It can use tech 1 or tech 2 modules and ammo. When would you run that arty fit over a barrage based AC fit considering it's running a scram? Currently it's all thrashers, maybe a catalyst, if you're really lucky a coercer. Warp Scrambler II, Small Energy Neutralizer II Small Trimark Armor Pump I, Barrage S x1000 New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The reason I use the thrasher is because artillery are insane on it 2k volley+ and with dual webs you generally apply fully meaning it makes quick work of active tanks. This Thrasher fit is particularly strong against enemy frigates. For gang, I'd punch you if you put anything but arties on a thrasher; the role of a thrasher in gangs is to use epic alpha and tracking bonuses to explode frigates, and it's very very good at this. 200mm AutoCannon II, Barrage S 200mm AutoCannon II Not that I'm hating on the thrasher, but I can't wait for the destroyer buff and new destroyers. Solo pvp arty thrasher fit? 200mm AutoCannon II This post will be hard, because the field is wide and the candidates are strong. Hail S x1000 TOUGH - In addition to its speed and dps, the CNI can easily fit 22k+ effective HP (counting the active effects of its shield extenders).While not as tough as a battlecruiser or one of the more defensively-oriented T6 cruisers, this is more than enough to outlast PvE and PvP opponents and gives plenty of time to escape in the event of a mistake. In keeping with doing more newbie-friendly FOTWs, let's go with Thrashers this week. Imagine you just trained into tech 2 modules and were looking for a well rounded fit for solo PvP. Awesome Inc. theme. 200mm AutoCannon II, Small Anti-Explosive Pump I eHP: 10825. 282 DPS heated at 1,2 km with faction shortrange ammo 200mm AutoCannon II, Barrage S Thrasher fit for level 2 missions. I'm going to go a bit sideways on you in this post. I am, of course,... Quick Plug: Kiting and Counter-Kiting Guide. It's hard but how about every race having a possible winner and gasp if you mus error how about on the side of the Amarr for a bit - have they ever had the easiest to succeed ship in a category lower than battleships? 6 comments. Its relatively low sig radius and fast align time makes it a great ship to bomb around low-sec in particularly. so make sure to go through multiple losses to get an idea (and consider why one might swap fits around), consider the fact that you don't always need to have a scram or a point if you blow people up before they have a chance to warp, especially on an arty thrasher, if you want to fly it in null then I would go mwd point web. It can use tech 1 or tech 2 modules and ammo. A LOT of guys like to kite frigs and assault frigs in an arty Thrasher, particularly with Snake implants. Failing that, getting people to fly Gallente is a good thing too.

Shoot your target with overheated weapons but be careful not to burn out your modules. If you can't get a viable fit going with t2 280s, then use 250s. Try to start your fight at 0 or close in quickly to your target (overheat AB and approach), Have your Web and Scram overheated if you have to catch your target at range, Try to stay within your optimal range (approach / keep at range against smaller ships or orbit for bigger targets). 414 DPS heated with RF EMP S at 1,2km

So destroyers, no please don't make thrashers second class like rifters and please don't start marching through every single category and making yet another Caldari easy mode winner.

Optional: The Medium Shield Extender can be swapped out for a meta variant if fitting is too tight.

Try to stay in range of your target (below 2km) and shoot your target with the Faction Ammo you deem the best pick.

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