aired in 2007–08 consisted of 19 episodes. © 2020 TV Fanatic The main plot for the early episodes of the season deals with a recurring problem in seasons one and two—the problem of company downsizing—while in the latter half of the season, inter-office relationships also became a major plot point. [14], This season introduced the main characters, and established the general plot as a documentary crew is recording the lives of the employees of the fictitious Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo. The season premiered on September 17, 2009.[115]. To learn more about how Amazon uses cookies, please see, This title may not be available to watch from your location. Erin tells Pete she plans to break up with Andy on The Office. With the premiere of the documentary fast approaching, the staff prepares to attend on The Office. David, here it is. The gang pairs up to try and get a couples discount at the mall on Valentine's Day. Creed decides to take up blackmail, and attempts to get money out of Oscar, Andy, Kelly, Angela, and Meredith. No matter... where. Michael is surprised when he strikes up a friendship with the five-year old daughter of his sworn enemy, Toby. In The Office series finale, employees both past and present gather for closing interviews and a wedding. Meanwhile, back in Scranton, the office staff celebrates Valentine's Day grade school style. On November 3, 2005, NBC ordered an additional three, and in the end it had ordered a full season of 22 episodes. This list is ordered by the episodes' original air dates and not by the production code numbers provided by NBC's official episode guide, which show the order in which episodes were filmed. [27] As Michael starts a relationship with his boss Jan Levenson (Melora Hardin), Pam and Jim's relationship become one of the focal points of the season. The eighth season aired during 2011–12 and consisted of 24 episodes. James Spader also became a regular cast member, playing the role of Robert California, the new CEO of Sabre. Season two featured the first "super-sized" 40-minute episode of The Office. Michael is pressured by corporate to fire someone, which puts a damper on the office Halloween party. This was followed by a full-length second season in 2005–06 that consisted of 22 episodes, and a third season in 2006–07, with 25 episodes. A routine office day is changed when children come to Dunder Mifflin for "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." The first webisode documents the behind-the-scenes aspects of their second single "The Girl Next Door", while the second and final webisode is the music video itself, which features Ryan. When Dwight finds half a joint in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot, he puts on his Volunteer Sheriff's uniform and launches a full investigation. The webisode series began its run on July 10, 2008, and ended on July 31, 2008. Erin wants to make a career change and finds herself a mentor: Angela.[226]. The eighth season of The Office largely centers around the antics of the new Sabre CEO, Robert California. Michael: [As Dwight] "Oh, are they really gonna leave Bruce Willis on the asteroid? pxvdtpa011; Submit search. [72], On April 10, 2008, NBC ordered a fifth season consisting of 28 half-hour episodes,[87] four of which were paired as two hour-long episodes. Gabe attempts to record a podcast in the office about the Sabre website, hoping to impress corporate. In accordance with Reddit guidelines … [71] Technology was another theme as the office staff struggled with initiatives introduced by Ryan to modernize the company. This middle season of the series had a lot of heavy hitter episodes. They debuted on July 13, and concluded on September 7, 2006. Season Two of this critically acclaimed comedy continues the day-to-day of Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell, "The 40-Year-Old Virgin") and his ambivalent staffers. Helms would later be promoted to series regular. It took two days to film them,[220] and in June 2007, The Accountants won the Comedy Short Award at the inaugural Webby Awards and a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Broadband Program – Comedy. Michael's "injury" from a George Foreman Grill distracts the staff from Dwight, the one with the real injury.

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