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Can take a second to react to kick down on the pedal so if you need to overtake better knock it into sport or take control with the paddle shifts. 5 Door Wagon, 5 Seat, 3.0 Litre, Diesel, Sports Automatic.

One turbo failed. I've Goodyear a Eagle F1 SUV and work great. As it is said in the motoring press about the Golf, 'you don't need any other hatchback, so don't bother looking', the same should be said about the Touareg as a large SUV.

Some might ask why the world needs a fast 4WD that isn't at home off-road. It's very powerful and rapid for a big 2.3 tonne 4x4. It's well documented that most buyers rarely venture off the beaten track. I'm ok with that since the Touareg is half Porcshe Cayenne and drives great so far (better than the X5 IMO). Liked them both but they seem to go wrong, expensively wrong at about 100K miles. I should have known not to stick with the brand when I was quoted about £5000 to change an alternator (engine out sir) on my first Touareg.

I'll post another review once I'm a few months in. I actually bought an aftermarket warranty that paid for $7k worth of work conducted in that one year of ownership.

These are in the main about 2 mm diameter but there is one patch that is 12 mm. The ML is a far better choice and better economy. it's extremely quiet and smooth with a superb 8 speed gearbox.

At the end of the day none of them are sports cars so don't try and drive them like it. Cost wise, it's cheaper than most of the badge names meaning you get a whole lot more car for your money and pay less for a badge. The ride is impossible to beat,handles almost like a sports car in sports mode and is very quick,but the torque of this superb engine is what makes the car so enjoyable to drive. There's a subtle but purposeful "thug-thug-thug-thug-thug" when you want to get moving. Sure footed and confidence inspiring with excellent grip and traction. 1 repeating minor fault, fixed 2nd attempt, Very comfortable 4x4 that gets reasonable economy on the combined (about 32mpg on city and country driving). The V8 is quicker, more economical but much "cheaper".

It's probably the cheapest large SUV in the market and equipped a lot better even in standard trim than the competition. Like, ever. When it comes to accelerating, the hardest part is getting the car to move from rest. All seem way inferior in the Toureg than the BMW. Incredibly, maximum pulling power is achieved at just 2000rpm. Superb sat-nav with 8" Screen and infotainment system - very easy to work ,a lesson to ALL other manufacturers! After 2 months and 6000 miles the engine feels strong and responsive and surprising quiet. But you will get up the boat ramp a little more quickly with this one. I probably won't trust a Range Rover and the Lexus is not only small inside but so ugly that it is hard to imagine being able to wake up to it in the morning.

This required dropping the entire drivetrain out of the bottom of the vehicle. Equipment levels are very high and the parking system with folding mirrors makes parking very easy for the size of vehicle. Not the best I could choose but for the mileage I cover per annum and the size and comfort I have its a cost I can accept, For a large 4x4 it is beginning to indicate good mpg. Please read what happened to Jalopnik reader JoeFromPA, who wrote up what it was like to own a V10 Touareg for a year: As a former owner, allow me to remind you of the basics: - Electronically controlled air suspension with SIX INCHES of adjustable height with “x-tra offroad mode”, - Electronically controlled center AND rear diff lockers, - 2 full-time batteries - one responsible for accessories, one responsible for starting, but BOTH sharing responsibilities if the other failed (more on that). More importantly, though, is the improvement to acceleration once you're already on the move. The driver seat that requires a 17mm triple square socket to remove. Yes it's heavy on fuel, but no worse than the competition and if frugal fuel economy is that important, why buy an SUV in the first place? 8 speed gearbox is smooth and quick to change. I must say having owned this for 2 months i'm very impressed. However, it's also a cheap Porsche. The engine has stacks of torque for rapid acceleration and with the combined 3 modes of gear shifting has a style to suit just about everyone.

It is a great ownership proposition. Stunning performance and handling for something shaped with the aerodynamics of a brick and weighing the same as a small extension. The Touareg was a much better buy in my opinion than the competition I considered (Shogun, Discovery, Audi Q5 and Evoque) and having driven most of them , I am very pleased indeed that I bought the VW.

The Touareg is undoubtedly the best all round 4x4 and actually one of the best all round cars on the road today.

It wasn’t exactly a sales hit because it was painfully more expensive than other full-size SUVs, and it was expensive because it was too luxurious inside and too meticulously engineered for its own good. He did.

I had to laugh at the ‘do you own an engine hoist’ on the ‘Should I buy a Passat flowchart’.

I also had a failed turbo.

And when I say drop the drivetrain, I mean use a special lift and tools that can handle the weight of an aluminum-block 5.0 liter diesel engine and transmissions. If you want an SUV that drives pretty much like an executive saloon on the road, with equal levels of comfort and gadgets, and is a far less common sight than yet another X5, look no further than the Touareg.

I only paid $1500 for it and it was bumper to bumper, $0 deductible, 3 years from purchase date. I still own one and just in the last 6 months it’s cost me $4280 (failed center drive shaft bearing, failed glow plug and had all 10 replaced). Within 200 miles from new, the car developed an irritating rattling noise. I can't believe how hypocritical your review of the Touareg is. With the discount that is possible at present I honestly believe with the inbuilt quality of this vehicle being as good as anything on the road this car is the best value for money car available in the UK. The 2002 Touareg itself was a wild engineering project for blue-collar Volkswagen. Thankfully, VW has seen fit to equip its most expensive and most powerful car with big brakes that have excellent stopping power, performance tyres and sports-tuned suspension.

The only downside is that mine has lowered sports suspension, a bit hard, I wish I had gone for the air suspension. Then the V10 Touareg showed up and blew my mentions into smithereens.

In the US, VW ran a television advertising campaign just on the pronunciation of the thing. Mine has Air suspension, radar cruise control and most other extras. VW always had Jaguars.

Your IP address will be logged. 2008 Volkswagen Touareg R50 Review Aus leidenschaft zum automobile Model Tested: * 2008 Volkswagen Touareg R50 Wagon 5.0 litre V10 TDI Auto - $129,990 (RRP) Options: * Metallic Paint - … One battery was under that seat, the other required 18 10mm bolts to be removed. Does it have faults?

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